Snapshots of Thailand

I am too sick to blog.


My nose won't stop running, my throat hurts, my eyes feel swollen all the time, the phlegm comes on and off. When it's off it's aweful to cough.

Like yea, what a way to welcome the new year right? If you're wondering, I count down on NYE with chick flick in my hand and a warm cover over my shoulder sniffing my nose out.

Brilliant if you ask me. Both in a sarcastic and serious tone.

So yea, not going to post anything serious today because my brain isn't functioning too well with the blockage.

Here are some random snapshots of my life living in Thailand last year (or 2-3 months ago if you don't want to feel too ancient).

jack sparrow in chaktuchak

Jack Sparrow spotted in Jaktujak weekend market.

me and jack sparrow wannabe

Or not. He's doing a charity. So I donated some after taking this photo.

1 baht candies

Where else can you still find 0.5 baht candies. They're like what? 5 cents? (Malaysia currency, so that makes what? 1 cent in USD?)

human buddha

It's all about big temples and big Buddhas.

lounge of presidential suite

Presidential suite's lounge on the top floor of Amari 5-star hotel in Bangkok.
Don't ask me how I ended up there.

movie night out

Movie night out.

donation packet

Donation packet: Put some money in and pass it to the reception, they'll handle the rest. Genius idea!

black canyon coffee

Did you notice everything in the photo is of the same color?


6 kissed Nicole

  1. Get well soon! And Happy New Year!

  2. Oh no, what a way to begin the new year with....Get well soon :D & continue to enthralled us with your adventures....

  3. Poor girl >> NO blogging but lots of sleeping. Get Well Soon

  4. Get well soon!! Boy, that Black Canyon Coffee looks yummy!! :D

  5. Get well soon and story us more

  6. wow! he really looks like jack sparrow.... maybe he is Johnny Depp's stunt double... hahaha

    Poor fella must be doing this part-time while waiting for Pirates 4 to be filmed.... hehehe