Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 51st Merdeka!!

This time last year.

This year,

All the way from Sydney, Australia.

From one of the biggest student organized Malaysia Fests in the world.

malaysia fest sydney
Malaysian students of Malaysia Fest in Sydney

Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians out there.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Do you want to lick me?

lick her shop

What is wrong with the minds of Australians I sometimes wonder.

Signs are getting more and more ridiculous each time.

Anyone wanna "lick her"?

Anyway, landed myself in Sydney. A bustling city, expensive and sprouted with food. I can't quite say I like it here, realising that I'm more of a country girl as I travel more and more. But I have to admit, there are a lot of good food in this region.

This is my host Kif.

me and kif

You should remember him from the Project Trafford guy who went to Sydney Opera House to spread his kisses and hugs around.

Last night went to have the best pie in Australia at Harry's Cafe de Wheel at Woolloomooloo (who the hell created such name?).

best pie in australia
"Tiger" Pie with Mushy Peas and Mash Potatoes

Though I think the hot dog tasted better. But DAMN this was sinful!! (should be updating my food blog soon for this :D)

Tuu lu.. I'm off to have hot cocoa in the city! My cousin from Canberra said she will be in town today for work. :D :D

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mid Twenties Crisis

Short Note: Finally leaving Canberra, on my way to Sydney tonight. Gay and lesbian bars here I come!!!!!

Readers of Sydney, email me! Let's catch up!! (locate email on the right corner of this site)

It has come to a point in my life, like every other girl out there who will inevitably go through this phase whether she’s godsent goddess or Tan Sri’s daughter; when one have start thinking about…

Not commitment

Not Boyfriend or husband

Not family nor friends

Not a car

Not your pet

Nor work…

I have to start thinking, now don’t laugh… start thinking about… about….

My wrinkles.

my eye

I said Shut up.

It’s depressing enough that we have to suffer PMS and go through period every month, to go through child labour and work all while looking fantabulously good to keep up with the society expectations of men. Blame it all on gender ratio population; we have to fight hard to win our preys.

daphne iking
You think it is easy looking this hot everyday?

She’s the spokesperson of Nuvafemme btw - a premium grade soy extract supplement.


Rather than applying tons of cream which I’m mostly too lazy to do every single time after I wash my face, it’s better to get enough sleep (which is almost impossible in my case) and prevent the worse from happening from within. That means eat healthy stuff. *hint hint* - supplements

Warning: do not feed this to your bitch, strictly for human only

kory posing with nuvafemme
This photo is to show how gorgeous my darling Kory is, lucky her, she don’t need to care about problems such as wrinkles. Sigh~ woe is me.

Let me see. Nuvafemme…

1. Stops wrinkle formation (man, is it too late for me?)
2. Retains skim moisture (oo.. supple moisturized skin, boing boing effect)
3. Protects against skin darkening (I’m gonna need this in Australia ,they have a hole in the O-zone layer there)
4. Strong Antioxidant (wtf does that mean? Ooo… prevent skin damage is it?)

Take twice daily and according to the instruction, it can even fight off the effects of period have on our skins. (you know, pimple, dry skin and all that stuff)

Before you know it.. you will look like this!

wrinkle free eye


Disclaimer: This is clearly photoshopped product.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snowboarding in Canberra, Australia


My bones are broken and my butt are full of bruises. I can't feel my legs and my arms have problem moving to a 90 degree position.


I couldn't stop smiling.

Canberra must be the best paradise of all the heavens I have found in Australia so far!!! Why?! Because here you find the MOST amazing ski mountain!!

5am, last Saturday. I woke up and put on my hired jacket and trousers which my cousin was so kind to treat me to,

me in snow cap and jacket
that snow cap, was lost in the snow somewhere later that day T_T

and took my board and boots and chucked them into the black four wheel Mazda of which my cousin bought two weeks ago.

Ahh.. the smell of fresh car.

And off we went with my two adorable nephews to the alps.

je yen and je han
They are so cute in their little red matching winter jackets >_< (hugs and kisses all over their face)

Three hours later, I saw it.

road to thredbo

It was in the distance, but after such a long drive, I was estatic to even see the tiny magnificent rise and fall of the mountain from such a distance.

road to thredbo 2
Eh... gone d? Behind the trees?

After another half an hour, it came to me in full view. And I couldn't help but to be awed. It was a grand sight, and the photo doesn't do it any justice. I need a wide angle lens SLR.

mt kosciuszko

Mount Kosciuszko (pronounced as "Ko-zi-os-ko").

With a height of 2228 metres above sea level is the highest mountain in Australia. There are two main ski resorts here: Thredbo and Perisher Blue.

And the highest peak is located at Thredbo. Which is of course, where I will be doing my virgin snowboarding. *squeal like a little girl*

me and snowboard

And ladies and gentlemen, this..



gorgeous sunny mountain of thredbo

A one day ski lift pass would cost around AUD 97, first timer lesson an additional AUD 4, second timer and above will be an additional AUD 38. Ski or snowboard hire can be easily around AUD 60-80 for two days, so expect to take out AUD200 for a day's trip.

Not a cheap activity.

Since it was a Saturday, there were many skiers around, skiers of all ages. And I meant of ALL ages.

baby skier

Guys, these are called the Milo kids (yea... hard sell isn't it?). They have been trained to ski since they were in their mother's womb.

What? Don't believe me?! I mean, Jesus Christ, some of these kids are like what? Three years old?

milo kids preparing to ski

And they can ski better than most adults I've known! And without pole sticks!

milo kids in a row

Down the hill they followed their instructors leading in front.

milo ducklings

In my opinon, they look like ducklings following their mom.

milo kids following the instructor


Even the boarder kids are good at what they do.

kids snowboarding
Ceh... like pro only.

Unlike this dude

fallen down

muahaha! wait, I shouldn't laugh, that could be me in a bit. =_=

tween skiing

This is my cousin, Tween, in her skii. She's a doctor. A Gynecologist to be exact, aka she looks at pussy all day.

Don't you wish you were her. Get paid to look at pussies all day long :p

*run away from Tween*

And this...


is Brett.

My instructor. *sheepish grin*

Brett took out Mark, to teach us the ways of a snowboarder. It was so cute in a way, I couldn't stop laughing.

little mark

Like a grown man playing with dollies. :p

brett playing with mark

Btw, underneath those goggles, Brett has the most amazing blue eyes with the longest lashes. Thank god for those goggles, else there will an avalanche of ladies down those slopes.

Now first thing you learn about snowboarding is... no .. not playing with dollies... omg.. are u sick? oh sorry Brett, I wasn't talking about you :p.

The first thing you have to know is if you are a natural, or a goofy.

No, I am not calling you goofy. Basically one prefers to slide with his left foot in front, goes natural, and vice versa for goofy.

me doing natural

And I was a natural.

The mountain is a very sunny place, because it is so much closer to the sun, you CAN get sun burnt pretty easily, so remember to put on your sun screen lotion

me with my jacket off

and a good pair of shades, else you will blind yourself with the light refraction from the snow.
You can use ski goggle if you prefer, but I find it more cool to just use sunglass (and cheaper too!).

instructor and class

As I sat down on the cold icy snow like a good student attending the first timer class, my instructor gave talk as to what a snowboarder should or should not do and what were the things we should be learning in a bit.

me chilling out with snowboard on snow

This is me with my snowboard strapped on, ready to roll! (pun intended, yea, like roll down the hill -.-)

This is me attempting a toe slide. aka sliding backwards.

me doing the back slide

My back's not straight, eye should be focusing in front, not the ground!! Fail!!!

But after numerous falls and uncountable slips, I decided to take a break. -.-

"Parking" my board at the "parking bay", I went in to River Reek Cafe for a snack.

snowboard and skii rest
Can you spot my board?

After a drink and some fries, I was out to queue for the lift up the slopes. Dare devil me, muahaha!

me waiting in line for liftt

I took a video of me taking the lift up the slope.

I think I meant to say "gunbarrel". Pardon my many fumbles, I was too cold and too excited.

Soon (as in more falls and tumbling around later), I was boarding smoothly like a pro!

me snowboarding

Okay, by pro I mean, I can board straight down, moving left and right. That's about it. :p

Woo hoo!!! OMG... the wind in your hair, the speed, the capability to glide like the wind, it's exhilirating!!! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this feeling is!!!

I was instantly hooked! More than diving, and mind you I love diving a lot, more than anything else in the world, I think.. curse my soul, that.. I have just found another hobby.

Another expensive hobby. SHIT!

First it was travel, then it was diving, then it was wine, now it's snowboarding.

Something's terribly wrong with me, I should stop discovering new expensive hobby, this is killing my pocket. -.-

Oh, and you know. At the end of the day,

me doing the groovy

I realised that I'm a goofy boarder. -.-

ps// I loved it so much, despite my pain and soreness, I went back to Thredbo three days later. -.-

Monday, August 25, 2008

Kids these days

Since my laptop is dead and all my data are stuck in my old useless harddrive. I shall blog about what happened in Australia as of now till I get my lappie fixed.

Anyway, I was having dinner at my cousin's place in Canberra with my nephews and cousin-twice-removed-to-bes. We had kangaroo with wine. :D

dinner at tween
Aren't my nephews just beautiful? They all grow up so fast. Last I saw them they were only the size of a Japanese watermelon.

And the kids were playing with some playdoh (you know, those gooey colorful artificial mud thingy) when one of my cousin-twice-removed-to-bes made this human statue.

Need I remind he's only 11.

peeing play doll

Got 'movement' somemore.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Oreo and Milk

Short Note: I am in Canberra now! Woo!! The capital of Australia!!! (no it's not sydney nor melbourne, it's canberra).

Recap, I went to watch Sex and the City in Melbourne cinema. haha!!! I get to watch uncensored super clear super size explicit scenes of Sex and the City! Nipples galore.

Is the best damn thing in the world.


Nothing beats a few good pieces of Oreo cookies with some good old fresh milk.

Oreo, the phenomenal chocolate cookies that took the world by storm,


Is now everywhere,



on everything,


as everything.

It’s so popular, it’s on every god damn thing we eat now.

Ice Cream






Even on Pizza!

Domino’s Oreo Pizza

In fact, I bet my good luck penny that every single Malaysian out there even has his/her own Oreo moments.

In case you don’t know, there’s an “Oreo Global Moments” contest going on now. Basically you need to create a video that depicts a real/fictional story of an “Oreo and Milk Moment” and upload it to youtube by August 11, 2008.

My Oreo moment? Tee hee, was shared with a little someone.

The winner will have his/her video featured on Youtube Homepage on or about August 26th. Man, imagine the traffic it will bring to one’s blog. *dreams~*

The video must consists any of the following:

- how the simple act of sharing Oreo cookies and milk can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere;
- how the Oreo Cookie ritual of Twist, Lick & Dunk makes an ordinary moment

something special to remember;
- how sharing Oreo moments connects generations of family.

Few rules though: entry must be entrant’s own work, animals should not consume the Oreo Cookies (no Sushi did not eat the cookies ,even if she did, I won’t tell you ) and please get permission from your subjects if you decide to use your next door auntie’s voice/appearance in your video,

The last thing we want is the auntie filing a lawsuit claiming that she looks fat in the video.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marriage Road

This has to be the funniest sign in Australia!

Taken in the southern suburbs of Melbourne moments ago on a drive back to my place after a good dinner at Sofia's. Couldn't help but to make a u-turn to take a photo of this!

no right turn into marriage road
Thanks to driver Julian who made the effort of the U-turn

I have a feeling God is trying to tell me something.