Hello from Langkawi

Harlo everyone from the Land of Cheap Booze and Chocolate!!!

group photo at curve bridge langkawi
3 'sampat' guys and 2 nutty girls puckering from the Curve Bridge of Langkawi.

Due to personal preference of confidentiality, I shall refer to the girl on my right (your left) as Miss Chocolate from now on. Say hi to Miss Chocolate~~

We went diving at Pulau Payar, quite a disappointment as compared to Redang and Sipadan.

But it was fun because this was my first time diving with my personal friends rather than divers from the same dive trips.

me and jason diving suit

This is Jason *points to right*, he's my primary schoolmate from the class next door, this is our first acquaintance since 5 years ago in a mamak session.

He's single, available and never been touched. :p So ladies... *cough*

Oh, did I mention that he's a rescue diver? Don't worry, his mouth-to-mouth is well trained, LOL. ;P


32 kissed Nicole

  1. Ur blog is getting like Kenny sia's with ur own taste... Look after ur diet though...

  2. sounds heavenly langkawi with all the cheap booze n chocolate. too bad i couldn't make it to join u this time.

  3. oh, nice pics nic. Howcome it's only TWO??? I want to see more :-)

  4. Why the sudden flaming here? I don’t know Nicole personally but that does not mean she’s here to be flame by others. Seriously, by the statement “she had this 'aura' saying "do you find me familiar? i'm this famous blogger, don't talk to me unless you're as famous as me", isn’t that rather judgmental of her appearances? Here I thought the phrase of “don’t judge a book by its cover” is something logical in everyone’s mind. Unless if you’re a baboon than you can stick that brain of yours up another baboon’s ass.

    Everything happens for a reason and for us who doesn’t know the REAL story of her life (especially since we do not read her mind nor do we able to switch soul with her), it’s rather messed up to listen to rumors. Besides, even if she’s going to tell you the real truth and all, would you believe her or rather take the worst since putting others in the shit makes you more human than not?

    Her personal life is HER personal life and I’m here, barging in her blog once in a while to read her adventure, commented nicely since I’m thankful that I have something to read and expand my knowledge via her experiences and since she once in a while DID visit my blog (a nobody in this blogsphere and NOT wanting to make a name for herself either), I find it really flattering so for you to say she won’t acknowledge you if you’re a nobody, then that must make me a somebody. Wow. Awesome.

    I say, if you don’t like Nicole, buzz off will ya? Be a decent human being and apply the courtesy necessary and just rant on something better like maybe the size of your shit today or the gigantic mole growing on your nose.

    Play nice… unless if you’re one of those who think creating wrath and war is the way of life then I must say, you’re sick.

  5. kesian nic....sabar jelah okie. accept the positive criticisms and ignore the rest. cheers and god bless.

  6. cant believe u actually travelled with Jason =.= i havent met him for ages too =.=''

  7. so nice~~~ wish im there too... =(

    i like the pics la.. who is the photographer??

  8. alright! i am being acknowledged by the GREAT GARFIELD in his own website ->


    nicole should meet garfield, he is no ordinary guy. he is THE MAN! i will not be jealous, because i have this feeling that both are destined to meet each other someday. =)

  9. is this post about langkawi or jason :D

  10. The curved bridge looks nice with the view and all. I haven't been there since I was 12, so it's probably time to head down again.

  11. r u back in kl now, bitch?let's fuck, dun write oledi.i can make u my small laopo, better than kenny sia.

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  14. hey sweets,

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    Come on you poor thing, you need to get a life!

    Nice entry sweets, glad you enjoy your escapee with your friends.

    Keep on writing=>

  15. Zhen Hao, I believe there are more than one flamers. Cos I am only one of them.

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    Actually wanted to just drop a comment about how nice it is to be able to make ur passion ur job... All the best to u...

  17. Okay I read some really unfair things about Nicole and I have to speak up because if I don't, who else can ... and because I have a big mouth. :/

    1. Regarding the Love Cornetto and AirAsia thing, you are just people hiding behind your shield of anonymity and you dare talk facts? Look how easy it is for me to spin a few lies and then use the Anonymous button to validate them, saying stuff like oh go ask AirAsia and Cornetto and see if I'm lying!

    2. Nicole IS a nice person. Make no mistake. She doesn't only befriend people who is rich or whatever. I've seen her mix around with a lot of common bloggers. That I know for a fact. She's very humble and down-to-earth. If you consider her arrogant then there's no hope for the world already.

    Don't you know abusive, explicit comments like these hurt? And on her own blog, no less. Think about it. If you dare, go back to your own blog (if you have one, because to have one you must have a life which you losers obviously do not have) with your real identity and voice your opinions on Nicole there.

  18. what a boring blog..sigh

  19. Arabian Prince6/8/08 11:47 AM

    nicole is a nice girl lah!

    we spent a wonderful night together in cambodia!

    hmmmmmmmmm... and she was tasty too!

  20. To the Anonymous,

    Why do I think you all are the same lonesome moron?

    Is it because you all sound similarly pathetic? All frightened and hiding behind the 'anonymous' or using some other pathetic nicks.

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    You need some guidance to life.

    I agreed with May Zhee, for those who actually know Nicole, she's a very friendly and humble person.

    Keep it up, Nicole!

  21. The view up over the curved bridge is world class. The vista is almost as impressive as Cape Town, S.A. Been there 2 years back, but drink as much as u'd like still can't get drunk. Wonder if booze there watered down. Would like to go back soon to disprove theory! haha!

  22. How come Jason not getting any attention at all? -_-||

  23. Nicole..u know who is that cursing you? it is all because of Kenny...cheater, liar, fucker to all women...just hope you wont get cheated by him...u just need to open ur eyes for this "kind" of guy...but again it is up to you...i know someone whom he cheated to...otherwise you wont be curse like this...only ladies curse like this...whact out..Men are always men...

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  25. lol?! the comments are funnier than the blogpost itself XD

  26. garfield is really a smart guy. i wish i can talk like him too. i cant even burn Ubuntu on a CD through Nero, i have wasted 3 CDs already on 3 different computers.

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  30. mmmh… nicole's comment pages are now tidier.. nice...

    i was being cussed by some people (or maybe just 1 person using different names) in shadowfox's blogsite ( http://bytemuncher.blogspot.com/2008/08/nicolekiss-dumb-bimbo-bitch.html ) but i think they have come to realized that good deeds should certainly be followed. =)

  31. Hey nicole,.. Langkawi is my hometown.. the place is really nice man.... review more!! support u...