Fuckett beach for Australian

Short Note: Sigh. Lee Chong Wei lost and settled for silver. Why lar~~~ will Malaysia never ever receive a gold? Hey, even though I'm in Australia, my heart went all out for Malaysia ok. Thank god for Pacmee and MSN updates for the results.

Bloody hell, all they show here is swimming or water Olympics (because their OZ swimmers are so geng -.-). Don't be so bias okay?!

I was reading the Virgin Voyeur magazine while boarding the Virgin Blue flight from Adelaide to Melbourne last night, and flipped through this.

phuket i'll go

To those who understand this. Don't you just LOVE Australian's sense of humour. :D :D

To those who don't. You know how westerners pronouce Phuket??

They call it..

F.... KET...

as in.. F.. IT



23 kissed Nicole

  1. Maybe I should try to let some of my "ang mo" friends read this word too...

  2. heya,

    Did the hush puppies sniffer dog sniff yr bag when you reached the airport?..

    he'll sniff for everything..even foods... lol..

  3. Hey Nicole, where do u stay in Melbourne? I'm in melbourne too, maybe i can give some good food tips ^^

  4. cant believe im the first in this post for the comments. hi nicole, nice to meet u.. i would like to go phuket once in my lifetime. gosh wish i got the cash... T.T

  5. haha..when are u coming back?

  6. It's impossible for Malaysia to "receive another gold again" - Malaysia has never won a single gold medal before. And gold medals aren't recieved - they are WON. Blonde...

  7. Haha! What a lame joke, but a novel play on Oz slang.

  8. Hi Nicole, it's not that Australia are bias to show their athletics. There are so many games going on at the same time, of course they'll be airing OZ's athletics who are competing. Different national TVs will be showing their own country's athletics. You're in Australia at the moment and not Malaysia. Therefore you're exposed to Australia's TV channels.

  9. Haha, they actually pronounce it that way? I probably wouldn't catch the word if I didn't know what they were talking about!

  10. Think Chong Wei showed up strongly even when he didn't have the home advantage. The howling chinese fans weren't much help.

    And yep, Phuket sounds about right given the aussie slant. hahaha.

  11. jasont: does it make you feel good about yourself when you insult others and put them down? using words like that on other people only shows the level of maturity that you have.

  12. I so agree with you about the tv channel only show their swimmer winning and not any other games.. I wanted to watch badminton, table tennis =/ and I haven't got the chance to see it. sigh..

    btw, where in Melbourne are u at?

  13. How's 'down-under' girl?
    Post some pixs.. wanna see the difference as I was there in 1997

  14. LOL I know, I swear I was talking to my friend the other day and he was telling me that he needs a break from work.

    The conversation went like this..
    Friend: Maaaan, I need to go Phuket! (F'IT)

    Me: ...what?

    Friend: F'IT!

    Me: ...err, why?

    Friend: I don't know, everyone say's its nice. I wanna give it a try.

    Me: ......give what a try?

    Friend: ..F'IT! Don't you know what that is? F'IT! P-H-U-K-E-T. F'IT!


    Friend: OH....

    Both of us laughed for 2 good minutes after that :P

  15. heh, you can get lotsa shirts like that here in melb.
    enjoy it!
    be sure to taste the food!!
    all of it!

  16. Hmm..where did I read this before.

  17. Hi Nicole,

    You can always watch the Olympics coverage on SBS if you want to see what's happening with the rest of the games. I enjoyed watching the volleyball, table tennis, soccer and badminton.

    Anyway,enjoy your stay in Melbourne. If you have a chance go for a drive along the Great Ocean Road.


  18. enjoy melbourne.....cheers and God bless.

  19. ohmygawd i have been livin in Melbourne for close to 3years now. when i was in Gold coast airport i saw that ad on billboard. my friends (a local aussie, a Japanese and myself all didnt get it!!) and we concluded that slogan was boring. now that you analysed it, it makes so much sense!

  20. Well, the same thing happened to me. I waited the whole day and when I finally got irate enough to call their customer service, they said they already sent someone but nobody answered the door so the guy left. So I asked to confirm my address again and they got it wrong! And since it was a weekend, I had to wait 2 days till somebody could come. Well, I decided to open up my CPU thus voiding the waranty and try troubleshooting the little sucker. I had to decide whether it was the motherboard or the power supply that went kaput and since a power supply is so much cheaper, I decided to buy that first to replace the one (of inferior quality) that died. With luck on my side, my PC was able to start again, so I called "Dull" and told them not to send anybody as I've already fixed my PC and to thank them for their "wonderful service"