Girls Like Gaming too!

Short Note: My laptop hard disk crashed. T_T
Will be having difficulty doing work and studying and blogging. Sigh... trying to contact the local dell now.

Btw, am flying to Melbourne tonight. Any reader in Melbourne wish to catch up?!! :D :D

Many people think I don’t play game because I’m a girl. That’s stereotyping ok?!

In fact, I love video games! PC games, RPG games, PS games, etc.

Diablo, WarCraft 1, 2,


(never got to 3 yet, sorry)




(power overwhelming, muahaha!)


Command and Conquer, Doom (omg, this was THE game back in the 90s), Titan Quest, Final Fantasy, Super Dancer (I’m rather good in this), etc. You name it.

Only game I can never grab hold of is Counter Strike.


I was never fast enough with them mouse. -.-

The only problem is that I never can get enough moolah and time (yes, believe it, I do find difficulty in finding time) to splurge on these fancy games and playing them.

So if you love games as much as I do (I still love Barbie dolls in case you think I’m a tomboy), jot down these dates.

15th, 16th, & 17th August 2008.

Now remember this venue.

Hall 2 & 3, Mid valley Exhibition Centre.

The event?

Are you ready for it??

World Cyber Games 2008 Malaysia Championship!!!

Games in competition: FIFA Soccer 2008™, Half Life: Counter Strike™ 1.6, Need For Speed™: ProStreet, Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath™, StarCraft: Brood War™, WarCraft III: Frozen Throne™, Super Dancer Online – Xtreme.

There are very attractive prizes too! Check them out here.

Basically the champions will get to go to Cologne, which is in Germany, for the Grand Finals this November!! Woo hoo!!! (I seem to be excited over anything that involves long distance travelling -.-) And also a free PC and Moolah (lots and lots of Moolah for all title holders)!!!

For anyone who is interested in games or the event but not going to participate, there will be a lot of exhibitions and freebies by the sponsors at their booths during the event. There will also be games exhibitions like Super Dancer Online Xtreme and Gameflier.


No, I have no idea how those will be like, but I hope it involves hot chicks.


Virtual ones la!!


20 kissed Nicole

  1. Eh, R u going to be one of the contender there??...(^_^)"

  2. Girlgamers ftw!

  3. Girlgamers ftw!

  4. it would be great if u r one of the contender for super dancer..!!!
    love to see u dance....if u could of course...

  5. Nicole, your blog is really interesting, how i wish my blog is as interesting as yours and have high traffic like your blog. Any advice on how to improve and how to turn or make my blog as interesting and high traffic like your blog?

  6. Muahahaha.. my fave will be Warcraft and Need For Speed and yes, i am a girl.

  7. Where are you gonna stay in Melb? Might be able to catch up with you. :)

  8. i share your pain on dell harddisk crashing.. dell xps somemore. i have a dell inspiron 1420 and my harddisk crashed twice in the first three months.

    maybe u could write sthing here abt it? :P
    dell customer service is good but they only take action after the damage is done.

    hope u manage to recover your data. ;)

  9. well.. pretty design doesn't mean that its reliable. :P

  10. Hey Nicole,

    Nice blog you have here.

    Your blog will be better in the eyes of the search engine if you just let 4 blog post on your main page.

    By doing this, your blog will load faster and a better ranking with Google and more traffic for you.

    Just to share :)

  11. Walau eh... I remember u saying the worse case senario for u is to losing the datas... Yikes... That's nightmare haunting in reality...

    How's everything so far? Didja finish both the barrels of wine after stepping on it? :p Miss ya...

  12. My hard disk crassed also.

  13. Eh.. how to catch up with you?

  14. it's refreshing to not see any comments from them perves this round. i was half expecting to read some lame post like 'would you like to click my mouse nicole bla bla bleh.'

  15. Super Dancer Online my foot, hate that game. Prefer Audition.

  16. Come play WOW on frostmourne server!!!