Mid Twenties Crisis

Short Note: Finally leaving Canberra, on my way to Sydney tonight. Gay and lesbian bars here I come!!!!!

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It has come to a point in my life, like every other girl out there who will inevitably go through this phase whether she’s godsent goddess or Tan Sri’s daughter; when one have start thinking about…

Not commitment

Not Boyfriend or husband

Not family nor friends

Not a car

Not your pet

Nor work…

I have to start thinking, now don’t laugh… start thinking about… about….

My wrinkles.

my eye

I said Shut up.

It’s depressing enough that we have to suffer PMS and go through period every month, to go through child labour and work all while looking fantabulously good to keep up with the society expectations of men. Blame it all on gender ratio population; we have to fight hard to win our preys.

daphne iking
You think it is easy looking this hot everyday?

She’s the spokesperson of Nuvafemme btw - a premium grade soy extract supplement.


Rather than applying tons of cream which I’m mostly too lazy to do every single time after I wash my face, it’s better to get enough sleep (which is almost impossible in my case) and prevent the worse from happening from within. That means eat healthy stuff. *hint hint* - supplements

Warning: do not feed this to your bitch, strictly for human only

kory posing with nuvafemme
This photo is to show how gorgeous my darling Kory is, lucky her, she don’t need to care about problems such as wrinkles. Sigh~ woe is me.

Let me see. Nuvafemme…

1. Stops wrinkle formation (man, is it too late for me?)
2. Retains skim moisture (oo.. supple moisturized skin, boing boing effect)
3. Protects against skin darkening (I’m gonna need this in Australia ,they have a hole in the O-zone layer there)
4. Strong Antioxidant (wtf does that mean? Ooo… prevent skin damage is it?)

Take twice daily and according to the instruction, it can even fight off the effects of period have on our skins. (you know, pimple, dry skin and all that stuff)

Before you know it.. you will look like this!

wrinkle free eye


Disclaimer: This is clearly photoshopped product.


11 kissed Nicole

  1. welcome to sydney... despite i'm only here for a couple of mths :)

  2. The last photo wasn't edited right? If it isn't then i guess it is worth trying...teehhee..

  3. what wrinkles? ^^ you don't have any!

  4. Photoshop faster n cheaper (that is if you buy software, if not, free leh!)

  5. sorry to put a damper on things but it is statiscally proven that the guy ratio of the world is less than women due to the traditional thinking of asian countries. i have to admit that i do pity women on all the things they have to do and experience.

  6. I could not find any different before and after you using the Nuvafemme loiz....

  7. Girl ! be yrself and stay beautiful the natural way.

  8. does it really work?

  9. when women taking beautification medicine ( i would call it chemicals), they are indirectly reinforcing the gender stereotype whereby women are expected to stay young and wrinkle-less forever. Why no one ever question men that they have wrinkles? It is purely impossible and women should taking pride of who they are and how they look, rather than spending all their valuable time looking for stuff that will make them stay young forever. If they can live a fulfilled life and spend time on meaningful activities, they will be much happier.

  10. Hey..my sister is taking Nuvafemme and she says it helps her to firm her bust and also her period is more regular.
    Check out the website:

  11. oh thank god! I thought it was just me...im 27 next month and suddenly, im thinking EXACTLY your post...:)