12 Things You Must Do and Know in Shanghai

Again with my destination trivia, it's becoming a habit really.

So right, here are 12 things that you should know about Shanghai and never leave the place without doing some of the activities listed here. (sure took me a while to compile this)

Number 1!!

1. Everyone loves a dog

cute dog

The Chinese love their poodles, Shihzus, Chiwawas, Pekingneses, pugs, etc, anything that comes in the size of a toaster and no larger than the horizontal width of an Airasia seat.

cute cute dog

And the thing is, they are cheap.

more cute dogs

My friend Wendy bought two small dogs, god knows what breed, that cost at RM400 (USD130) each!

2. Taking the metro is fun

Especially during peak hour

me in shanghai metro during peak hour

Pardon if my term of fun differs slightly from yours.

3. Visit the sex museum

kama sutra 2

Yea you heard me.

Storing some of the most impressive collection in China of ancient erotic figurines since the Ming and Qing Dynasty, even as far back as the Tang and Song Dynasty, you’ll learn about ancient Kama Sutra.

kama sutra 3

kama sutra 1

There’re so many positions you’ll be wondering how the heck they practice these acts without porn videos.

kama sutra 4
Fu-ya… this position like very difficult.

It made me realize that the Chinese love sex so much, they even have erotic images in their cups as their sip their tea.

porn in a cup
That’s one way to finish your tea

Of course, if infidelity occurs, then it wouldn’t be that nice anymore, would it?

infidelity in front of blind husband
Infidelity act in front of blind husband

In which case, you can always resort to this.

castration tool
Castration tool they used in Qing Dynasty, damn useful tooks I'd say

Unless, of course, you’re lesbian. You might find this useful.

ancient dildo
Two-way dildo. Way awesome! LOL

Oh, and I think I found something that Ron might like to add to his collection. :D

penis wine

It's wine, not urine ok?

4. Xiao long pao, soup in dumpling, pork dumpling with soup

xiao long pao

If you visit Shanghai and never try these, seriously, for f**k you come to Shanghai!

Anyway, the best Xiao Long Pao I have tried, and trust me I have a tried a LOT of Xiao Long Pao during my stay there, is at this famous and rather expensive restaurant in Xin Tian Di.

description of din tai fung

Trust me. It’s de~~~~licious.

xiao long pao_close up

5. The Bund and Yu Yuan (or Yu Garden)

point at the bund

Read this and this.

Don’t forget Pudong too.

tour bus in pudong
On the tour bus around Pudong, total rip off. T_T

pudong tv tower
The world’s third tallest TV tower, located in Pudong.

6. Movie in Shanghai is very the expensive

Ironically, the cheapest movie you can find is a midnight movie charged at 30rmb (RM15) per economy ticket. Blockbuster movie screens during normal hour costs an easy 60rmb (RM30, bloody hell, might as well go back to KL and watch gold class la!).

And they have multi flavoured popcorn.

colored popcorn
Blue color one is blueberry flavour. Like.. ew~
you think what? Harry Potter all flavoured beans is it?

I still prefer cheese popcorn in Bangkok

7. Starbucks in China is called Xing Ba Ke

starbucks in yu yuan (garden)
See it? The green logo.

Say it or you will never find your starbucks.


(this is in the case that you’ve lost your way and in desperate need of wifi)

8. Smelly tofu in Shanghai ain’t that smelly

smelly tofu

My say? Skip the damn thing and head over to Taiwan for the real thing, you whimp!

9. Drink tea

tea set
What can be more Chinese than this?

Situated two hours away from Hangzhou, home to the famous Long Jin Cha (Long Jin Tea), you’ll find that Shanghainese do enjoy their cup of afternoon tea over a hot brewing Long Jin as opposed to the usual Pu Er Cha loved and drank in the Southern area of Chin, which is usually more bitter and strong.

tea shop
Tea shop in Dong Tai Lu.

My personal favourite though, is the fragrant Gui Hua Cha - a type of Oolong Tea that sets out a beautiful aroma whenever hot water are poured over the dried tea leaves, sometimes mixed with Gui Hua (Osmanthus flower).

Winner of most presentable tea definitely goes to the Flower Tea. Literate by its name, Flower Tea has to be brewed over this tube of double layer glass cylinder for maximum effect of presentation.

flower tea

full bloom flower tea

I got a few for my friends and aunts and they LOVED these to bits. They cost around RM15 each box of 8 balls, which if sold in Malaysia would be retailed well over hundreds at times, these are nifty, light, and cheap gifts to buy for friends and family back home.

10. Enjoy a foot massage

me having foot massage

For RM15 (30 yuan)

Who else know better foot reflexology than the Chinese? We (here I mean my ancestors) were and are the guru of veins and nerves if not. Heck, I woudn’t be surprised if we were the ones who discovered the nervous system in a human body.

making funny face during foot massage
I’m just crapping really (about the nervous system), ignore me.

11. Speak Chinese (like Duh!)

Hey, even the Ang Mo (“farang”, Caucasians, whichever rocks your boat) here speaks better Mandarin than some Malaysian Chinese back home OK!

sean eating_ don't disturb me
Sean makan-ing

Don’t play play.

12. Hooters hooters hooters!!!!

me and hooters

Enough said.

caution blonde thinking

Love this sign! LOL!!


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  3. Cant believe that there is such a sex muzuem in China furthermore with those figurines, the 2 way dildo ...
    Emm ... I should pay a visit there next time ... :)

  4. The popcorn looks really yucky... Hehe, I wouldn't have thought of the all-flavoured beans if you hadn't mentioned it...:P

  5. The XLB is to my liking. The skin is so thin until can see the soup inside.

  6. Eh loved the tips, been to China twice & still couldn't get enough of it. Plan to be going back after the Olympics! But how come their Hooters looks a few sizes smaller. Ahem! Don't they have to meet certain requirements to get hired? haha!

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  9. don't visit the sex museum, waste of $$$

  10. I thought the Chinese eat dogs? Or was it the Koreans?

    Oh, there's a Hooters in China! =D

  11. A normal passer by who love ur blog and sense of traveling. Nice photography ofcourse, i've been wondering what kind of camera u've been using though:p Shanghai is a nice place to go but according to alot of ppl comments, saying that not only the locals there are rude but they even spit...everywhere! It's way better if u got someone who can tour you around, following a travel agent would give you only headache:) All the besties with the fun there!

    Waiting patiently for ur next post, keep it up! ;) winkies!

  12. Ah Nicole, typo ar, at the chop chop knive picture there, hehehe... (^_^)"

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  14. Love the review..esp the XLP..wonder if there's one equivalent here in Malaysia. Now I hv quite an agenda for my visit to Shanghai...if only I can get my bum off the office.

    Till then..keep it up Nicole.

  15. The movie ticket might costs more than RMB60 though. RMB60 might be considered cheap for common hours. Try watching blockbuster at midnite at Shanghai, cost me RMB70 to RMB90 at times.

    I think the price in Malaysia is cheap! Not the other around. Singapore and States are the middle grounds of comparison. Watching movie in SG costs ard SGD10 = RMB50.

  16. am i the only who thinks that there might be young kids reading this as well??

    can already imagine some 8 year old asking her mom:

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  17. wow the figurines are soo... graphic. o___O

  18. I like this post. Useful :)
    And the pictures are very nice.

  19. Do they sell the dildos outside the museum? They make great gifts from Shanghai, don't they?

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  21. Very nice blog!.
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  22. hey.. how do u put ur blog seal into the pictures that u posted??

  23. The popcorn looks scary! But does it taste nice? I really thought they are going to eat the dog somehow... ignore me, probably just my stereotyping of "chinese eats anything that moves"

  24. Can't believe that these are all the noteworthy items you have experienced in Shanghai. You should either blacklist your tour guide (if you hired any) or just trash your guide book. Local Shanghai folks may get a little offended to see such emphasis of the sex museum and not other cultural, historical and contemporary aspects of the city, which is renowned for its exquisite blend of the East and the West. Having lived and worked here for a while, I find that Shanghai has too much more to offer. Even an one-week's tour (which I won't bother joining) will give you a better picture of Shanghai than this.

    - Malaysian in Shanghai