I hate Dell

This is going to be the biggest complain I will ever make in my life.

Here it goes.


Dell sucks in their laptops and sucks in their services, their warranties are useless and practically nothing is practical about their notebooks/pc.

They launched a premium laptop called XPS which is supposed to be more canggih than the normal inspiron. Premium my FOOT!!!!

I pay a good 3.5 grand to have my hardisk crashed in 70 days!!! And after issuing a report that promised to send me a technician while I am in Australia because I'm supposed to be on International Warranty, they bloody made me wait for an entire Tuesday AT HOME, DOING NOTHING and expects me to WAIT for another WHOLE DAY on Wednesday just because they DID NOT issue a service to send a technician over even though they promised me LAST WEEK that the technician will come to me on Tuesday!

And they only confirm with me on this fact WHEN I called in the morning to ask why have they not come?!

And this is WITH consideration that I DO NOT have an OZ phone number, and because they CANNOT contact me through the oz number I gave them which is my friend's, they decided to cancel the whole service issue! And when I tried to call, they tried to call my friend again wanting to prove me wrong but instead only proven me right because the call immediately got through fcrom the Penang Call Centre, so is this bullshit or what?!

I told them, TWICE, to call my international roaming Maxis number, which would cost me a bomb, and at first they refuse to do that because they say they DO NOT call international number, but then still call anyway when it was me who will be paying the big bill!

And you know what is the best part? The lady call operator last week, got my email completely wrong even after I spelled it out to her letter by letter, and without repeating to me to confirm the address to me thinking they got it all right, they hang up! Hence I receive no whatsoever notification or communication base with Dell when all I have is the ocassional phone I manage to borrow from my friend because they refuse to call an International Roaming Malaysian number!!

Some of the most classic conversation that were carried out are:

Convo 1:

Me: So you are just going to send a technician over to replace my harddrive with no CD or basic installation whatsoever?

Dell Operator: Yes that's about it.

Me: What? But what am I supposed to do with an empty window-less notebook if I can't operate anything. I am travelling, I don't have any CD or anything. You're supposed to help international traveller, so said the website!

Operator: Well, there's nothing we can do about it.

Me: *wtf!*

Convo 2:

Operator: we can send you copies of CDs from Malaysia but that will take about five days or so, if you can just send me your address.

Me: I won't be here in five days and I don't know where I will be in five days! I can't work without a laptop for a week!! Don't you have a number I can call to personally or email so I can email you the address later

Operator: sorry I can't do that but you can call back this number and just tell the operator your address (and explain your case all over again).

Me: *argh!*

Convo 3:

Me: Are you meaning to say that it is a common thing that Dell laptops crash 70 days old upon purchase?

Operator: I'm not saying it occurs often. But it happens Nicole, it happens.

Me: What do you mean it happens, most of my friends who have inspirons have their dell laptops harddrive replaced the first few months of puchase!

Operator: .... *silence*

Operator: It happens, Nicole. It happens.

Me: *pluck hair out*

Convo 4:

Me: So how long am I supposed to wait, you are re-issuing a new service report and will get the technician over today right? (Tuesday after calling in the morning)

Operator: I don't know Nicole, but I will try to sort it out for you.

After plentiful times of calling back and forth on my phone number and email! (finally they got my email right!)

Me: When is the technician coming over? I've been waiting the whole day, it's already 4pm now!

Operator: I don't know when, but they will go over to your place today. Just wait ok?

Me: *puke*

Convo 5:

Australia Operator: Okay, Nicole, we can send the harddrive over later at 6:30pm, but there won't be any technician coming over.

Me: What?! Then what am I supposed to do with a harddrive if no one can help me install things?! No CD drivers nothing?!

Operator: We can send a technician over tomorrow.

Me: I told you many times that I won't be in tomorrow and no one will be in tomorrow. I've already wasted a good day out of my five days stay in Melbourne for you guys and now you want me to wait at home for another DAY?!

Operator: No one ask you to wait, Nicole.



135 kissed Nicole

  1. Sad to hear that! I m using Dell Inspiron too.

  2. Why not wait until you come back to Malaysia? few days no computer not a big deal.

  3. wow!!..it's really sucks...
    well i'm using dell laptop so i hope that it won't happen to me...
    or i will definetly hate dell forever and say to everybody it sucks and really really sucks.I didn't excep their service will be like this.Make a complain at dell i mean main hq dell.

  4. Hi Nicole,
    Get a IBM ThinkPad... not Lenovo, but, ThinkPad ok.. they have some gud entry level items. Trust me ;) Save all the headaches and heartaches... Am using R51 since 2004, been travelling in and out of jungles of Indonesia and Malaysia... trains, planes, 4WDs... still very much one piece...

  5. Operator : No one ask you to wait, Nicole.

    Classic, that's just classic! It's amazing you haven't pop a vein yet.

    That's why I'm using an Apple. No fuss, no hassle! (touch wood)

  6. Hi Nicole, sorry to hear that ur lappie's hdd crashed.

    Dont u bring ur installation/repair disk with u when u go travelling?

    Dell's latitude series are the "stable" ones where as the inspirons are "beta" versions of latitudes. As for ur XPS, i'm not sure where it "sits... between inpiron n latitude perhaps?

    Well, my experience with dell laptops is whole lot better compare to my experience with Acer or HP/Compaq laptops.

    Maybe u can get help from ur blog reader from australia.

    Btw, it's nicer to be pissed off ... rather than pissed on ;) cheer up

  7. May I know what's your Case number?

  8. Lelaki Musim Panas19/8/08 4:35 PM

    LOL wasted your money over that big bulky XPS?

    I have nothing to say but to laugh...

  9. technology sucks sometimes...should revert to good ol' pen and papers...

    oh shi..i forgot bout fire hazard.. :P

    cheer up~

  10. IMHO, Dell support service is quite good. I don't have any problem with my XPS tho. Maybe you don't know how to take care of it.

    Consider yourself lucky if Dell didn't sue you for defamation. Lol.

  11. Nicole's secret admirer19/8/08 4:50 PM

    Yeah I am the first one. I am the first ine ! I love you Nicole, I love you !!!

  12. Nicole's secret admirer19/8/08 4:50 PM

    Yeah I am the first one. I am the first ine ! I love you Nicole, I love you !!!

  13. You should spell this out ->
    ka ni na ma cao ci bai, tiu nia ma ka hai, kam beh lan, kam gu lan, kam niao lan, kam kao lan... end of the day... DELL LAN LAN... :)

  14. that's the only disadvantage about dell. the after sales service sucks... that's all...

  15. Nicole,wah!!!nowadays you got carried away so often Why?PMS boh lai.....LOL cheers!!!!!

  16. Hey Nicole,

    That sucks! Dell uses cheap parts, thats why your hard drive died soo soon!

    Sorry to hear this has happened right in the middle of your travels.

    Next time I would advise you to buy a Apple macbook pro, at least in most countries if anything does go wrong you know there will be a Apple shop to take i to.. They are more reliable and will last much longer Nicole!

    I know I know it dont have windows, but you can install windows on the mac now so you can have the best of both worlds


  17. I was thinking of getting a Dell notebook but after reading this, I think I'm gonna put my plan on hold first! Hopefully everything will go on smoothly for you, Nicole!

  18. Well, Dell comps are crap.

    get a mac. Problem solved

  19. This is a classic Dell's quality of product and service. Most IT guys will tell you not to buy a Dell. Go for HP next time. Definitely more reliable machines !!

  20. That is really boiling...

    Normally I hear from my friends saying DELL has good customer services but in this case... I;m gonna have 2nd thought about it =/

  21. my inspiron crashed on me 6 months and 1 week. bought in msia n was in uk. warranty was for 6 months but when i contacted uk dell, they said can extend the warranty to cover n told me to contact msia dell. contacted msia dell msia dell ask to contact uk dell so on and so forth
    in the end i js couldn be bothered, got a new hard drive and replaced it. guess wad.. hard drive crashed again and this time the fan of the laptop gave problems too. whining non stop. so yes, it crashed 3 times within 1 year i bought a new one. the inspiron still with me it whines like mad and i will need to get a new fan and reformat the hard drive if i wanna use it again

    dell service does suck but after all.. we do buy dell for the brand.. i got an xps too cause din know much bout other brands and dell.. is supposed to be good after all?


  22. welcome to the real world. That's why never subscribe any additional service from small vendor, except from Apple. Always read their so called "Terms and Conditions" as they use it to counterfeit you. They will always tell you "We tried our best" or even worse "We can't do nothing, would you like to purchase our new products?"

  23. you should get the operator's name and then complained.i did it once.and they fire the operator and got him out of job.i felt bad.but to show their sincerity, they shud do so.

  24. Hahaha.. Owned with the last statement..
    "No one asked u to wait"


  25. KornyKornelius19/8/08 6:28 PM

    Sometimes shit really happen~~ consider it as bad luck... I bought many HDD b4. Dell not the one manufacture the HDD... WD Seagate Maxtor do... Dell just take and pasang test no problem jalan if anything thn call customer service. If you ask me Dell still provide one of the best service in laptop. At least they send u technician and not asking u send it back and wait god knows when...

  26. omg Nicole that's terrible!

    lets hope your blog traffic will advertise DELL on hot toes!

  27. Calm down, nicole.
    It does happens..... :p

  28. Phuket DELL!!! DELL is the worst laptop in the world.

  29. hmmm Dell not dun sucks ur juz unlucky i would say. It's juz a defect and that is wat warranty for...

    Btw u call the Australia service Center or Malaysia 1? Malaysia customer service as u would know is bullshit.

  30. Im currently using the same model as you.

    I do agree with you.XPS isnt as good as i have expected.The one i have have changed so many parts.Much more than yours.My hard disk crashed twice and changed my motherboard once.

    I did call Dell Aus before,since im in Aus now.In my experience,their service isnt as bad as you describe.Different area,i guess.Just a note,Australians arent known for their efficiency.At least you dont have to do group work with them which is even worse.

    If you want your own line in Aus,get an Optus Turbocharged Prepaid.It's only $30 and they can reach you easily.It will be easier for them to reach you,provided you are staying here for while.

    Anyway,enjoy your stay in Aus.

    In the end,i still love this laptop despite it's past problem.It's pretty good for a mobile gaming rig with price tag of 3-4k.


  31. Chuck out Dell. Get a MAC!!!

  32. Sorry to see that you have to go through all this BS. Cheers!

  33. you shouldn't buy Dell in the first place!

  34. I so agree with you about DELL. My first DELL inspiron died within 3 months and after several calls to DELL (Malaysia), the technician came 3 times, each time changing some part and in the end, 6 months later, I had the original shell but brand new battery, motherboard and ram! Later I hurt my shoulders (maybe because of hanging onto the bloody handset waiting for those freaking DELL calls), so I had to ditch my inspiron due to weight and bought product red XPS M1330. less than 3 months my HDD died on me. This time much more drama! Long story short, my calls to them became more and more ugly and after changing to a new HDD and then later reload Vista, I decided to wipe Vista and load XP. Wrote a long email to the technical manager, K.Yap but never got a response back. Suay mate...really suay....so I feel you girl!wife of this account.

  35. OMG! we should have totally go to Great Ocean Road today! @#$^!#&!*!

    Now i have to miss the road trip.


  36. that's horrible!

  37. I own a Dell and my experience so far has been ok. My windows did crash within the 1st few months of using it....but after that..it has been relatively smooth sailing.

    I have heard of cases where Dell laptops are lousy. Its unfortunate really. But be thankful that ur laptop is still under warranty.

    Hope ur problem is solved as this comment goes up.

  38. and the bottom line is: dell sucks

  39. in fact dell corporate service has been really good...the penang call centre operator very responsive.

  40. Sony is expensive, but for traveller, it is good.
    Acer is bulky, but reliable.
    Dell wants to make more profit, installing 2nd grade harddisk with and very sensitive to shock, shaking..traveller like you, sure harddisk KON faster. Always remember to SHUTDOWN system or PARK your harddisk before you goes on the flight....else, how you place your laptop on flight , also critical...

  41. one bad service doesn't make the company, their products and their entire customer service suck. well, it sucks for you, but not for the world in general.
    name one product you have never ever had issues with - your fridge, tv, mobile, iron, car - all have failures...

    my experience with dell over the last 7 years has been fairly good - though i did always pay for their premium contract.

    besides, who the hell wants a laptop when visiting melbourne. what a snore.

  42. Things like this happens, and it's unfair to paint the entire Dell product line as such. BUT, I do agree with you that the (home user) support from them can be frustrating, especially when you are away from your base. Any chance of you taking it in yourself to Dell (1300-655-533)?

    Some help here, could someone please expand on, "KNNCCBTNLMMH!!!!!!" :-)

  43. Deadly serious19/8/08 9:56 PM

    Perhaps we should start a "Buy Nicole a notebook" fund & have it air flown to wherever she is with a box of chocs or send her a gift redemption voucher with any IBM affiliates in Aus. What do u all say?

  44. Yeah I kinda agree with superweightkoalabear -_-". My bf has been using IBM ThinkPad since like forever without any hassle. at all. eventhough it might come second in appearance, but it still rocks~ lol Better luck next time ;)

  45. Yeah I kinda agree with superweightkoalabear -_-". My bf has been using IBM ThinkPad since like forever without any hassle. at all. eventhough it might come second in appearance, but it still rocks~ lol Better luck next time ;)

  46. terrible service. i wouldn't be exploding like a volcano if i were you!

  47. terrible service. i wouldn't be exploding like a volcano if i were you!

  48. great post nicole!! Dell SUCKS!! I gave up on my Dell Inspiron and their stupid services and sent it to the shop to reformat everything.. Got into a quarrel with the operator too and my Dad chipped in a few #$#$#$#$ words too... pheew.. once again, great post^^

  49. Very funny how you dealt with Dell CSRs. Were they speaking to you in english with indian accent or aussie slang? Dell After Sales sucks BIG time!! Next time, have a backup copy of OS or an clean image of HD on a cd/dvd while overseas to save your computer should any troubles occurred. Also store your data separately on usb thumbdrives and encrypted, too.

  50. FUCK YOU la DELL!!!!!

  51. Mac is very worth while and worth the $$

  52. great that u put this up. i've got a mac, was thinking of getting a second machine, possibly dell. now it's stroke off. =P its my buck anyway, i'm not going to risk it on an reliable product, and worse still, such service is despicable.

    get a mac girl. u get more value out of every dollar.

  53. To all,

    Here are my two cents.

    Dell Laptop is one of the best already. The are the most reliable among out there.

    Sometimes, things break. It could be the users fault too. Laptop are fragile. They should be treated with tender loving care. Installing all kinds of craps software will kill harddrive. Power surges kill hard drive too. I have been in IT support for years. Dell is the most reliable name compared to Acer or Hp or Sony. Lenovo is another good brand. But it does not matter. The user should treat their laptop with tender loving care. Don't install software that you do not need. Viruses can kill hardware. All kinds of things can be an issue. Safest thing to do is not to store you important data on hard drive. Backup them up somewhere. Store them in flash memory. Always carry your recovery CD. Otherwise, how the hell can the dell support personnel help you!!!??*&#*@.

    Lesson to learn.


  54. she's a fulltime blogger... having a laptop is like a necessity... how else do u think u r able to read her blogs almost everyday? quite hard to work with foreign pc esp transfering pics and doing editing work...

    but I quite agree bout the sensitivity... have to actually shut down ur laptop before moving it around, unless if ur laptop is shock proof... that's y its a common issue for people in general to have their HD conked out because they tend to move their laptops around when its still running...

  55. HAH!


    I had my "JOY" earlier this year for my bro's desktop.

    I seriously ponder. Why is there such a big difference in treatment between BUSINESS Users and Consumers. I once worked in IT dept, with the entire coy of dell desktops+notebooks. I enjoyed the working relationship with DELL that it pushed me to get a DELL desktop for my home use.

    And they totally failed me.

    Read Here . & Here.

    No More DELL AGAIN.

  56. Dell can be Diao sometimes... But mine is still as tough as a tank...

  57. I can totally understand how you feel Nicole. Something similar happened to me earlier this year, cept it was with the Australian Immigration! *&*%$^$^@#%

  58. Dell's after sales customer service has been known to be lousy. No shop front, everything done thru the net and phone, can't see/inspect actual product before buying, it amazes me ppl still buys Dell. No doubt its cheap but you get what you pay for. But for RM3.5k I'm not sure if you can say cheap or not lah in asia.

    Please stick to reliable brand. I have been using VAIO smallest size (my travel companion) for 4 years and battery life and so forth is still amazing. Dropped it couple of times...masih canggih. On the side line am using macbook, just too heavy to lug around.

    I really hope you publish this blog episode straight onto Dell's customer complaint site!

    goodluck nicole

  59. R U sure is DELL and not HELL

  60. I never touch Dell computers, they are really sucks in every way. I have a NEC notebook since 2005 and it still works fine. Never had a problem till now, touched wood. Dell always associate with cheap price, I prefer to stay away with cheap price, pay a little more and you get better quality products.

  61. My Inspiron 1420 still working fine since I bought it last November. I think yours problem should probably be a faulty hard drive. It should be solved upon replacement of the HD. Cheers ;) !

  62. Dell actually has a very good service coverage in Malaysia. My dad's pc's ram which got fried due to a power shortage at our area got replaced with a new one only the next day.

    But I have to say I'd think Aussie ELL has poor service. No offense to the Aussies but yea, they aren't that efficient, took almost a month for my brother's phone line to get setup and another month for the internet in melbourne. Talk about slow.

  63. maybe u should try living without computer for few days when
    1. u dun have a land line/phone
    2. u're at a foreign country

  64. Maybe it has to do with the kind of warranty you got. Dealing with their business warranty, I was nothing but impressed (laptop bought in KL, serviced in Melbourne, with no problem)

    My experience: http://www.bytebot.net/blog/archives/2008/01/25/dell-warranty-rocks

    BTW, if you lack an operating system on the hard disk, why not give Linux a try? www.ubuntu.com is a good place to start. Download a CD, or find someone that can give you the CD, and help install it. If you need help, don't hesitate to ping me

  65. That is why I never use laptop. Always problem and poor cooling. Hence prone to defects

  66. My Dell Inspiron has been serving me well for the past 2-1/2 years

  67. Hi. Thanks for calling our call centre, we'll be glad to assis you in any way we can...

    Please press 1 for morons.
    Please press 2 for idiots.
    Please press 3 for imbeciles.
    Press 4 for all of the above.

    If it's your first time calling,we'll throw in an additional bit of annoyance.

    Bla bla bleh...

    Thank you for calling. Have a great day!

  68. "Operator: No one ask you to wait, Nicole."
    hahahahaha... is this operator for real?? it's like i'm reading a blonde joke..

  69. It's not Dell. It's the attitude of the Australians. Lazy and good for nothing!

  70. Dell offer the best service as far as Malaysia is concerned... especially after u upgrade your warranty service to "FULL COVER"...

    Case Scenario:
    my fren uses Dell Inspiron... warranty gonna expire in a few months... so he crashed his laptop wif his car... took a picture... emailed to Dell and Dell replaced his laptop wif a "current" replacement model as his laptop has stopped production...

    in ur case... don blame the brand XPS... as it is by far 1 of the best brands in the market... maybe Aussies are wussies... but in Malaysia... it's within 48 hrs service... acknowledged by a lot of parties...

    u should be ashamed of urself flaming Dell as a journalist... go ask around other techie journalist... and IMO you don't know wat is the meaning of canggih...

  71. Welcome to the reality, and you are not alone. Now you understand what it means to be a minority for a while. Not getting a fair treatment and services that was promised and paid.

    Its not a matter if you had a Mac pro, Acer, HP, Dell or whatever brand or devices, the fact is every now and then "support and service" is just another sweet term used by their marketing team.

    Many of these big companies did not have a good internal inter-communication among their departments. The telemarketing person may be very nice to you as he/she tries to get you to buy but when it comes to services and support department, they try to shake you off with "Dont bug me" reply.

    Lets face it, you are not some big shot that can shape their balance sheet. They had a thing like "if you don't like it, take a hike." or "What have you got for us for you to demand a service ?" Yes, I got that from them indirectly and about to face more situation like these in my kind of work. I guess I didn't paid them enough or the deals that I have for them were just too small.

    I'm a purchaser of computer equipments for my company and some of these vendors would try to rip you off whenever they can, in every possible way, however small.

    What I hate most sometime was, I still go back to them for service. That might sound stupid of me to you but take Streamyx for example, do you go back to them ?

    Right now, you wish you had a magic wand, and that you would use it to bring them down to your knees, make them beg for mercy.

    Mocky. Cat city

  72. ...why XPS ? Just a suggestion if you still want to use Intel machine, have you tried Fujitsu ?

    I'm not interested in their service but their machine (whole package from Japan) is one of the best in terms of quality.

    Mocky. Cat City

  73. I can help you if you're in PENANG.
    For Free!
    If you've the hardrive and the driver CD.

    Well, DELL really sucks big time.

  74. Some help here, could someone please expand on, "KNNCCBTNLMMH!!!!!!" :-)

    Is Kannineh CaoCibai Tan Lemmah

  75. We all know Dell sucks the biggest in the IT industry. I feel sad that even Alienware is under Dell! This happens ALL the time, and there's even an anti-Dell forum called HELL! Get it? Hell? Dell?

  76. coz u dropped it

  77. Well, sorry that your laptop died on you during a trip... so how's the outcome?

    Anyhow, service wise you can try to compare dell's to other brands like acer/hp/benq/toshiba, dell is actually much more efficient. Like what somebody mentioned, at least you don't have to carry it in and wait for god-knows how long for your baby to return. I do agree that the whole incident wasn't managed in a proper manner, I'd advise you to just come back to malaysia to have it fixed since you're not gonna be there for long.

  78. i have a dell inspiron for around two months.. around the same time you bought the xps ... but so far i have good customer service .. had some problem with some com surrogate thingy .. and the fella helped me solved it by controlling my monitor .. of course under warranty

    but i do understand all these crap must have make u lose faith in the brand itself .. used to have a nokia 7390 .. had a little bit of problem.. sent to some warranty , waited 2 months and then not long after that, my phone totally died..

    died.. cannot be used any more in any way

  79. My Dell desktop crashed 5 times in 2 years. We were happy that Dell offered to replace the unit, but we found out that they replaced it with a refurbished unit, not a new one as they had promised. =_= This happened twice. After the 3rd round - and a very stern reprimanding from my dad - I'm glad to say that we've not had a problem since.

    However, I still get a bad taste in my mouth whenever anyone mentions Dell. Their attempt to deceive their customers to save some money is distasteful and now I strongly advocate that people boycott Dell (for their own sake.)

  80. Wow...they really suck in OZ then.

    My friend in US had their laptop changed for them the minute they file a complaint. So some of them really love Dell.

    I remember once, the LCD totally blacked out. Called and the next day, a whole brand new laptop was shipped to him with a return label so that he can shipped back the faulty one. Few months down the road, HDD not detected. Called again, once again they shipped a brand new laptop with a return label. 3rd time the laptop got very extremely hot when plugged into power socket. Complaint again, one more laptop sent. All in all, he had 3 brand new laptops sent to him in 1 yr. Of cos the final one only worked well.

    Then as the warranty nearly expires, he called to state his concerns of all the problems in the last 12 months and made a big fuss and guess what, they gave him extended 3 yrs local warranty FREE!

    After the warrantly was granted, for next 2 yrs, the last laptop they sent him was problem free.

    In the US, dell customer service is one of the best ok...hahahah so some of my friends there really sokong dell kau kau.

    But I thought its worldwide practice. They memang famous for the 1 to 1 replacement within warranty period. How come its not practiced here at all?

  81. Just use a Sony Vaio instead. Works like a charm for me.

  82. Sorry to learn of your experience Nicole. "No one ask you to wait" .... lol a very funny answer from a customer service guy.. lol.. hahaha.... I don't know what to say and I can't believe that this come from Dell!!!

    Was thinking of getting myself an XPS (looks cool) after reading your previous entry but I think I would better forget about it now. Anything that crash within 1 1/2 year is always a big no, no for me. Might consider Lenovo instead.

    Probably Dell should have that whole department "goreng sotong"... Some may say pity them, but to me, well, if you can't do the work, just fxxx off. Just sick of getting ultra-poor customer service nowadays. I am thinking of suing through the consumer tribunal the next time I get such lousy services. Maybe you can consider that too. You don't get much but they would have to work their ass off to have their reputation repaired.

  83. Well, that's the customer service line. Among all those that sells computers out there, Dell is the best in terms of warranty and service. Not the greatest but best among the worst. You should take this up further with Dell. I'm sure they will even give you a free laptop for compensation. And yes, someone commented on getting a Latitude instead of Inspiron or XPS. The Latitude range are stronger and has better quality components as they are work horses.

  84. seems like u're the unlucky ones..
    i'm havin a XPS as well, the HDD was replaced, the LCD was replaced for me..and my XPS is only less than 5 months old
    somehow, i felt dell in malaysia did a great job for their after sale services...
    I still rmb when my HDD is showing some malfunctioning symptom, i knw i had to do stg - backup all my stuff and call dell immediately for a new HDD replacement
    then for the LCD prob...i think it's my own fault as i accidentally applied to much pressure on it while having it in my backpack...they changed for me without any unneccessary question

    so...mayb the services over in aust is slightly diff from msia...


  86. Hey Nicole, yes i agree Dell Sucks big time. My sister bought a lap top from them and within a week the entire keyboard collapse and fell off. I think these type of incident can only happen to Dell PCs.

    I will ban Dell. You have confirmed my doubts.Thanks Nic!

  87. I think dell services is good even in malaysia. The problem with ur case it is different as u are oversea. therefore is take time to get ur warranty done.

    imagine u purchasing other brand. you might not able to get it fixed. and you need to send it to the workshop and etc.

  88. Dell is not good....Buy HP next time

  89. just get a iphone 3G...comes with wifi....whahahahahaha

  90. for me, HP is a better brand than dell... but still, we should search the internet first for reviews/comments before buying a particular model. if its a very new model and we dont have that much resources to immediately buy a new one (if ever something bad happens to it), then it is recommended that we should wait first for the model's review/comments in the internet maybe for about four months after its release before buying it out.

  91. Johnny Sean Lam20/8/08 6:12 PM

    hmm.. sad to be in your situation.. I guess this is pretty much depends on luck.. all electronic stuff tends to fail..

    I am using my 4th Dell Notebook now. All except 1 is giving me a lot of headache.. On the tech support.. I used to get really shitty ones too, just ask for their manager, because some trainees are really bad... get their manager.. they really treat you like a real customer and how a customer should be treated..

    Have fun in Australia.. see you back here soon !

  92. sucky experience there... i guess they DO provide international warranty but d fine print was tat it's not guaranteed 2 b satisfactory service? hahah... anyway. i'm sure u're glad 2 haf gotten tat over with. mayb tat 'new' dell model still has many bugs since it IS new n ppl havent used it much 2 report wat bugs it has yet, no? nice 2 see u're back up n running again!

    God bless!

  93. haha...i think u shud use a HP Pavilion or HP Mini la...like me :P

    but no one can guarantee a crash free super computer la...it seriously depends on how we use it... of course i never say its ur fault that ur hard disc crashed...

    sometimes shit does happen and some hardwares might be faulty from the factory itself...

    as a computing student...even i myself had experienced some problem with my pc...sometimes the hardware and sometimes problem occur in the OS itself...

    n i think i noe wat they meant by saying that its not their problem u dun have a boot disc (WinXP Pro or WinVista)

    cz operating systems or backup boot disc are usually provided upon the purchase of a notebook pc...

    but i understand ur situation also la...u been travelling and suddenly all dis craps happen...


    cz dats the main reason hard disc crashes if not because of the notebook itself falling down.. and breaking the fragile hard disc reader or head which is jus a few molecules apart from the hard disc platters...

    so be extra careful wen handling and using a notebook...

    and install appropriate anti viruses such as Kaspersky (if u're willing to pay) or Avira AntiVir (if u're not intended to pay) :P

    u can mail or msg me anytime at


    shud u need any technical advice or if u sense anything fishy like sum1 trying to hack into ur system n etc...

    dun hesitate to contact me...

    n im sorry if i said anything dat hurt ur feelings...


  94. Oh well...

    My experience with Dell is hard disk didn't crash, but died 4 years later. Consider pretty good.

    However I realised there is a norm. That Inspiron owners need to reformat their HDD and the tendency for it to crash is greatly reduced.

    I owned 3 dells (2 Inspirons and 1 Dimension) and all of them have gone through reformatting and they serve me well.

    If without reformat, the frequency of HDD hang is like once in every 2 months.

    What do you all think?

  95. That's funny HAHAHA!! (i didn't mean that i'm happy with the loussy harddisk)

    it's no longer call DELL anymore, it's call Dieu, instead. haha

    MAC also not really good service. WTF. I bought my first Macbook and CD stuck inside after using for less than 10 hours (wihtint 2 weeks) and the kanasai Mac service center claimed this is my false of using non-Mac DVD movie.WTF, since when MAC got their own Movie DVD?

    So ended up i got to pay RM60 to take out the DVD and suggested to buy an externa DVD combo drive to play Movie. What a Brilliant Ideal? FCUK!

  96. you poor girl ...get sony viao~
    it is the BEST

  97. Tough luck about your problems with the laptop, Nicole. I've been using a Dell Inspiron 6000 for the past 3 years already and so far, no problems (*touch wood*). Only complaint is that it's bloody heavy. If you intend to lug a laptop around with you, perhaps you should either invest in a more durable smallish laptop like Toshiba or a smaller simplified laptop like the Asus EEE. Perhaps you should also burn a duplicate copy of your reinstallation CD/DVD and bring that around with you (together with the activation codes as well, of course). At least, you will still be able to reinstall the OS if the HDD becomes corrupted or konked. Of course, the most ideal situation would be able to get your hands on a copy of the laptop service manual and have some basic knowledge in assembling a notebook. That way, you can always upgrade the interchangeable items yourself (HDD, DVD reader/writer & ram). The rest of the parts will most probably be integrated and non-changeable, so there's nothing much that you can do if the rest konk out.


  98. Hey! you shold said those words during your conversation with the operator [KNNCCBTNLMMH]. The helpline you called were their call center, anything you said will be recorded for their references. Let them have listen to it. The operator was so cocky!!!

  99. Hey! you shold said those words during your conversation with the operator [KNNCCBTNLMMH]. The helpline you called were their call center, anything you said will be recorded for their references. Let them have listen to it. The operator was so cocky!!!

  100. Hey! you shold said those words during your conversation with the operator [KNNCCBTNLMMH]. The helpline you called were their call center, anything you said will be recorded for their references. Let them have listen to it. The operator was so cocky!!!

  101. Get a Mac. Settle all the shit. Glad that your dell failed you. At least you know it sucks! If you owned a Mac, your problem is just a small matter to Apple Care. They will replace a new HDD for you in just a few minutes. Plus Australia do have Apple Store. Don't even have to waste your money on international roaming call. But anyway, you choose dell, you deserved it. Good for you.

  102. just go for lappies that are made in japan, just like fujitsu, and others they undergo reliability test before so they might be more reliable, all the best

  103. I agree with amit with his quote

    "That sucks! Dell uses cheap parts, thats why your hard drive died soo soon!"

    It's a funny thing though...when nicole just bought her dell and i criticised dell's product i got flamed because everyone was singing praises of dell. Now that nicole came out with a post about dell's nonsense i see all the insults hurled at dell...hmmm..

    Anyway, from amit's quote you can tell that dell really uses cheap parts. I know that because their technicians themselves told me. My inspiron crashed the first day i got it with bluescreens coming every few hours. The problem? incompatible ram for mobo(WTF?!). So they had to change both mobo and ram.

    For those of you who say "aiya...just before u kena once dun blame dell" or " it happens...this is reality", please do your research. Your dell might not have had problems and is in good condition..well...good for you as you are the lucky one.

    If you do a survey, I'm sure you'd get more nays than yays for dell. Nicole is my 4th fren who insults Dell MALAYSIA and that's 4/4 dell lappie users i've asked that i know of. I agree dell in other countries e.g. USA are superb but Malaysia really can't make it la.

    Seriously, It's the parts dell uses which brings their name down. I think Customer service in malaysia is okay though. But you have to have good CS if you have parts malfunctioning every now and then right?

  104. But though i agree that their customer service in malaysia (literally IN malaysia), they should make sure that their service extends overseas! I mean after all, we've spend few k's on your product man!!! it's not cheap!!

    Just because we're annoyed and cause a hoohah, it still doesn't give them the right to get cocky.It's the operators job to console us as we are the ones in trouble. Imagine if their pc crashes and they cant do their work and personal stuff.

    Seeing the answers the operator gave nicole pisses me off. Customers are always right...yay or nay?

  105. Sorry to hear about your bad experience encountering Dell. I do understand that they have problem with their so-called "International Warranty", due to their internal problem with different region, policy, and most of all - different cost account. However, their local warranty if it is 2nd best in the market, I am not sure how you can ever find the best.

    Try to think on the bright side, you are considered lucky that you chose Dell. They entertain you and do their best to solve your problem even you are constantly on mobile. If you bought other brand, you might face far worse problem such as:

    1. finding the right number to call and complain.
    2. Find your own way to their service center.
    3. Your notebook may stuck in the queue/service_center for hours/days/weeks/months just to get it verified as confirm faulty.
    4. You might be charged for "service charge" if no fault were found.
    5. They usually don't entertain small problem as "problem" (eg: hinge loose, minor optical drive reading problem)

    With Dell:
    1. You easily find their tech support number
    2. Technician is dispatched to your place upon your convenient time.
    3. You get your notebook fixed on the spot, your problem already verified before they dispatch technician.
    4. Service charge is not applicable as problems are verified over the telephone in the first place.
    5. Regardless the size of the problem, they always replace whatever parts you complained. (even unreasonable complains such as DVDRW is slow read/write; touch pad is insensitive).

  106. My after sales service with Dell is always positive response regardless the size of the matter, therefore I stick with Dell for over past 10 years, and their service never once failed me.
    1. Year 2000, Inspiron 4000. Complain Windows hanged when eject DVD Drive. They sent a Dell official staff to pick up my notebook and hand carry back to me on the next day. They changed the motherboard.
    2. Same Inspiron 4000. Complained the LCD Screen is flimsy. They sent a technician and replaced the LCD hinge next day.
    3. Same Inspiron 4000, Complained the LCD Screen can’t close tightly with the body. They sent a technician and replaced the WHOLE LCD Cover!
    4. Same Inspiron 4000, Complained the one of the key on the keyboard is loosely and touch pad is ad-hoc malfunction. They sent a technician and replaced the entire keyboard and touchpad.
    5. Same Inspiron 4000. Complained the DVDROM is slow (very unreasonable, no visual confirmation, only via telephone) . They couriered me a brand new DVDROM!
    6. 2007, XPS M1330. I complained that the charger is unstable, bottom part electric leakage, shocked a little bit if put on lap. They couriered me a new charger and asked me to test it out, and they only pick up the faulty one back after one week of testing if I found it satisfactory.
    7. 2006, PowerEdge Server SC430. I complained the fan is noisy. Over telephone, with help from their customer service, I managed to identify the problem, and I solved it quite easily. But they INSISTED that they will dispatch a technician to replace both of my internal fan and a free on site server diagnose to ensure my server is 100% fine and firmware upgrade also.
    I lost tracks on how many Dell notebook/pcs/servers I bought and I owned from Dell, including Dell Inspiron 4000, Latitude D600, D620, D420, X1, XPS M1330, PowerEdge SC430, etc… all I can say is Dell service is the best and I doubt other manufacturer can do the same or even better job than Dell.

  107. user problem maybe, my Dell has been working fine. their after sales services that i've encountered so far are fine too

  108. Maybe what you should do is contact Dell Support in Malaysia VIA E-MAIL. They're easier to talk to.

    Through the email they'll ask you to troubleshoot this and that, ignore them. Just tell them your lack of skills stop you from doing so. When they tell you they're gonna send a technician over to you, tell them you're in Australia. They'll forward the whole freaking report to them + your Aussie contact details. A technician will call you up within the said days. Of coz you'll need an Aussie contact number for the technician to contact you before and when he arrives.

    As for the installation CD, tell them DELL haven't delivered it with your laptop; ask them to send you a new CD pack, FOC.

    Try not to contact DELL Support via phone, they BS with you alot.

    I got mine settled in within 3 days. Parts were sent to Melbourne (motherboard, RAMS all new). And I'm only on a Malaysian normal warranty.

  109. I forgot to tell you, tell them your problems BEFORE you tell them where you are!!

  110. I'd been working with MNC since day 1. And most of the ang moh really sucks .. especially those entry level qualification.

    Why not you try to publish this in both Msia and Australia's paper column?? see what is the reaction??

  111. I'd been working with MNC since day 1. And most of the ang moh really sucks .. especially those entry level qualification.

    Why not you try to publish this in both Msia and Australia's paper column?? see what is the reaction??

  112. My bro's XPS motherboard failed after a week.
    I do think XPS has some problems.

  113. Sabar banyak2

  114. Nice blog.^^

  115. i know loads of dell and compaq supporters...i bought an NEC...afterh 2 years...i still have the last laugh :)

  116. mmmhh.. it seems that there are a lot of cons in this particular model..

    November 15, 2007 User review on CNET:

    November 22, 2007 User review on CNET:

    January 24, 2008 User review on Yahoo! Tech:

    April 12, 2008 User review on ViewPoints:

    May 14, 2008 User review on Yahoo! Tech:

    June 14, 2008 User review on Yahoo! Tech:

    August 19, 2008 User review on Yahoo! Tech:


    CCB=chao cibai
    TNLM=tiu lei lou mou
    MH=ma hai

  118. Who buys Dell anyway. With that price you can easily get Sony, Toshiba or even Hp. Dell = low end laptop.

  119. sabar ye nic ..

  120. Hey Nicole, I feel for you.

    I had a Dell PC previously and its motherboard got fried. The stupid tech that came over only changed the motherboard but didn't check to see if the sound card or LAN card was fine!

    Plus, he had re-installed Windows XP without providing the serial number. So I had to live with the annoying "Windows is not validated" shit for a while.

    Dell may be known for a lot of things but good service is DEFINITELY not one of them.

  121. I totally understand how you feel. Had a similar encounter while using a older inspiron model a few yrs back.. U know the worst part? Dell replaces your so called brand new (faulty) hdd with a refurbished one.. not a new one. :P~~ I mean I paid good money for a(so called top of the range) Inspiron with so called brand new parts inside and they gave me back a 2nd hand replacement part.. I was really dissed off.

    All the back and forth and waiting.. made me wish I bought a HP or a Toshiba.. one of them super tough terrain ones.. but then.. those can't play games. sigh. Guess its like malaysia politics.. take the lesser of 2 evils.

  122. Well, DELL sucks, quite a breaking news for me as i've heard more yays from users before than nays. after reading the comments i can summarize this much:

    -DELL's after sales service being best in US, good enough for most part in M'sia, & pretty much sucks in Aus

    -Local warranty is good for most of the time but don't bet on international ones

    -Best notify DELL via email than through phone, especially when it concerns matters internationally, saves you the time, money, not getting BSed

    -DELL like using cheap parts (well how else do you explain them being able to sell a gamer lappie at 4k??)

    -Most problems happen with the HD

    I myself am not a DELL user, though i plan to get a DELL after graduation 2 years later, which by that time, this Acer that i'm using now is expected to be either dead or half dead. just hope that if my DELL at that time crashes for some reasons, i won't have to face shit like this.

  123. I wanted to get Dell soon too.. I heard the service is pretty good in Malaysia though.

    But still.. I'll reconsider after reading this post !!


    I had to keep calling them up to find out what was going on - they didnt know it was LOST in the first instance until I called up to ask them why the fuck hadnt my laptop arrived.
    and their entire customer service group is so mentally challenged - could never get any freaking sense out of any of them. Bloody morons. I had 8 phone conversations with them all in all and at the end of each one I felt like I had just cracked my skull on a brick wall built by their sheer stupidity.

  125. huhu.. that is one shitty company girl. should have just throw the laptop onto their head ;)

  126. This thing happen all the time. Bet there won't be anymore Dell next time.

  127. Planning to purchase Dell XPS M1530. Having second thought now. Hope it works out well for you.

  128. My XPS 1330 has been fixed for several times. Recently the motherboard has been replaced because of NVIDIA GPU failure. For those having NVIDIA graphic card in their DELL desktop, need to update their BIOS as well. The defects might be
    Multiple images, Random characters on the screen, Lines on the screen, No video
    Details could be found in these link:
    NVIDIA GPU Update for Dell Laptop Owners ;
    NVIDIA GPU Update: Dell to Offer Limited Warranty Enhancement to All Affected Customers Worldwide

  129. Oh that is really sucks! I never expect Dell to have such a lousy after sales service and the Aussie operators need to be sent for refresher course on how to deal with customers' complaint. What happened to their customer service's service? SUCKS man!

    The best notebook is actually Toshiba. Dell, HP and ACER are blood sucker brand. They are expensive for nothing! So far I have not heard anyone complaining about Toshiba! Try it out! And i am sorry to hear about your notebook illness!

    My friend sells PC, Notebook and do programming, he recommended Toshiba to all his clients!

  130. DELL in the news:


  131. If you search the net or ask any MAC user, if given the choice they'll never go back to Windows. No worries of viruses, spyware, crashes, drivers for periperals, etc.

    I only use Windows-based PC at the office because the don't have MAC OS.

  132. Aiyah. Plain and simple. Every laptop brand has its faults.

    There's no such laptop brand that nobody has ever said that they don't have any problems with. You will hear people complaining about Dell, Acer, HP... Even Mac! Haha.

    It just depends on a person's luck. Sometimes during the assembly of the product it might not be fitted correctly and nobody can tell that it is until it dies. Just your luck lah if you got the better one or the worst one hahaha.

    Having said that, Dell didn't give me much problems. The only problem I had was with the keyboards, which I admit I am a bit rough with my fingers.

    And as for the service, Dell Malaysia is great. My keyboard needed replacement and a technician came over the very next day. I don't know about Dell Australia tho.

    Cheers :)

  133. Change it to Toshiba .. Great Service.

  134. dell sucksssssssssssss, laptops, desktopssssssssssss suckssssssssss