Something's terribly wrong and Japan watermelon

Something's terribly wrong when I find myself blogging 3 times in a day.

3 consecutive entries in a day?! WTH is wrong with me.

Maybe as some of my readers suggested, I seriously need a break. A lonnng break perhaps. A year break sounds good, to get away from it all.

But then I need to stay on because I have commitments, and to see through my mother's surgery. For now. Yes, for now.

Trying to find something happy to blog about. But can't think of any. So I shall dig into my old photos and see what I can find any there.

O I know. I can blog about watermelon. Yes, watermelon is a happy fruit. It's big, and round, and green.

This is a 8000 yen watermelon in a Japan fruit store in Tokyo.

japan watermelon

Yep, farm breed RM237 aka USD 70 watermelon makes me feel a whole lot better.


24 kissed Nicole

  1. it is expensive to buy watermelon in korea too :)

    It costs about US70-US80 but it is very very nice and sweet :)

  2. I hope that's a damn good watermelon.

  3. Misha darling, say hi to your mom for me and thanks for her concern. and I can't believe u ate such an 'cheap' fruit. -.-

    geraint, it'd better be.

  4. The shopkeeper must be smiling while u were making USD 70 purchase, hehe

  5. unless i'm made of gold, it'll be the day on my death bed before you see me with that watermelon at the cashier

  6. wow... thats really expensive compare with the market in kuching wor..... :)

  7. Must eat everything including the rind and the straw to make your money worth :P

  8. I don't ever dare to buy melons in Japan already....I wonder how good it just tastes like....

  9. wats the special thing about the watermelon? Oh and were there square ones?? Or were they just my imagination..

  10. the watermelon is expensive because it was grown in clean area with "good" air and "good" food .. hahaha ..

    anyway, it is definately nicer than the normal ones...

    Jiejie, no choice when we were in korea, if we want to eat watermelon, that's the one and only type .. in fact there are more expensive ones :)

    Mummy said hello to you too :)

  11. SomeOneWhoCares19/12/07 7:15 AM

    Hey Choc Lover,
    I hope you are alright. Been following your blog recently and it seems to me that you are just frustrated with life. Hopefully you get out of this phase and find something that will make you happy again. :)

  12. My prayers and best wishes to your mom. Hope she get well soon.

  13. Ah Nicole,

    Water melon veli the nice...did u try ler?... :)

  14. I even heard that durians costs around USD100 in the US.. o_O
    Anyway, keep your head up during this tough times Nicole xiao jie.. Tough times don't last, tough peoples DO!

  15. just take life as it is...

    be optimistic

    be thankful for what you ...

    most of us are just jealous of u
    (including lil' me)

    i just love your MELONS.. :o)

  16. blog x3 per day huh!??
    know why??

    coz it's either u have not many close frens(or frens that u can't really open up yourself to..)

    or there's something bordering you which u couldnt tell anyone

    or that someone which u could tell is actually involve in that thing which is bordering you..

    or u do not heve a proper job that occupies your time properly..

    u better start doing something else besides blogging..

    just trying to help.

  17. U can also find watermelon in cube shape. They sell those as well. Then u can blog on y pple need cube shape watermelon....

  18. forgetsocietyperceptions19/12/07 3:10 PM

    Bless your mom. Hope she turns out fine. You take care and fall in love, with anything or anyone. Go feel free to grab a guy and kiss him!!

  19. nico & misha: lets join efforts and export watermelons to hongkong and japan and korea!!! muahahaha...gurun is pretty clean mah......

  20. Maybe you should talk to your blog colleague cum competitor Sue Ann (also a friend of Kennie Sia). In her last entries she is experiencing similar weak female mental issues, like you.

  21. and the different prices of honey dews (up to few hundred bucks?) too in japan =p

  22. Nothing to blog don't blog lah. Why blog watermelon? What about tomorrow blogging about apple? orang? banana?

  23. Runaway Runaway20/12/07 2:52 PM

    In Japan, an ordinary apple costs at least 150 yen+... (roughly USD 1.50)
    Can't even find that in America...

    But what's so special about that watermelon??

    On the other hand... this Japanese watermelon is ingenious!! Shows why Japanese are the most creative modern people...

    I saw durians in Japan... 3000 yen a piece (roughly USD 30)
    but strangely they don't have any stink/fragrance..