Isan Fam Trip - Pak Chong @ North Eastern Thailand

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So I decided to change my banner to an icky sickly green look, after several complaints that my site looked out of place with the new green background. Fine! You shall look at Shrek Nicolekiss for a month!


Guess where this place is?

PB valley vineyard minus me

No no this is still in Asia. In fact, it is still in SEA.

in PB valley

PB valley vineyard

Yep. You are correct. It IS a vineyard. And indeed I am not wrong either, it is in SEA. In fact, to be exact, it's in Thailand.

Thailand has its own vineyard and winery about 21 years ago, this is PB Valley in Pak Chong, a beautiful valley between the route Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima (Isan province). About 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok.

me sitting in PB winery

wine barrels

Anyhoo.... Back to my fam trip.

Day 3

After the first two days in Bangkok, we departed for Isan province on the third day. Reached Pak Chong to visit PB Valley - a winery established by the prince of Thailand whom imported its grapes from Europe and try planting them here.

wine bottle candelier

So you might think.. yea... Thai wine. Must be damn dodgy.

That's what I thought too. But on the contrary, they've actually won awards before.

two awards

I sampled some of their wines and though I wasn't particularly impressed by PB wines, this... this Pirom Red Tempranillo,

gold award pirom red wine

OMG, was actually very decent. And I don't normally like red wine!

It's not cheap either. If I remember correctly, I think it's priced at 1280 baht.

red wine in a glass

Cheers~ *clink glass*

That night we were to have a cowboy-themed dinner, there will be prizes given to best dressed cowgirl and cowboy.

For the sake of good sportsmanship, and to be the sucker of commercialism, we were dropped off at Farm Chokchai store - a store that sells everything wild wild west, for a bit of shopping.

farm chokchai

farm chokchai store

Having bought most of my stuff from Pratunam earlier back in Bangkok, I didn't really need to get anything else. But still couldn't resist getting my hands on this when I saw it.

hugging my little lamb

Weetle Lamb!!!


cute lamb tissue cover

It's actually a tissue cover holder. :D

We then proceed to tour the rest of the Farm Chokchai Camp.

farm chokchai camp sign

Farm Chokchai, is actually a real farm.

farm chokchai cows

Years ago, before the current owner took place, the farm was managed by his (current owner) father. But it wasn't doing well, so when the son came back from his study in the states, he brought back the concept of having a western cowboy farm slash theme park. And since then, it has been a huge success.

The theme park concept went like this, first we were led in by a tractor.

tractor carriage

Drove by me.

riding the tractor
Nah I'm kidding.

Has many carriages to carry many people into the camp.


Then there were cowgirls and cowboys.

thai cowgirls
Wei, wear like this not hot meh?

Once in a while, you will also find the typical Japanese tourists.

the japanese agents
Seriously, they're everywhere.

Inside the farm, you will find tents.

farm chokchai tent

Very big tents.

With twin beds inside.

twin bed in tent

And closets and dressing table and aircond.

cabinet and dressing table in a tent

Like wtf, is this even a camp? I heard it's like RM300+ per night. o.O

Then there's the public shared toilets.

farm chokchai toilet

With open concept toilet bowl so you can pee and still feel the nature around you. Just like an actual camp~

And bath in nature.

open shower room

Shit, this is like six sense villa or something. Where are the sufferings? the mosquitoe bites? The go up river to find water?

If this is how rich people go camping, I don't mind sleeping in the jungle everyday man.

50 years down the road, this is how camping's going to be like for everyone.

toilet mirror
The *toot*, got ducky tissue box somemore.

We then went to watch some cute animal show. Too bad it was all in Thai. But we had some good laugh nonetheless, just by watching the little cute cute animals.

There's milking the calf.

milking the calf

By a dog.

There's mathematics.

parrot counting

By a parrot.

There's poodle.

poodle walking the stage

Walking like a man.

It was really cute seriously wtf can die omg. >_<

Later we checked into our hotel to freshen up for dinner. That night we stayed at Greenary Hotel, which was said to be the best hotel in Pak Chong, you know, with swimming pool and al.

greenary hotel room

So this is how 5-star (actually it's a 4 star) in the country side looks like.

(oh, did I say that they have paintball and Zorb activities here too? it's like a mini New Zealand, all the wild games you can find are here)

Soon it was dinner time. Yep, the cowboy themed dinner, at Thong Somboon Club - a cowboy theme park. (wtf again, what's with cowboy fetish in this area?)

thong somboon club

It has a vast land, with rides like ATVs, go-carts, flying-fox, etc. All of which I totally love.

And this is my cowgirl costume.

sexy eyes


cowgirl nicolekiss

With feature and scarf somemore, don't play play.

cowgirl nicole

And guess who I brought along with me?

mary little lamb

My little lamb from Chokchai!!!

Now I'm fully propped! :D

serious cowgirl

Oh, this photo got a "cool" feel.

"Hi, I'm Nicolekiss the Cowgirl".

cowgirl and indian guy

Meet my partner in crime. Red Indian "Joe".
He's some random flower pot to spice up dinner at the park.

During dinner, we had a grand feast! It was a whole lot of buffet, a lot of food, all around the open area where they set up a stage for performance.

cowboy buffet night

There were sausages, mashed potatoes, steak, chicken, sheesh kebabs, satay, fruits, soft drinks, smoothies, etc.

And a lot of beer.

perfect cowgirl shot

I am not a drunken. That was purely for photoshoot purposes.

cheeky cowgirl with beers

Not an alcoholic I say.

beer and lamb

I repeat. Not a drinker! That beer is.. er... er... for little lamb. Yes! It's for Mary's Nicolekiss little lamb.

There were fire stunts by the red indians (or some Thai that pretended to be red indians).

the perfect O fire

I call this stunt, the perfect-O.

And this one the crazy duo.

two fireman

This one.. the Streetfigher fire.

streetfigher style fire


fire breathing man

And lastly, my favourite: Two-Doughnuts-and-A-Pretzel.

the planet fire

Ah.. it was a fun night. Phew. Never knew so many things happened in a day! o.O

Oh... and finally, guess what?

I won the best cowgirl costume.

best cowgirl and cowboy costume
Won a PB wine each.


ps// we even made it to a page in Vietnamese Magazine. :D


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