Merry Christmas 2008 from Singapore!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

me and mini santa hat

All the way from Singapore.

in front of lim chee guan
Oh yea.. the MOST famous "bak gua" (bbq pork) in Singapore that cost a bomb during CNY. Thank god it's Christmas so there's no queue.

This is my famous Christmas tree.

me and teddy tree

Things I do during Christmas Eve 2008 in Singapore:

1. Have dinner with my be-awesome brother.

drink with my brother

First time in a long time. Woo! PROGRESS!

2. Eat Mushroom Swiss Melt in Coffee Club in Orchard road.

swiss mushroom melt at coffee club

An unexpected discovery two years ago when I was being a vegetarian and landed in Coffee Club, it was the only thing without meat.

And god it was the yummiest thing I've ever tasted.

3. Eat Bak Gua.

fine dining bak gua

Fine dining style.

No la, it's just the coin shaped bak gua from Lim Chee Guan topped with a piece of parsley.
Must eat with style one ma~!

4. Look at expensive car riding down Orchard Road.

white lambogini on orchard road

White Lambogini. Oh la la...

One day.. mark my words, one day.

5. Wear a mini santa hat

me with mini santa hat

Don't see it small small. Cost bloody SGD 5 le~ (Charity ma~)

6. Stand in the middle of the street to take snapshot of the street lights.

middle of orchard road

Kids, don't attempt this anywhere else. Nicolekiss is not liable for your safety.

7. look at kids and Blagadeshies (or Indians) spray foam all over the street.

guys playing foam spray

You can join in the fun if you want.

spraying foam on orchard road

Be warned, it might get nasty (not as bad as Songkran festival in Thailand but this is foam we are talking about)

8. Finally. Find the biggest grandest prettiest Christmas tree in Orchard road and take photo with it.

spectacular christmas tree

Tree. I chose you!

me and christmas tree in orchard road

Happy Holidays everyone! Ho Ho HO!


18 kissed Nicole

  1. Ur bro din seem very happy... :p
    And I guess he's d one taking ur photo with d X'mas tree? Hehe...

    Anyway... Merry X'mas dear...

  2. Merry Xmas to u and enjoy your stay in Singapore!

  3. Hey, Merry Christmas to you too Nicole! Thanks for your awesome blog, stories, anecdotes, adventures and for sharing the pics. Here's to 2009!

  4. sounds u r having fun....OH yeah...OH yes
    Tis the time to be happy... ^_^

  5. Nic,
    Merry Xmas and a Very Happy NEW YEAR 2009.

    I M U

  6. Dear Nicole,

    Merry Christmas & happy New year 2009......May every day of the new year glows with good cheer & happiness for you & your family.....

  7. Beware of bak gua. it is a cancer causing food. all the burnt smoking oil that stick to bak gua during grilling process will cause you to have cancer.

  8. Beware of bak gua. it is a cancer causing food. all the burnt smoking oil that stick to bak gua during grilling process will cause you to have cancer.


  10. hey nicole..welcome to Singapore! (okok..i know it's abit late) Do drop me a msg if u are able to meet up 1 of these days before u leave ya. I'm the one who volunteered to be your chauffeur :P
    Have fun! Jeremy K..

  11. our top banner looks very scary, like hantu

  12. i thought i saw u at clark quay last night..

  13. Merry X'mas Nicole! Orchard road xmas is beautiful!!

  14. Your Camera damn cool lehhh.... ;)

  15. nice pictures. Wish you merry christmas and happy new year 2009.

  16. hi nicole!!! just dropping by... your so pretty!

  17. Coowl photo's got more?

  18. I saw so many wearing the small christmas hat but I didn't know where to buy :(