My Christmas Night

Christmas came. Finally.

As the evening approached, I applied my Geo contacts and eyelashes, fluffed up my hair (which was curled later in the evening by the amazing hair curler guy in Vivocity), put on a stunning a gown bought as a Christmas present, and heels too high for my own good, called a cab and headed out for a promising evening.

me in dinner gown

This was the first Christmas I spent with my brother, over a lovely dinner at Sushi Tei, a Japanese restaurant I've come to fancy in Singapore's Vivocity.

In trio we took a stroll around the sky park where festive lights greeted us in delight.

christmas tree reflection in sky park

It was a very romantic evening stroll.

sky park in vivocity

corridor in sky park

Big bright X'mas trees never failed to impress in Singapore.
Everywhere I turn there's a larger than life tree erected from the ground, showered with balls and rainbow color lights, garnished with a star too bright perked happily on top.

christmas tree in vivocity

We bought a wine from the mall, and headed down to Clark Quay for a quick last minute drink. Big brother left home after guiding us all the way there. So sweet! ^^

Walking down Clark Quay brought back a lot of memories, creating new ones with each step laid.

clark quay

self potrait

photo of me in dinner gown

Over the years I've come to realised the journey of life I've walked on. How difficult, long winded and ironic it has been. How life turns out the way it is and how we all, from different parts of the world, would meet under the same sky, the same starry night. How we've been hurt, healed and learnt from our mistakes.

And as the end of the tunnel, it still turns out. Like it always has been. Better, if not then worse. It didn't matter, for we live as we live, and appreaciate who we are, what we have, how we come along in life.

I treasure this hand I'm holding. This moment of bliss, of pleasure, of happiness.

This very moment.

wine and rose

Forgive me if I ever trance out, muting every period of so, for I am drown in the wordless world, full of love, imagination, admiration, and everything that is beyond words.

And how every gesture made's breathless, remarkably kind, amazing and sweet.

love letter

How long can I keep this hand, clasp tightly in mine? Embrace this warmth? How long till the road ends, till life decides to put a full stop?

What is ours to say? For life is as uncertain as the ripples on the water on a rainy day.

Is forever ever after's a decision our right to keep?


But for as long as I can wake up every morning, sleep every night, as long as the senses are still tingling inside;

I will treasure every living second,

fight to keep this warming hand,

savor every chance of peering at that adoring curve of lips, that cheeky grin, that alluring smile, those infectious laughters.

That broad shoulder,
that tight grip,
that soft gesture,
the kind words,
the sweet smell of cologne,
those annoying silly accents,
that deep husky voice,
those tears of care, empathy, worry and love,
that warm feeling when I lie my head to sleep on that lap,
those sweats on that forehead when an alio pasta's specially whipped for me from the kitchen,
but most of all,

that sweet, indescribable, overflowing, intense, comforting, soft, heartbreaking and everything beautiful under the sky...

that love.

self pose

Yes. That love.


17 kissed Nicole

  1. OMG, your 1st picture is lovely !!!

  2. nice pics,
    but i still prefer your natural look without the lashes...

    cause you have superb natural beauty!!!

  3. Hi Nicole,
    U look hot, Hot, HOT!!! hahaha
    U should take a full length pic of ur dress.

    Btw, what color are your lens? Cos i've used to buy color lens, but the color is never that noticable. I know it's by Geo, but is there a certain style or model? Also, where did u buy them from? Thanks so much.

  4. Hi nicole, for the person in your live, you had cherished & loved... Well done nicole & may the bliss always remained with you :-)

  5. Hey dear... U looked a bit high... Tot wine never affects u so easily?

    Love... oo la la... I always like to read between lines but u made me go back n read if I've missed something... :p

  6. Oooh... Who's the lucky guy? *winks*

    Btw, u look great in the dress.. Only get to see the top of it tho. Maybe u should have take full length pic. =)

  7. Silent night, Holy night
    Nicole is feeling just right.

  8. look soo beautiful ;-)... going out with your 'BROTHER'??? mmm....??

  9. nicole! I love your Geo lenses...look so nice. I am looking for it too. can you tell me where i can get a pair of those? Did you bought it in Singapore?

  10. that's sweet!

    love your hair!

  11. Heya Nicole!

    It is indeed a great pleasure to be able to meet you at Sentosa yesterday. HAHA! i was absolutely stunned.

    I hope you did enjoy yourself here.
    Take care. Merry X'mas and have a blessed NEW YEAR!

    Warmest Regards,
    Shirlynn =)

  12. MERRY X'MAS & HAPPY 2009 NIC! As usual u're a picture of sweetness!

  13. Going out with your brother? May I take you out for dinner next Christmas instead? :p

  14. You are gorgeous and glad to hear that you had a wonderful time.. how sweet... :)

    May God bless you and your love one.. ^_^

  15. wow you look very pretty and nice in the picture

  16. You look lovely! And very happy :)

  17. You look so pretty, NC! :D
    I love your hair. And your dress.

    Happy New Year!