Little thoughts....

Would it have mattered?

If words never came, if phone calls never made, if birthday greeting never conveyed, if laughter never persisted, if... you never stayed.

It might have.

I still sense the cologne you wear on me, even though it's been days, and many showers have taken place in between. Am I delirious? I wonder. Else how would at times the scent lingers on around me, have my nostrils gone hay-wired? Or has my memory of scent actually materialized?

The other day, as the car swerved, drifted sideways down the steep slippery slope, for a split second, I trusted you, and fear disappeared. I felt the hard collision against the stony cliff, a thud, screeching scratch, and it stopped. I opened my eyes, and I saw everything was still intact, strangely, I felt calm. For you were there, and we were still there. And nothing has changed, and it still felt like the dream I was living in for the past one week. Did I reached out to touch your hand? I couldn't remember. However, I did remember the first sentence (or was it the first few) that came out from me: "Are you okay?"

We walked on, after being stranded on the side. Slept with legs intertwined on a two-seater sofa in the lounge nearby, waiting for rescue to come. Deep down, I wanted the day to stay that way. It felt like a dream. It still does. I rather stayed in that dream, than to stay awake now, knowing that all those days felt like a dream.

Sorry I didn't say it out loud the other day. I was in too much of a mess.

Thank you for the lovely roses.
They're gorgeous.

And you know what?

I know you kissed me secretly one morning when I was deep in sleep.
Because I dreamt of it.


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Take care, be strong.

  2. Thats the beauty of illusion. It harbours the potential to make all your dreams come true

  3. Kewl, a most "inconvenient" accident ;-)

    Hope it turns out for the best!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA such a fairytale.

  5. If dreams come true ........

  6. Fairytales, yes sound like fairytales but who say fairytales doesnt happen in real life...

    I say it does but maybe only happen to those lucky one :)

    Cheer up no matter what..

    p/s: lovely post

  7. nicely said.. be strong nicole..

  8. Hi Nicole

    You seems to have natural penchant for poetry...

    Nice one

  9. is this smt to do with kenny sia?

  10. I wish I live in my dreams and never wake up.