I got something from Oprah Winfrey!

Now that I have moved back from Bangkok. (why? I don't know. I miss Malaysia? Got bored of Thailand? Maybe a bit of both. you tell me)

It's ok, I think, to reveal where I was staying before.


Months ago I received a parcel from the states.

Guess who it's from?

letter from ereid

Haha. It's from Harpo! (reverse spell the word, what do you get?)

I even received an Oprah Winfrey cup, cap and t-shirt as souvenirs.

drinkinh oprah cup

Now I can have a taste of Hollywood. Woo~


16 kissed Nicole

  1. wow.. cool! great to hear that.. *envy*


  2. wow cool from oprah. Thats neat.

  3. If this is real, there's always windows of opportunity we might never know in future....for now, it's the souvenirs you'd contend with :-)

  4. wow, what did u do! :D

  5. HooHoo.... Sweet!
    You got a gift from a celebrity.

    Hehey, looks like the end of 2008 is being very kind to you. Envy envy~~

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! Its now Nicole Boleh ! BTW when r u gonna have yr own talk show?

  7. fabulous girl!!! i also am a fan/supporter of Oprah....u r just so incredible!!! same with the layout of your blog,,very nice!! (^-^)....friend, can we xchange links, this is my site: http://xxx-world-xxx.blogspot.com,,that's if u don't mind..if so, pls let me know..thanks =)

  8. Woot! I know a super star.

  9. Hi Nicole..
    merry christmas...
    love u blog still keep up..


  10. wow... Oprah huh?! Cool! so can i know what exactly did u send to Oprah? extremely curious here.. XD

  11. Anyone can write to Harpo and get some patronising souvenirs. NEXT!

  12. omg, please do share what you did or send to oprah to receive that awesome package?!? we are dying to know!! ;) so, please..do enlighten us!! :)