Santarina Nicolekiss

Christmas is just around the corner. I am totally in a Christmas-y mood.

So to celebrate Christmas this year, I decided to, for the first time in my life, become santa's little helper this year~!

christmas bunny nicole_not so heavy make up watermark

Presenting Santarina Bunny Nicolekiss!


er.. I mean.. growl?
Wait, that sound does a bunny make?


Anyway, this Christmas, due to recession, I have my heart set on Singapore (instead of Japan which was the initial plan, or hong kong, since I'm going there for Chinese New Year), again.

This would be the 3rd time I were to spend Christmas in Singapore. To be honest, I don't really know what else is there to do in Singapore during Christmas, I've practically done most that's needed to be done during Christmas there.

I guess revisiting Max Brenner would be a good idea, though I have been overdosed on that and many other chocolate cafes in Australia.

Anyway, here's another Santarina costume from me for all of your readers out there.

red santarina watermark 2


Have a happy Christmas! :D

Costumes above can be purchased from Nicolekiss Boutique - Santarina Bunny and Santa's Little Helper.
There are more selections available for Christmas this year too.
3 days delivery for all Malaysian buyers. One week for Singapore and Brunei.


24 kissed Nicole

  1. Singapore reader14/12/08 11:03 PM

    Hi I think I saw you in Port Dickson :)

  2. did you hire someone to wear those outfits?? i mean, the lady inside is really gorgeous and cute (don't get me wrong, am not saying that you are ugly and uncute). just that, its you in those picture

  3. Baby, Miss you like crazy!!!! And oh, you look stunning! :) WOOF!

  4. super hot and sexy. can i sit on ur lap? better yet, u sit on mine ;)

  5. Cute.

    Don't bunnies make snuffling noises?

  6. u're hot in those santa suits...:)...hehehe

  7. i'd be hongkong for new year celebration. wanna come?

  8. Wow! Yumm...i know what i want for my Xmas this year and i can't wait til boxing day to unwrap! hehe

  9. omg. Your tight!...

  10. one word: WOW!!!!!!

  11. Cute outfit, but what are u going to do as santa's little helper?goin help da needy or sumthing lyk dat?

  12. Good for u Nicole, seems that u hv lots of chrismas spirit, unlike me, still hunting for it.. lol..

  13. Btw Nicole u've been tagged! =)

  14. u always look so cute in custumes !! so, i decide to buy i instead of the costumes...can kah ??


  15. I like the first picture. :)
    Merry X'mas in advance

  16. can i pay you if u dress up in a birthday suit instead?

  17. *nose bleeding~~

  18. very pretty! :)

    I'm in singapore! we could hang out! :)

  19. hi nicole, i luv the 3rd pic of u, the one where u r sorta brushing ur hair, u might wanna add another garment to ur attire here, black nylons, dat shud complete the look, cheers and MERRY XMAS in advance

  20. bunnies growl.. and heck they bite too! ouch~

    i love bunnies though! haha

  21. The bunny outfit is so cute!!

  22. hi.. by chance i think i read d other day that you had gone up to myanmar by bus or something like that.. you mind telling me how( if ur bz or cant reply me, its ok.. thx so much for your help.. tc

  23. N,

    You have my vote for being Santa's hottest helper!

    Will she be returning for a visit Christmas 2009? ? ?