The Origins of White Coffee

To all readers who read my column today on star metro, I would like to clarify that it was not my statement to offend Thai women (it was mistakenly edited), the original article was meant to protect and defend women in general.

Quote of original copy of the last two paragraphs are here:

"When this Australian guy compared girls between Thailand and Malaysia as though we girls are some birds waiting to be caught and played with, I felt immensely insulted. Normally I would respect most people twice my age, but "grossed out" would be the term to describe my feelings towards these farangs now.

I am, by far, no way cheap. I have a Master degree, probably speak more immaculate languages than he can (Mandarin, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, partial Hokkien and even partial Thai and Japanese), earn a decent income, been to more countries than some of these young-girl-seeking farangs ever travelled. No, far from that, I am priceless. And so are the rest of us in Malaysia!

Sorry for the editorial misunderstanding and the distress it has stirred.

The other day I walked into Kajang's Old Town White Coffee for an afternoon snack. Half seating and waiting for my drink to be served, I saw a door opened and closed before. So I glanced over and saw this.

old town toilet

At first I thought it was just a normal toilet door with a wallpaper. I disregarded it immediately.

But something else caught my eye.


The origins of white coffee?!


NO! EW!!

I don't know about you. But I do not want my coffee to come from poo poo and pee pee land!!

Like shit!! (literally)

Next thing you know, you'll see drinks popping out from behind the door.

where white coffee comes from



13 kissed Nicole

  1. hahaha...i saw that at the same place the other day!!

  2. This is funny! LOL! I'm typing this at Old Town White Coffee as well. The sunway branch doesn't hv door like that. LOL!

  3. LOL..LOL..I got your point!!

  4. haha got the joke.....btw your article in Star today was in fact correct to some extent that there're indeed some "farangs" that identified some asian girls as been "cheap" & easily bought-off/ manipulated.....This is another example of egostic superiority that comes with money(power)...

  5. that's so embarrasing....

  6. That would explain the thick brown texture haha!! take that mocha suckers!!!!

  7. I luv yr original version . Well said girl. Drink more White Coffee.

  8. Hi Nicole, way to go with your traveling and blogs. Enjoyed reading them all...... ;-)

  9. If thats the origin of white coffee, I don't think i want to know the origin of black coffee

  10. That's really weird O_O

  11. How odd.

    Sympathies on the editing; I'd be interested to see the original version. I've had copy editors for academic journals inadvertently change the meaning of my sentences though, so I guess these things happen.

  12. ok I'm trying to be corny here but that signs on the do seem to tell me that like us, Old Town White Coffee originates from when a man and woman get together. You know.. do the do..?

    i heard that such habits are pretty rampant in the US. People get down to it at the restrooms. Usually at eateries...

    ok, being corny here..

  13. Ok, you just made Oldtown going out of business. Ah, I should've known that you don't mean to say Thai girls are cheap.