Last Minute Christmas Buys

Have you got anything for your love ones yet this festive season?

No? Well, it's time I do a bit of self promoting.

You know la, recession la. Times are difficult. (haha, anything for an excuse :p)

Anyway, it's the Christmas season and Nicolekiss Boutique has decided to throw a sales bash!!!

Wait for it. Wait for it.


20% off everything!
*until 26th December*

Free Delivery to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei!

3-day delivery to all Malaysia destinations!

(for all last minute shopping buys ;) )

(one week delivery to Singapore and Brunei, plus minus la, you know Pos Malaysia la? Everything also damn slow one, something things disappear also like that, bloody hell)

Free Christmas Wrappings!
(woo hoo, see so nice already, don't complain I never give service okay?)

Some of the new additions for this festive seasons are slightly HOT and SeXy if you don't mind. Course you don't, why am I even asking? duh~

Now here is a very street purple candy full set lingerie, complete with garters!

Item code: KM0019 *SOLD OUT*

I mean, any girl and woman out there has to have one piece of bedroom garment with garters in their wardrobe, else their wardrobe will never be complete.


You know how they say that a girl will never be complete until she has a full set of lingerie in her closet right? Well, in this case, owning lingeries without garters is like eating ice cream without topping. Something is just never right, never complete.

Some other amazing pieces are like this blue garter-ed lingerie

Item code: KM0018

Or pain the town red with this red chili padi.

Item code: KM0017

And everyone has to have a little black corset (or lingerie in general sense), it's a must. Equivalent to having a little black dress.

Item code: KM0016 *SOLD OUT*

It even has a very sexy thong to come with. meow~


oh la la, see through one le u know.

Now moving onto something more Christmas-y now.

Remember the two santarina outfits I wore in my previous entry? Well, they're on sale too!

Santa's Little Helper

red santarina watermark 2

Item code: KM0015
Price: 199 (omg, this means it's only RM159.20 after discount! o.O)

Santarina Bunny

christmas bunny nicole_not so heavy make up watermark

Item code: KM0014 *SOLD OUT*
Price: RM260 (holy shit, this one only RM208 after discount! o.O)

Some other very nice collections are more fluffy and nice and comfy!! ^^
Imagine wearing this beside a rug and a fireplace. Careful not to burn it, but hey, why not either! LOL. All the better.

Item Code: KM0012
Price: RM69 (oh yea, you know why it's priced at 69 *wink wink*, but then after discount RM55.20 d)

Item Code: KM0011

KM0010_close up
Item Code: KM0010

Item Code: KM0009

Item Code: KM0008

Or even a slightly different devilish red.
Introducing KM0007

KM0007_close up

Check out the necklace section too. New rhodium items simply magnificent and gorgeous.

SKN0076_close up 3
Keys and a locket. Item Code: SKN0078

SKN0075_close up 4
Freedom and Commitment. Item Code: SKN0075

Now head over to Nicolekiss Boutique and shop till you drop. Damn it.

For all products. Please place order here.


10 kissed Nicole

  1. can u model the lingerie please? I will take 1000 pcs! And are you selling the santa suit which you wore?

  2. mmm..nice touch.i like ur style.

  3. Does km0014 and km0015 comes with the girl? :D

  4. If u model for ur boutique products especially the see thru one, it'll sell more :)

  5. how much for the girl + bunny suit. I'll take a set please :)

  6. i wan to buy u instead ...can kah?? u will be very hot...n sexy with those outfit !!!


  7. hey i love the christmas bunny outfit.. do u sell it?? any other outfit for xmas?

  8. Why didn't you model the lingerie sets? :)

  9. come sit on my lap .... santarina

  10. Just wondering, are u the one blogged in TheStars regarding u r staying in Bangkok for 3 months already? Hey, how r u over there? We read about thailand news... airport's operation were stopped for few days due to some riots... are u alright? We were there on july... for our huge event... :) U said moving to live in Bangkok is spontaneous decision... but why so sudden? And why u look lost and sad? We hope that u r alright.

    Just to wish u Merrier X'mas & Happy New Year!!!

    God bless u and your loved ones,

    jack & mel :)