Phlook (It’s pronounced as Flook)

I’m not sure if you have heard about Phlook before.

If you have not, I want to introduce you to it. Because it’s a bloody damn useful and fun feature to play with.

It’s really a nifty little widget (I think) where people can upload and embed photos in and in their blogs.

But the fun part of Phlook, not just another photos hosting site, is that you can add and remove comments on the photos on the blog itself. Means that now readers can play with my photo (okay, please don’t do anything kinky ok?), adding notes to the photo on the spots, and read other notes that other readers leave behind too.

Don’t get what I mean?

Okay, I am going to take a photo of me and show you what I can do.

lolita photo on phlook

After uploading the photo onto Phlook, click on the photo,

view notes

Select “Add New Note”,

inserting notes

You can hover your mouse over and place your note on any part of the screen.



Then copy the HTML and embed them in your blog.

embed code

And oh, I’m going to break my virginity here to upload my first ever slideshow.
You’re going to love this collection of photos. They’re all Lolitas. :D

Yea, if you don’t know already. I’m having Lolita fetish at the moment. Don’t ask me why? Puberty I guess.

If you don’t have a blog, I bet my good ten penny that you surely have a facebook account. Right? RIGHT?

If you don’t, then you can just go slit your wrist and jump off the river or the nearest tallest building you sad excuse for a living.

Yes, Phlook also allow facebookers to add slldeshow feature on their profiles. So cool right?!

You know what is the best part? The best thing about Phlook is that you, as a blogger, as a commoner, as a non-tech-savvy user, can now sell your own photos (that you usually upload on your blog). Yes, you can earn money! Another new way of earning money through your blog. Muahaha.

But first you have to upgrade your account to either Sell-My-Pics or Power Sell at the cost of $3 and $12 respectively.

sell activation

If you have paypal, they will charge directly from and to your paypal account. It’s damn useful for a paypal user such as me. I wonder when will Paypal accept Malaysia banks.

Since I’ve upgraded to Power Sell, I can select any price I want to sell my photos.

sell this photo
Nifty right?

Guess how much I set my price for my photo to?

pic for sale

Seriously, like who’s going to buy that man. Muahaha.. the one who’s going to break this virginity of my first Phlook sale is going to gain my respect man~ RESPECT!

I can even upload my photo on my blog to sell.

I dare you to buy. Hah!

(The first 50 users who take up the US$3 Sell-My-Pics by Dec 2008 will get a free upgrade to the US$12 Power Sell.)

It’s so fun right?! Okay, let play a little game. Help me with this experiment too; since it’s going to my first time exposing my photo at public’s disposal.

There are three photos for you to add notes to. OMG, I am either going to invite so many haters to comment here, hey supporters, please help flood all the space on the photo before them haters do k?

Have mercy.


5 kissed Nicole

  1. OMG!! Cool!! Thanks Nicole!! :D I love ur blog!!!

  2. My colleague, Murphy's friend's mother was kidnapped this morning.

    Below is an extract of the msg he skyped to me:

    "friend (Sun Yan Ling) mum being kidnapped at Salak South Garden this morning at 5.30am. Pls help and loOk out for red iswara 8140. Pls help me to pass thi s msg around to loOk for the car. Thanks - Contact Yan ling @ 016 2954775...."

    Pls spread the word around. Tks!

    Nic I hope u don't mind me using your blog for community service cos of your high traffic! Cheers!

  3. LOL....NICOLE'S as humorous as always...yeah, thanks for the tips...Phlook..Am recommending to others......

    ~Stay cool always~

  4. Jom vote for Nicol David now.

    Please endorse Nicol to win the 'battle'.

  5. Nice photos!
    Next you going to start a idol photo book?! ^.^
    After that we will have a photo session with Nic where everybody will Queu-Up and ushered into a room and can only have 1 minute to take all-you-can-get-photos...^.^