What to do on New Year Eve

Okay, so tomorrow is Christmas Eve. So what's the title all about?

Well I'm going to be in Singapore tonight, so that pretty much sums up where I am going to be spending Christmas at. :D :D

Christmas Eve I will be having dinner with my brother, who's an awesome engineer (fuwa... be-awesome profession) (anyone who watched BOLT will know what is be-awesome), then then... I wanna visit Sentosa! Then the Maid Cafe! Then then... I don't know... stroll around Orchard Road, see pretty Christmas lights and bla bla bla.

But New Year Eve closely follows Christmas. So what then, what am I going to do by New Year Eve?

Well.. I am to tell you what I going to do.

Prepared to be awed!! Muahaha...

I will be give you a few photos as hints.

New Image3

lm - 15

Got it yet?


Okay, here's more.

lilimarleen (15 of 16)

New Image4

Know what yet?

Dinner you say?

Well, close.

But no, not exactly.

Okay, ONE more hint.

lilimarleen (8 of 16)

Oh yea~~

You got it now.

I'm going to be on this little baby.

lilimarleen (16 of 16)

lilimarleen (4 of 16)

lm - 08

A 279 ft baby. The Lili Marleen is going to carry 150 people out to sea on New Year eve, and have the grandest private countdown party ever. A be-awesome DJ is going to be on board too. Oh yea..

Imagine, cocktail party, pretty dresses, handsome young urban professionals mingling, sophisticated chitter-chatter, under the starry night (god hope it doesn't rain, but still there is a covered deck, no worries), on the sea in the middle of no where (well, technically still within Malaysia region),

feels like Titanic man. But a mini version, and hopefully no drowning. I don't mind a cute Leonardo though :p

There is a price to pay though. RM400 to be exact, per pax. Oh yea... private function don't come cheap. But it's cool! First time for everything!

I will definitely blog more about my be-awesome New Year cruise after the event. Oh la la...

But hey, if you're interested, here's a poster my friend sent me. (I'm not paid to write this aight)

Nautical Soiree - NYE Party

Come on board!! Woo Wooo... Let's dance under the voyage moonlight.


11 kissed Nicole

  1. wow! you can play sailor girl on that night.

  2. wow..me celebrate christmas eve at sg too..wonder can meet nicole dearie at sg town? teehee...Christmas wish christmas wish :)

  3. my buddy used to have a yacht like that, only smaller. he sold it off to a french guy from phuket, before i was able to find time to go sailing on it. sigh....

  4. just came back fr orchad and sentosa, if haven't tried yet, the 4D cinimax worth a try but I still think its pricy. Orchad has tuned down a lot but nevertheless, still a place to pass ur christmas eve ... merry christmas.

  5. Hey Nicole, I will at Orchard Road tonight too. Call me!

  6. SO NICEEE...What a better way to end 2008 than this.....:D :p.......
    May something wonderful happens to you on that night...Cheers

  7. :O ok. I'm turning rather green here.. LOL. that's so great! I think that your RM400 is well spent. and extremely interesting way to celebrate the New Year.

  8. oh baby..dont get too drunk pls.. uhuh

  9. Merry Christmas and have fun!

  10. Wah lau, can countdown on a yatch.

  11. Where on earth do you get all this funding and amazing good times... I want amazing good times.. you suck! well not really im just jealous