It's been some time

since I actually feel very enthusiastic about blogging.

Every other time it just feels like I have to blog because there were so many places I've been to that I wanted to share with my readers, but I feel like I'm rushing against time to get them posted up before any of them get too backdated till there's no point blogging about them anymore.

looking at birds
Nose-flaring glare

But as the holiday sinks in and with so many people going offline or just not active online, I feel myself unwinding after a week of relaxing, waking to go online, chill, chat a bit, write a few lines, log into my friends4sale in facebook to earn that $100,000, really allowed me to take a FAR step back, re-evaluate my objectives.

massive sunglass
Self re-evaluating

And blog, is, really, afterall, for fun.

me and stone parrots

Anyway, after years of planning, I've finally took the plunge to camwhore with the one, not the only, MER-LION.

me and merlion

Yea, it's not your signature Merlion that spits water, this one squirts from the back and it's way bigger than the original one. It's the one at Sentosa.


Lesson of the country: NEVER EVER EVER EVER visit Sentosa during peak period, like Christmas season of any other festive holiday, in fact, don't go to Singapore during Christmas and for New Year Eve at all.

It's insane.

The crowd is insane, the people are insane, the humidity is insane, the construction and amount of buildings are insane.

construction sights
This is called construction sights.

I never knew I have claustrophobic till I went to Sentosa two days ago.

Singapore is to tiny, everywhere you turn, there's people, crowd, and people queuing up.

To take photo in a supposedly for-display-only santa slay, for ice cream, for donoughts, for bakgua, for restaurants, for LV bags (no queue at Chanel though), even to go up a melaka-look-alike observational tower in Sentosa (i know i know, Melaka's copied after theirs, but it still reminds me of Melaka).

sentosa tower at lookout

I wanted to go for this 4D magix and Cineblast rides in Sentosa but was immensely put down the amount of people.

queue at sentosa

I mean long queue.

queue at sentosa 2

No, I really mean LONGGGGGG queue.

queue at sentosa 3

Like shit, that's like a 3-4 hours queue, easily.

Queue 3 hours for a ride?! I rather fly to Hong Kong disneyland and back. -.-

PS: I love love Singapore. OMG, their pork ribs at Tony Roma's are AMAZING!
And and and I AM SO going to Takashimaya and Robinsons to finish my shopping tour today!!!


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Vincent Kok28/12/08 4:34 PM

    Wow... people popping all out of nowhere during festive seasons huh... and they really going all out into developing the country...

  2. hi nicole! keep on blogging alright (: hope you'll re-ignite the fire one day for blogging! (:

  3. Actually we can still go to Singapore during the holidays, just that we need to avoid areas popular with tourists.

    I did not go to Sentosa, Zoo, Orchard. Instead I went to lesser known places.

    I went there on 26/12/08 and came back on 29/12/08. I planned my own activities and never really let the crowd puts me off.

  4. Hi Nicole, thanks for sharing as always....:D :p :-).....Tips are handy for future's travel to certain places....

  5. actually maybe you need to reignite your blog. It's getting a bit old and boring. Why don't you pose with a bit more skin? I bet the traffic will rush back to your site...

  6. Yeah those PORK ribs at TR's are out of this world !!!! Too bad we r living in bolehland..where many tak bolehs here !!!

    Why cant TR serve pork ribs here to ????

  7. I agree with Anon 2:08.

    Maybe more pics of Ms Nico-Santa and Ms Nico-Bunny will bring ratings through the roof:)

  8. Lets go makan together! Yummy!

  9. Yeah, the pork ribs in Tony Roma's there rawks. Too bad Tony Roma's here is halal.

  10. The funny facts abt S'pore is - during the festive season:

    a) locals can't wait to get out of the country;
    b) foreigners can't wait to come into the country;

    even though this tiny island can be finished touring within 2 days. And then, for unknown reasons, those locals stayed in the country, will flock to the attractions, though they have plentiful of time to visit during the normal time, and chose to "squeeze" with the tourists.

    Ends up, tourists complaint, locals also complaint.