An Election SMS

Short note: I wish to note that Nicolekiss is politically neutral and does not support any particular political party.

I received this SMS this morning while in my sleep.

phone sms

It's a SMS about our current election that has been circulating around the mobile world.

This is what it says: "

Dear Msian Indian & Chinese
these are the reasons why we should NEVER vote for BN:
99% of petronas stations owned by Malays
100% pertronas project contractors are Malays
95% Govt Servants in Putrajaya are Malays
95% Govt contracts are given to Malays
100% Govt Universities Vice Chancellors are Malays
100% Students sent to Japan and Korea under the "Look East Policy" are Malays
3 millions Indonesian became Msian citizen with Bumi status
600,000 Chinese & Indian Msians with Red IC are denied citizenship
0% churches/temples are built in housing estates
up to 12% interest rate paid by Govt is for ASN/ASB
96.5% Govt budget for Malay schools (MIC&MCA working for their allies only)


Pls send to 10 ppl

"TIME TO CHANGE" Never think that your one vote can't do much.

" (End)

I don't know how true is this.

But it's very startling and a bit disturbing somehow (at least to me).


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  1. well about that sms
    hmm sad but true
    what can we do
    so vote for the opposition for better future i guess

    those who have facebook account can try join the group " Deny Barisan National A 2/3 Majority in the Upcoming Election! "

    can read the news from the discussion board there

  2. Very true. Thats sad for our country. Lets go out and vote this time and make a change.

  3. i pray u won't get in trouble for this. it's really strong an impact of just 1 message like that. due to our country being a muslim country, benefits go to muslims which ever race as long as they're into islam. here's a truly impartial comment.

  4. Hm..well, politics are kinda of a sensitive issues eh..
    But I do hope every single Malaysians should be treated equally no matter who wins the election and govern the country. Perhaps people should start looking at the video that I found here:

    Honestly, I'm touched by it.

  5. Nicole and others,
    guys am an out sider on this case but i just want to share some info with u guys since am a Sri Lankan.

    I agree that everyone should get equality and i would love to see the malay gov change.

    and as a Muslim i would like to say Islam is not what ppl call Islam 2day .Coz the true Islam is built on equality.

  6. awindshadow28/2/08 2:17 AM

    It has been going on for a long time. Just that the 'freeloaders' base is getting too big for the general population to support. Hence, the shit hits the fan.

    Although the destructive racist policies favour the malays, by and large, the ordinary malays suffer no less. Only those with political connection have real nett benefit. As for the rest of the malays, they will be better off with proper policies.

  7. hi Nicole, I am a Bumi and I am ashamed and sad to admit that the SMS is 99.99% true although I do believe in voting for the right candidate even if he/she is representing the wrong party.

  8. Simon Templar28/2/08 7:52 AM

    Dear Nicole,
    What you see in your sms is the truth. In fact a lot of non-bumis did not realise it. I'm not a racist, however there's an unfairness in Malaysia such as following:

    1. Hindraf was busted because of illegal demostration, how about Khairy's demostration in the American embassy?
    2. Pigs was shoot in Paya Mengkuang without seond thought and Ali Rustam boasted in the Parliment he have shown Malaysian that Malaysia is a truly Islamic country with no other races.

    For more info, maybe you can check out

    I'm not here to influence who should you vote, but before you vote, please think again...

  9. hi there nicole?
    i work in petronas as a contract worker. So i can say that yup... the fact bout petronas is true.. as for the rest.. you just need to judge it for youself... hmm but i think i will vote for the opposition this time round.. this 4 years is definitely not the best year for malaysia

  10. The truth is always bitter... live with it. Or pack your bags and walk away... Cos bad things happen to ppl who try to go against it.

  11. Change or no change, we just have to make the best of it and not cry over spilt milk. Carpe diem!

  12. i've written some and posted so excerpts on my blog ....... on politics and governance....there's easy to understand, yet makes sense, can go read it... i hope they'll help yuo make you decision this coming 8th march.

  13. herm..I can't vote this time too :(

  14. Don’t be fool by that so call “facts” coz it may “sounds” like one coz I’ve heard the opposite “facts” from Bumi’s parties saying, “Chinese are monopolizing the economy in Malaysia yetta yetta yetta”. So which one to believe?

    In the world of politics, have an open mind coz believing in “facts” like that is a start of racism war. That goes to all those who comments here. Don’t simply jump into a conclusion just coz you SEE it is so whereas you don’t know the real and actual fact.

    Who ever heard of a clean politics anyway?

  15. Well, I'm not of age and I'm a Malay. I don't know about the sms content being true or not but looking back, my non bumis friends proceed (to e exact, there are only 9)post SPM study without scholarships, one missed matriculation and all of them scored high in their SPM. Only one secured PETRONAS scholarship. I'm not saying that the previous government has done bad but a Muslim myself, I feel taken aback by Malaysia's social life. For me, when it's politics, no one is to be trust. Even angel can turns demon when they are in politics. The pros is, through PLKN, I've build inter-race understanding and understand what governmebt has done for us-keeping US a bay, maintaining the economy, allow everyone chance for business etc.

  16. Since election is just around the corner, please check your details at:

    More news on election:

    Nicole, are you voting?

  17. The conclusion is?

    Convert and you will get heaven!!

  18. i got the same sms too and yes i totally agree with it. it is so sad and i just dont see it gettin better under this current regime.Just listen to the local news on t.v & expert journalists evaluation on the goodness of B.N.It just make me PUKE!and i havent started my happy hour yet..

  19. i dunno about the sms. but, ive read it in forwarded mails sometime ago.
    i just wanna clarify that fact no. 6: 100% students sent to Japan and Korea blablabla is not true. i'm a chinese studying under the said policy in japan. though our numbers are small, i can say for my batch, we make up about 20% of the total students.

    hence, if one fact is untrue already, how can one be sure about the rest? =)

  20. It's the baisc responsibility of everyone to cast yor vote in the election. It's your decision that makes the government. You just simly cant say u r neutral & get away from that responsibility that is going to affect many in the country.

  21. "100% Students sent to Japan and Korea under the "Look East Policy" are Malays"


    "up to 12% interest rate paid by Govt is for ASN/ASB"



  22. 50 years is enough..chinese and indian in Malaysia are for a change for the better well-being of your future generation..

  23. Someone finally lifted your rose tinted glasses?

  24. If your ancestors are originated from Asia but migrated to Australia and you grow up there and one day badmouthing the Aborigins and want them to be kick out of Australia, do you think that's fair?

    Same goes with Malaysia. A country that originally belongs to the Bumis while the rest, well, you know your history and hopefully that will shade some lights and understanding on this matter

  25. yeap....all of those facts are true. sad..but true.

  26. nicole...

    i think u can judge wether the sms is true or false.. cos u are malaysian too...

    there's even alot more SMS abt voting to the opposition...

    For your info, Politics = $$$

  27. All people from all races need to realize that the true enemy is not the race. That's what your REAL ENEMY wants you to think.

    Our REAL ENEMY are the corrupt politicians and kings in power who lives in absolute comfort bribing each other to secure each other's position while ignoring the plight of the hundreds of thousands out there working hard just to make it through.

    This applies to everyone, and for once the people should be brave enough to stand together and decide the best future for our country.

  28. i agree with the sms
    mlysia is so messed up bcoz of our politics interferring
    time to make a change ppl
    we shud stand up after keeping quiet for 50years
    why else wud thr be an early election if ppl are not satisfied?

  29. mlysia does not belong to the bumis
    the only ppl dat was here first was the org asli
    the malays are also migrants coz they came from parts of indonesia blieve it or not
    so pls dont tink that chinese n indians shud settle for 2nd place bcoz we are migrants

  30. awindshadow28/2/08 2:21 PM

    (anon of 28/2/08 1:36 PM)
    You need to understand history, not propaganda. History does not begin from the point when the power that be decided to segregate the people through bumi/non-bumi labeling so that they can manipulate and hold on to power.

    Go back little bit further than your perceived 'history' starting date, whose ancestors come from where again? Go back further more, where do you end?

    The world today evolves around national boundary, not ethnic boundary. Poor people's lives suck not bcoz of their ethnicity, it's bcoz their country is screwed and poor!

  31. yeah it's true.. my teacher told us also..

  32. yoohoo, and now all the international readers get the clear picture of msia

  33. SO SAD,Our Country is that BAD!

  34. it's so funny. those things are so true, and yet, when we speak of the truth, we get into trouble from the isa...

    anonymous is right. the real enemy is not about race! it's those who create such racial DISHARMONY!

    and's pretty clear how true the sms is..we're all msians..although the mainstream media is controlled, we still have eyes and brains to look elsewhere and THINK.

    time to change. i 100% agree on that

  35. *sigh* i find it disturbing also.. but that's the way our country works.. im used to it n i don mind. :) i just want peace.

  36. Should include in that SMS:

    - Malaysian economy control by Chinese.
    - All sub contractor to built SMART and majority road building tender in Malaysia are Indian company.
    - 80% of private Uni run by Chinese.
    - 3 top banks in Malaysia own by Chinese.
    - 7 out of 10 richest person in Malaysia are Chinese.

    Stop this Racist Politic la. Its SUCKS...! Find other better idea, morons...!

  37. Hey, Mr Right, if what you said is true, that proves how inefficient the Malays are. It is not our fault that we make it big even when we receive no help or subsidies from the government.

  38. yup, the facts that mr right stated just proved how hardworking the chinese and indians are. the ones in nicole's entry showed the bias in politics instead.

    then again, the opposition parties are still not strong and mature enough to take over the country =(

  39. mr right: please allow me to respond.

    1) is there a restrain on who should control the economy? only the competitive wins in business.

    2) smart tunnel? i think i am the best person here in this 'forum' to answer that because i work for the company that builds SMART Tunnel. due to the magnitude of this mega project, ONLY those who we think could handle the workload and eventually DELIVER are awarded to contracts. do you know why bumi-status company fails to win large contracts? because too many ali-baba contractors. a rm1million contract awarded to him will end up with the work value of rm100k, coz he will sub-sub-sub-sub and sub contract the work to a bunch of indon workers. ultimately delaying our schedule and creating cost over run due to repairs and all the shits that comes with it.

    3) 80% private U run by chinese? its becoz we dont stand a fucking chance to gain a place in any local U despite scoring straight A's. and you think studying in private U is cheap ar?!?!?! studying in local U costs next to NOTHING!!

    4) top banks owned by chinese?... again....only the competitive wins. and they got there by their own merits. just because chinese is tops in banking, doesnt mean somebody has to take it away from them just becoz they are sore losers.

    5) again.....despite all the caps and restraints and curtailing imposed on non-bumis....non-bumis still tops the charts.....all i can say to the 'losers' is....WORK HARDER...DONT RELY SOLELY ON PAYOUTS!!!

    i swear i am not racist...i have malays and chinese and indians as best friends.....i eat curry with my fingers and i crave for banana leaf rice every now and then...i think i am bangsa malaysia. but all these political parties are using racism to divide and conquer us. do not let this happen!!!

  40. we're all human..why can't we live together being humans?

  41. Yes Mr.Right what you said might be true. But have you ever think why it end up like this?

    M'sia economy control by chinese because we make an effort on it. We work hard because we can't sit there and goyang kaki while waiting the gov to fed us! We don't have this privileges.

    All subcontractor of SMART and road build is indian company. Have you ever think why is it so? Sammy Vellu! Ring a bell? What his possiton? If you don't know shame in you! And which party he in? That's why we want a change. We want a fair gov! Not politic based on skin color.

    80% of private uni owns by chinese.
    Well, that's because of the quota the gov put on gov uni. We have no choice! Sometimes, even with good result we also can't get into a place compare to you-know-who! That's why a lot of private U owned by chinese because we have to! For ensuring ourself to have a cert. We have to enter private uni when we been deny to enter gov uni even when we are eligible.

    3 top banks own in M'sia own by chinese. Refer back to why m'sia economy control by chinese. If you are in our place. To fight really hard for what we believe belong to us. I believe other race also will archive the same thing.

    7 out of 10 richest is chinese. Enough said. Also the same reason. Do you seriously think they can make money out of thin air? All come from hardship! And for your information, the richest one is Malay.

    So before you scold others being Morons. Please for God Sake! Think before you judge! At the end you slapped your own face!

    And yeah almost the info in the sms is true.

  42. Mr Right, you are very Right...And what you wrote only proves that the other races are more capable and competitive than Malays. Shame on you!


  43. hi mr.right, the chinese only own 2 out of 9 banks in msia- public and hongleong.

  44. i see it with my own eyes THEY tearing down the chinese temples...

    for me this is very unacceptable already...

  45. its so true...many of my Chinese frens Did reli well for spm, had good extra curricular activities etc etc but only got the scholarship after appealing. Even then they are sent to places like India, russia, CR. The bumi's who get worse results get to go to UK. also matrix is an easy way into public unis. 90% of matrix students r malys...its the quota. Chinese n indians suffer with the tough STPM n even if they do well, fail to enter local uni. It isnt fair but there's nothing much v cn do. Like said above, wen v speak the TRUTH v get caught in ISA..where is the justice??

  46. Oh-o... things are getting worse here!

    Nicole! alert alert! call the fire brigade asap!

  47. Agree with Mr Right, I'm MARA scholar and in my batch there is an Indian. Owh, maybe you would say only an Indian?!!!But you must realise MARA is exclusively for Bumi but then we tolerate the issue. In fact, Chinese and Indian are now given places in MARA Junior Science College.

  48. awindshadow28/2/08 8:00 PM

    mr right's points are mostly correct. It sucks when we look issues solely from the racial perspectives.

    Unfortunately, that is how this country is governed and the reason why it's governed so badly.

    Lets take a look at an example;
    If i am not wrong, all the banks used to be owned by the chinese. Most were transfered forcedly using legislations. The interesting points are;
    - Do the few beneficiaries represent all the malays?
    - How does that benefited the malays as a whole?

    Contrarily, what we seen were bailout after bailout. Who suffered? The country and the malays as well.

    What we badly needed is good governance so that the whole country can prosper as a whole, not one that use racial issues to enrich themselves.

  49. I agree, it's time to change. And the change must start from the roots.

  50. Hear hear awindshadow! at last! someone who makes sense here!

  51. I am not a registered voter but I feel there is some imbalance in terms of sharing of opinion and voice. Every elction, I hear many voices but ends up the party rule parliment. Unlike in the USA where there is a fair share of voice from the repubicans and democrates. It is good to have elections. But with only one party all the time really boils down to one word - boring. This is unhealthy for the country in the long run. If things would change for the betterment than the peace and prosperity of the country will be maintained. *Peace off*

  52. 50 years under BN is enough!
    Just vote for change!
    Go For it!!

  53. they are always like that. they had never said about bad things about themselve and some even promise something very stupid and if they become the leader, the promise will never come!

  54. 70% of taxes are contributed by CHinese, business run by chinese enterprises.
    95% of Tax raided for additional taxes are business run by chinese and Indian.
    Nasi lemak sellers are known for not paying taxes

  55. Political analyst28/2/08 11:55 PM

    What is most important in any politics is to get a balance. If BN controls all the seats, then they can do whatever they want. But if opposition and BN strike a balance, everyone would start doing work.

    BN is not helping the malays. They are helping themselves. Read the 1969 story properly and you will understand. 1969 riot is due to UMNO and almost any riot is due to UMNO in the past. Hindraf and bersih are rallies :P..not riots.

    I heard soldiers are forced to vote (postal vote) in front of the commanders...(you think they'll dare vote opposition? their commanders would torture them during training)

    And almost everytime when a BN candidate is near losing, a box with postal votes will come in, and in the end, BN will win.

    Look at the tv,and you'll know the mass media only talks about BN and say shit about opposition.

    Support the government, and one day, we'll be living in dictatorship.

    Vote for a change.
    Vote for opposition.
    Its time for us to experience the untested one.
    The power lies in our hands.

  56. TrueMalaysian29/2/08 12:07 AM

    Today, UMNO is everything in Malaysia. Not BN but UMNO only. Deny UMNO is a must! Cheers

  57. there can be alot of things said, some true while some untrue. but lets just face the main fact here;


    malays are originated from indonesia.

    im not even talking about the benefits the malays are given. but go dig up on the beenfits that are reserved for the bumiputras and what exactly are they getting in reality, let alone the chinese and the indians.

  58. you guys shouldn't even try to correct Mr. Right cuz he is another ignorant bumis :)

  59. omg.. topic is getting hot here!
    We are all one nation-Malaysian and to ashamed, just a bit of an iformation here to you, "The Malay ethic are actually Austonesian people originated from Taiwan."

  60. nicole,

    as a non-bumi in malaysia you don't need to be reminded by sms-es that you're been marginalized.
    that's why the country is declining as its practice discrimination and racism rather than meritocracy.
    can you imagine what its like to have straight A and not rewarded?
    it really had a big impact on me on how i really feel for this country.
    i hope this answer to your question.

  61. Malaysians United29/2/08 3:15 AM

    All people from all races need to realize that the true enemy is not the race. That's what your REAL ENEMY wants you to think.

    Our REAL ENEMY are the corrupt politicians and kings in power who lives in absolute comfort bribing each other to secure each other's position while ignoring the plight of the hundreds of thousands out there working hard just to make it through.

    This applies to everyone, and for once the people should be brave enough to stand together and decide the best future for our country.

    "political analyst :
    We need governance so that the whole country can prosper as a whole, not one that use racial issues to enrich themselves."

    "awindshadow :
    BN is not helping the malays,
    they are helping themselves. The 1969 riot is due to UMNO."

    We as Malaysians must stand united together against THE CORRUPTED GOVERNMENT and NOT FALL PREY TO RACE CARD TACTICS. STAND UNITED.
    If you agree, spread the message.


  62. i hate stuff like this. damn controversial sial. glad im too young to vote, for now.

  63. It is Very common, an accident occurs, both parties could be fined 300RM for wrong doing or need a report for insurance. In such situation, some officer may offer u waiving the saman and report included, for a CASH of RM200/=; hundred a day all over the country, Win WIN for all, the economic scale for a year is enormous... Which wold u choose in a situation like that? 200 or 300?
    Is this a corruption or saving.?
    It is happening everyday. Tol truck is getting good business.
    read Kid voters>>

  64. It is Very common, an accident occurs, both parties could be fined 300RM for wrong doing or need a report for insurance. In such situation, some officer may offer u waiving the saman and report included, for a CASH of RM200/=; hundred a day all over the country, Win WIN for all, the economic scale for a year is enormous... Which wold u choose in a situation like that? 200 or 300?
    Is this a corruption or saving.?
    It is happening everyday. Tol truck is getting good business.
    read Kid voters>>

  65. calling BBC-

    check on line 100 years old.!

    GHOST VOTER! for PM son in law-rembau

    Kad Pengenalan : 991025740081 / 0216550
    Nama : LONG FATT
    Tahun Lahir : 1899
    Jantina : L
    Lokaliti : 131 / 27 / 09 / 004 - LDG SAGGA
    Daerah Mengundi : 131 / 27 / 09 - PEKAN SAGGA
    DUN : 131 / 27 - RANTAU
    Parlimen : 131 - REMBAU
    Saluran : 1
    Masa Mengundi : 08.00 PAGI - 05.00 PETANG
    No Siri : 1
    Untuk sebarang maklumat, sila emel :

  66. chinese & indians don't wanna vote for BN? then u wanna vote for who? PAS? ahahahaha...

  67. I wonder if I'm gonna be flamed if I oppose... Yikes...

    1) The competition against gaining a place in the local uni is actually within our own race because I've found out that a few of my indian frens capable of securing accounting and law courses with STPM pointer around 2.8 when chinese needs a minimal of 3.8 because of the tough competition among chinese. So the quota actually gives education towards the people according to the ratio of the race, according to the balance and not because of biasness. Even if they secure a place in uni doesn't mean they don't have to work for it because they'll still have to be able to produce in order to grad... Meaning they'll have to work double of what we have already been contributing in their studies. (try gaining ur way into local uni, mix around with our local frens, understand the situation before pre-judging and having bias assumptions... everything is done with a reason not without...)

    2) Humans naturally just like to divide themselves into groups. Even chinese in Taiwan differenciates themselves between local chinese 本省人and migrated chinese 外省人. So between chinese there's already different standards what more to expect when we have different skin colour?

    3) Total equality = communism
    Try thinking before you ask for it... Everyone gets what they deserve. Calling for the tycoon who is ready to share their wealths...

    4) If chinese are too capable, and the rest of the races are left behind not taken care of, do u think we'll still have peace in this country? I'm 101% sure that crime rate will increase with poverty. Seriously think before anyone of you speak. Giving education quota is a way to help improve their understanding and becoming more civilized. Try grabbing all the education chances and wait to find out what will happen.

    There's more to everything... Try being less selfish for a day and you'll start to understand the policies... If u think u r more capable than the person who is in control now... try run for the election...

    For those who have never had a chance to further education locally, u've yet to understand what Malaysia truly is... For those who have entered local uni and yet to understand our country... Shame on u for not even trying to understand before talking with your ass... (sorry for the vulgar language for I really hate people who just like to flame... imagine all of u disliking flamers and haters but being unaware that you are also one of them now...)

    Stop spreading unproductive rumours that causes nothing but havoc in our country. I shall congratulate in advance if any of your childish mindset and spreading of rumours have one day turn into the source of starting another May 13... (sense my sarcasm?)

  68. why la still got stupid people wanna say "The Malay ethnic are actually Austonesian people originated from Taiwan"??? so u want people from Taiwan to come here? or u want Malays to go back to Taiwan?

    why need to talk about something that happen a long long time ago? the problem is now... malays are the majority... just like the chinese are the majority in Singapore... that's what happening in Malaysia...

    if u wanna say people have the rights to rule the land based on whoever live in that land 1st... then there's gonna be only one answer...

    let us all give our votes to Adam & Eve... bcoz they're the 1st ever human to set foot on this planet... sohai~

  69. to anonymous:
    I am just correcting "ashamed" about his information, and I didn't meant to offended or create some misunderstandings.
    I was basically trying to say that even where we are originate from in the past, and most importantly are we live with unity and hope to be treated equally as a Malaysian :-/
    I didn't know why you get so offended .

  70. Nicole, for the most recent charity event we went to the ophanage, remember?...

    Why are they so desperate in need of donations and charity from the public?

    Why are they in such a pittyful state that they depend on charity and donations to survive?

    the reason is very clear, for the past 50 years, they have never looked into the real life of the public, they have billions and billions of dollars to mess around and not a pittyful small amount for the needy mouths to feed...Sad...

  71. I know this is not a forum. Just to let you guys know. I am not BN supporter. I just hate racist politic.

  72. It is true that the BN government has a lot of shortcomings. However, can we be sure if we vote for the opposition, our life would be better? Can the opposition parties become the government? Can they win more than 1/3 so that BN will not have 2/3 of the seats? It is still unsure until 8 March 2008.

    Opposition parties said if you vote for them, prices of commodities will not be increased and BN caused the increase in commodities. True? I think this is what happened all over the world, not just Malaysia, not because of BN.

    Let us see if opposition parties win more than 1/3, can we have reduction in the prices of commodites, especially petrol.


  73. i guess now nicole having difficulties to read all the comments, right nicole?

  74. The existence of this heated discussion and racial sentiments is the very REASON! why those who walk in the corridor of powers have implemented such racial-based policies...(the Affirmative action) This racial tension that we suffer from today is NOT an UNWANTED BYPRODUCT of the exploitation of the affirmative action, but as a matter of fact, the very TOOL to keep you and me, Bumis- and Non-Bumis from being united as Malaysians.

    Do Bumis need assistance? YES!!! there are many who ARE poor and ARE denied the opportunities for their deserving self-improvement. (do note the present tense used)
    Do Non-Bumis need assistance? YES!!! Because many fall under the same category of poverty and are not given a fair chance to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Some Bumis may feel like second-class citizen because of their social-economy status, but so do some Non-Bumis due to the social-economy policies.

    So please, do not let ourselves be blinded by the use of the racial-cards because this is exactly what the corrupted want us to become.

    Truth is, the SELECTED MINORITY is monopolizing or literally leeching on to the economy of our nation! In order to stay in power, it is of their utmost importance to keep the MAJORITY of Bumis devoid of wealth. After filling their own coffers, they proceed to sub-contract all acquired projects to privately-non-bumi-owned companies (including alibaba companies), which in turn maintain the social standing of the private-sector-employers(es), which consist MAINLY of Non-Bumis. A shameful fact that we cannot outright deny...

    This method shall keep the vicious cycle going, making the Bumis feel deprived of their opportunities, while the Non-Bumis race amongst themselves to attain wealth and power from whichever sources possible, including those who walk in the corridors of power, because non-Bumis believed that this is their only option to survive in a country that deprived them of their opportunities, due to policies based solely on skin color.

    Will Bumis crumble without the government "protecting their rights"? Are Non-Bumis(Bumis alike) supporting the Opposition because they want to strip them(ourselves) of their(our own?!?) "rights"? Are we, MALAYSIANS, really that weak, that we are not able to stand on our own two feet if assistance are given to those who truly need them?

    Next time, before uttering out any racial slurs and generalizing a whole race without actually knowing them, (you would be surprised how many malaysians actually do not have a friend of another race) please ponder for a moment: Is it a reality or just a mentality, planted and molded into our minds? If it is true, what are the factors?

    As a Malaysian, i can only urge that we all get to know each other better and see beyond the stereotypes of Malays, Chinese, Indians dan Lain-Lain. Hopefully then, we shall come to understand and accept our differences, that make malaysians truly unique!

    *a concerned citizen of malaysia*

  75. Malaysian have been living in distress since the last election. People don't simply complain for no apparent reason. I think it came to a point where I will vote for "anything" as long as it is not BN. Was attending a talk the other day and this BN guy was telling us that Malaysia is a good country to live in. People prefer Malaysia than Myanmar..... is he joking???? Apparently not!!
    He's comparing Malaysia to Myanmar.... amazing... everyone booed at him. If BN wins this year, for the next term we will be compared to.....erm....(i can't think of a country worst.....)
    Good job BN, good job!

  76. vote for BN....

    ehm...excuse me...chinese n indian....which parti do u wan to vote???

    if u don wan to vote BN....ha3 PAS?PKR? OR DAP? nothing...!

  77. awindshadow29/2/08 12:35 PM

    chineses don't vote PAS...malays don't vote cool..rather FOOOOLLLL!!!

    Put in more oppositions for more checks and balances before it's too late (if not already too late by now).

    A fact about constitutions;
    - USA, 20 changes in 200 years!
    - Singapore, 4 changes in 45 years!!
    - Malaysia, 690 changes in 50 years!!!

    Now you tell me what should i think about our constitution.

  78. vote for a change29/2/08 3:28 PM

    -you want police state ? Vote BN
    -you want to remain poor ? Vote BN
    -you want injustice for lifetime ? Vote BN
    -you want all groceries’ price hike ? Vote BN
    -you want pay petrol for RM3.62/liter ? Vote BN
    -you want majority worship places demolished? Vote BN
    -you want our community live in fear seeing a policeman? Vote BN
    -you want uncertainty in our children’s future education/employment?
    Vote BN
    -you want a gangster to become permanent party president? Vote BN
    -you want a hindu dead body hijacked? Vote BN
    -you want to live in a high crime rate society? Vote BN
    -you want to see the 8% community become 4% by 2020? Vote BN
    -you want your child grew in fear seeing keris ?Vote BN
    -you want to be 4th class citizen ? Vote BN

  79. to julianimator:

    why do i get offended? bcoz u're an idiot... if u don't want to offend or create misunderstandings. then don't do anything. just shut up.

    if u want to say people should be treated equally no matter where they came from. that's the stupidest thing i've heard in a million years.

    let's say if the chinese control this country 100%. will they treat malays & indians equally?


  80. Yeah the message can be disturbing to some. The Opposition are lacking funds for campaigning. So they take advantage of electronic media.

    Can't deny the effectiveness on the "yield" on their votes. Why they can achieve translation of manifesto into electoral votes? I'll only answer you with this: Because Thomas Friedman has said that the world is FLAT.

  81. if they put a dog right beside the BN candidate I would rather vote for the dog. DAP and PAS have been fighting for a long time, I think it's time for them to take the lead. Those who are still afraid to vote outside your own comfort zone, I hope you don't vote at all.

  82. I agree with the SMS as it’s really true enough. It’s a sensitive issue but we need to face it and fight for it. Tell me why should all benefits go to Malays? How come not fare equally? Why Malay get to University so easily? After all the non good result also gets in. We Chinese and Indian need so much procedure to apply for so many things.. and the government makes Chinese unsuccessfully and make us pending for how long they can in business. As they don’t want Chinese to climb over Malays. For what you can see in the news, normally Malay who rapped, robbed, murdered!!! Don’t you all notice it? This are the fact you all need to know. You see, during CNY.. did you notice mostly all shops are closed? Because Chinese who build the Business and Chinese who success and Chinese who work hard. The Malays get pampered by the government that’s why they do work damn slow and lazy. Long time ago when DAP won in a state, the Malay kill Chinese okay..! Why kill? Are you all Malay not satisfied? Why? Just a state wert.. afterall you all still get benefits by the government. This time election is getting hot because Malaysian’s PM Abdullah Badawi did not do a good role. That’s why riot. He build so many toll with so so so much increment. To cover his expenses? Another issue crime increase really fast since Badawi took place as PM. Please DON’T vote BN. Let them know what we Malaysians feel. I agree BN is only UMNO.

  83. If you look at the top 10 richest people in M'sia, how many are Malays?

  84. what bullshit sms is's not even true and yet even if it's true.the main factors are not from the constitution it's from the people,
    when u say 95% of workers working in govt servants are malay, did u all ever think that why chinese and indian doesn't wish to work in govt department?because other races have higher expectations and speculations, most of the malays don't ask for much, enough money to eat is what they wanted, unless some richtards who wanted to build a palace-like bungalow but that's a very rare case. so this is just bullshit, vote BN even though they are not very good, but it'll be too risky to vote for oppositions because u don't know how far they can go

  85. Malaysia is a nice country.. but only the malays government make it unfair. Do you know in the office the malays parties never listen to the chinese parties.. Biuld tempat mosque, can.. build church and temple.. cannot..
    Alantuyaa case is cause by najib. Dr chua soi lek is caught on tape .. he take the responsibility and left. what about Najib? he keep and buyers people. alot of people dont know this..

  86. The SMS are true and i knew.

    But Chinese, although we feel unfair about it.. But we still always work hard and success in the end. Mostly the successful one will be Chinese.

    Just hope the government will be fair towards all races since moral teach us that.

    Doesn’t mean bumi then must give them priority and subsidies. This will just let them being lazy and never work hard.

    The government should play a responsible and fair role to show "Malaysia".

    Hope for world peace and fairness towards each citizen.

  87. There’s more tactic they used in politic that we don’t know.

    So far I heard is really very unfair.

    But what can we do? Vote is all we do..

    Chinese Indians voice out.. get to jail..

  88. to anonymous:
    Excuse me, Mr. It is because you being a twat with brain like peas get offended easily I was just correting someone's comment only.

    AND I didn't say about chinese take over the country or what, so please stop with your massive bollocks.

    Btw, with my statements saying that Malaysians deserved to be treated equally, I'm actually agree and refering to Jun's comment above. But what gelitifa said also do make sense that totaly balance for all NATION will lead to communism.

    Therefore, Mr. Anonymous, I accept critism but what you saying' to me is an insult and because of people like you being too sensitive and besides that, certain people accept take my statements positively and certain people just get offended. I rather voice out than stfu with the "tak apa" attitude. The fact is I am just correcting someone's else information only..

    So, stop with your bollocks saying I'm idiot and post false statement. Also, dare to reveal yourself if you want to reply some comments, wheener!

  89. awindshadow29/2/08 6:47 PM

    hello.. PAS in kelantan is fairer to other communities than BN. PAS not Malays kah?

    BN is very fair but ONLY to BNputras. They split the loots fairly among themselves!

    While we busy arguing, BN is busy helping themselves with the country's coffer. This is their perfect strategy.

    Chinese richest, Malay richest; can that improve our lives?

    Many new filthy rich Malays and Chineses are made out of "Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ)" looting. Who are paying for the loses? WE!!! Malays, Chineses and others.

  90. So sad.
    I am a Malay and I will vote for DAP this time!

  91. It is true that we cannot ensure that if new goverment can do good job or not, but on thing we can be sure of is the current one has not been doing a good job for the last 50 years...

    its really time for a change, its like watching the same movie for 50years is no good, we always have the right to choose, there's a big possibility we may like it better...Until we find the better one...

    God Speed...

  92. sms = truth29/2/08 9:24 PM

    wow. to think so many people have fought over this crap.

    if you guys really want to know why BN has been winning all along, please read the book May 13, written by Kua Kia Soong. it'll explain why everyone votes for BN, why everyone is afraid to NOT vote for BN, and why is there stupid policies like malay manipulation in the country.

    i'm not trying to be racist, but deal with it. what's with some people's comments like how MARA is being great already by allowing the minority of indians and chinese to go in?

    bullshit, lyna wan. you've been living in wonderland since you were born. try being a chinese/indian for a day. you'll know why everyone is so frustrated with the government's policies of biasness because of "KULIT-fication", not qualification.

  93. all this shit happened because this is a handicap country,where majority of its people are handicapped.
    good thing is we got to do charity work...lor.*karma*

  94. to the person who said look at 10 richest people in malaysia and see who is malay, majority is chinese. but why? they work their ass off to be where they are. unlike someeeeeeee people, with all the opportunities and benefits given, yet they cant make it. dont u think its such a waste? im not against the malays, im just against whatever thats given to them and yet not much good came out of it. it could've been far more fruitful if others were given the same opportunities.

  95. Quote:
    Mr. Right said...
    I know this is not a forum. Just to let you guys know. I am not BN supporter. I just hate racist politic.

    What ashame! A person with NO BRAIN!

  96. i look at the election this way: forget about the race issue.look at how this govt has been performing.1
    1) unwanted mistress blown up by explosive only available to Msian army. Deputy PM is head of Defence but no need to answer or investigate how the explosives got out! Guy get beaten to death--a minister's son is involved but is not charged. same case in Sabah, an ex-minister did it but got off scot -free.
    The judiciary is cowered n bought n cases are decided by the govt/ how can we expect juictice?
    2)professionals like engineers n architects are not given gvt jobs unless they have 100% bumi partnership. many other jobs/businesses facing this too.
    3) UMNO members can say & do racist bigoted things but other ppl cannot "You don;'t like it here, go home!" Well, Malays are NOT the original ppl here too.
    4) churches and temples being destroyed, bodies snatched frm mortuaries to be buried in Muslim cemetaries
    5) billion of tax payers' money went into bailing companies tt went bust bc of corruption eg Bank Bumi
    6) phantom voters, buying of votes, nominees tt (see youtube, karpal singh on rafidah's wrong filing of nomination papers) should be disqualified but r not bc they r BN candidates
    7) control of all media (excpet tne net, but may be a sooner or later thing).this is so different in comparison with a true democracy where both sides are given fair coverage.
    8)foreign investors' recent lower rating of the country's economic conduciveness..

    i could go on. if anyone has sense of fairness and wisdom, it is time do do the right thing: this govt must go.

  97. Who are the ones that uphold this type of racist politics to the administration level? I studied in a local U. Of all the 15 lecturers we have in our department, 2 are chinese, and one is indian, the rest malay. Does this have something to do with "because malays losed at the starting point and our gov needs to help out" thing?

    I am fine with the policy to help bumis. Really i dun want wht happened in indonesia last time to happen here. but wht pissed me off is some dickheads up there (prominent umno figures mind u) claimed that the reason they do it this way is because malaysia belongs to malays. ketuanan melayu=malays are the master here, so we are the slave la? cina hisap darah melayu! cina balik china! i as a chinese really can't disagree more. this type of dickheads must be removed!

  98. we should all be thankful and contented that everyday we are able to wake up in a place with no war, natural/man-made disaster, major human/racial conflicts etc...

    Thankful that we have food to fill our bellys...cloth over our backs....shelter over our head...thankful that we are able to experience different cultures...thankful that we are able to understand more than 1 language...and thankful that we are able to sit in front of a comp/laptop with decent internet service to read and post comments on ppl's blog...

    There's always bound to be racial differences...look at the Great US of A...they had it worst than us malaysians before....

  99. i see people saying that if we don't give subsidies and stuff to bumis, they'll create riots and crap like that.
    and by that, they insist we vote for BN because "we shouldnt create problem for ourselves"
    oh please. seriously, look how many chinese and indian people who are WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better than those malays don't get JPA scholarships.
    Personally, I'm a student.
    And, when I applied, they said, oh, you have no chance because you have a B.
    And, 3 months later, I hear that a Malay girl gets a JPA scholarship to UK with only 3A1s.
    Let me tell you, this is just crap.
    And apparently, she's filthy rich.
    Wtf. I can't even afford to go for medicine in the local universities, okay?!
    For your info, in case someone comes to flame me with the reason that I didnt get good results, I'm a top student and active in koku, FYI.
    And now you're telling me that I should vote for those idiots that made it this way?!
    I just feel like slapping you.
    Create problems? Hello?! Our country's state is already a problem.
    You say that DAP cant help?
    Because, have you ever given them a chance to help?

  100. I support the idea of helping those underprivileged, but these people can be found in all races. If the government really wants to address the issue of the 'income' gaps between the rich and the poor, why not come up with policies related to the 'incomes' of people and not their racial backgrounds. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

  101. Lol, just found out its your birthday, so Happy Birthday! it's a little late, but better late than never right? Wishing you all the best in food, friends, and happiness =)

  102. 0% churches/temples are built in housing estates

    that fact is not true :) perhaps the person who typed it out have yet to go sabah/sarawak. we have equal amount of churches in sizes of mosques.

    i think the numbers are exxagerated. like mc said, when 1 or 2 facts are not true, how can we be sure of the rest? :)

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. not 100% students are malay for the look east policy thing.. My frens are chinese and we study in Korea under the JPA scholarship. And i know many non malays who own a petronas oil station. Im not bias towards BN im just giving facts

  105. nadia:I'm from Sibu, Sarawak so I not sure for Sabah. But as for Sarawak. Yup i can't deny it. Churches and temples are been built. But not in every housing estate. Church pathetically still ok, but temple no. I don't saw any temple been built around new housing area. But the different here is that ( Not sure for Sabah) in Sarawak we don't have MIC, MCA or UMNO these political parties. We have SUPP, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu. So the politic in S'wak here is a bit diff. And I think what all the commenter here is comparing the whole Malaysia. Comapare to other state I'm quite grateful that Sarawak haven't been so bad yet cause no UMNO, MIC, and MCA.

  106. p/s: I forgot still have which political parties in Sarawak.

  107. All stupid people with stupid ideas.Just ignore

  108. it may or may not be true, but the statistics are skewed. its just like I can accuse you of being racist because there are 100% Chinese in your house. its just a ploy to create more hatred in our country by very irresponsible people.

  109. at least many readers here have sense to think and not just believe whatever they are fed from political parties, either side of the fence

  110. as long as you live in this country, you should not complain. if you can't stand it here, well there's another 194 countries in this world that you can migrate to. this applies to all race. stop being a complainer. btw, what can you achieve by complaining? might as well u go and shoot somebody.

  111. 0% malay minister in singapore.
    so what the fuss is all about?

  112. "0% malay minister in singapore"??
    so what is your point all about?

    maybe that's why they'r developed and we're still "developing", for like eons.

  113. I would beg for all those guys to stop saying this type of hurtful comments pls. For me Malaysia is my home. Nothing can replaced it in my heart. Believe me when I say that 99% of the Malaysia is not racist at all. I have lots of friends from different races and when we mixed we don't even know that what is Chinese, Malay, India and whatsoever. We are all Malaysians. But I do agree that some of the politicians nowadays are using the racist issue to climb up the ladder of politic. To me it's so useless this type pf politician. If they keep doing this, one day Malaysia will become a country that practise racism. To all these politicians, I really hate them. If I can, surely I will put them in hell because they don't deserved to live.