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I believe in life, we have to give in order to want. What comes around goes around, and whatever you give out, will eventually come back to you, in one form or the other. Karma, they call it.


I have always done my fair share of charity. I don't usually say it, because there isn't a need to. Well, until now.

The first time I visited an orphanage was three years ago, I can't remember where and the exact time, but it was an orphanage housing 40 kids or so. I was there, with the rest of the volunteers to help entertain the kids, brought food and some writing tools.

It wasn't so much the giving, it was more the time spent with the kids, to see them smile, laugh, "manja" with you, it warms my heart so much I knew if I have the wealth of Angelina Jolie, I would have done the same as she has.

Help the needy

Last year, I received a project from a company and ended up with lots of ice creams which I don't eat. So I decided to call up some local orphanages to see if they needed anything apart from the ice creams I wanted to share with the less fortunates.

Some of the orphanages are really snobbish, they get so much money from well known icons and politics they don't give two hoots what you commoners can offer. It really pisses me off because these people don't really care about the kids, the shelter sometimes becomes an excuse to bring in cash.

Until this one time when I visited a home for the handicap kids in Taman Megah, which houses an impossible number of 136 kids. Down syndrome, crippled, blind, mute, deaf...etc you name it. It's depressing, I spent half a day with a friend there singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over 20 times with this 21 year old down syndrome 'kid'; it made her day, it made my week.


What I brought for them by what I can afford was so little it's depressing, to be honest, I don't have much money, I'm not a rich folk, I wish I am but I'm not. My friend bought some milk powder which I doubt it could last them more than two days. Last I heard 7 kgs of vegetables can only last them one meal.

Therefore for the first time, I am going to use the measly traffic I have on this blog to do something beneficial for the unfortunates, and I think now is the right time and moment. world visitors

Chinese New Year is coming, and I want to celebrate this coming festival with these kids. Therefore I need help from whoever that's willing to help out there or whoever that's reading this blog. I don't ask for much. Remember those CNY cookies and biscuits and leftover canned food which we never eat during CNY?


Well, now it's the time to put them to some good use.

On 13 February 2008, Wednesday, I will be bringing some friends to visit this home with some food and company. For those who wish to contribute a little something back to society, bring those cookies, canned food or even some ang pow cash from your hometown after CNY celebration,


I will collect them on 11th and 12th at a collection point in Sunway/Kelana, or if you are free, follow me to visit the kids that day itself.

Email me at for more information or to arrange contribution collection time.

Help me help them.


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  1. Nice of you in remembering the less fortunate during these festive mood which many would already forgottten. Anyway, which part of Sunway or Kelana is the collection point located? I have a suggestion::::: Since this blog had frequent visitors of an average 20 people, why not we all including yourself maintain a FUND manage by you (Nicole), and every month you will decide what to purchase for them so that they will always be enough for them. Lets say RM10 every month????? That will be RM220 per month including yourself. You could also recruit donaters from your own circle of friends and increase it to say 50 people. That will be RM500 per month for those KIDS!!!

  2. kudos to you~

  3. I'm so touched Nicole, brought tears to me la...I will try and give what I u soon... :)

  4. Unfortunately,i can't help you cause i'm now in Penang...and u are in KL?how to do?but once in a year ,my dad and i will buy them muffin and give it to the orphanage's really sad to see them in a bad situation ...

    :D :D :D :D :D

  6. samuel: Until I have sufficient feedback and 'reactions' from volunteers and donors, I'm afraid that fund idea can only remain a future plan for now.

    jezlysha: y?

    jacky chin: alright hear from you soon :)

    xiangmei: there's a will there's a way. :) yes it is rather sad.

    yapthomas: u don't lalala, you ffk me on 13th, I PK you. :D

  7. U've got one Eeee~Meow~! :)

  8. nice idea, im not from kl, but anyway, my gf is~
    i will try to ask her to bring something on that day
    you're really kind hearted

  9. Well done Nicole. I am impressed.

  10. where in sunway? i've been wanting to do's in my new year resolution..wahaha....e-mail me? and mayb tell me what u think u need for those kids? :)....will try to set up something... i'm serious.

    mail me at or

  11. Hey there, glad to know there are still young people like you who cares for the unfortunates. I am 18 this year only though. haha

    I've visited this home twice and i think i can make time for another round on the 13th. Keep me updated. Thanks.

  12. Nicole, that is so kind of you.

    My heart bleeds when I see the handicap children. I'm upset as to why these kids are in a handicap home rather than their own home with their parents.

    I'm not judging anybody here as I'm sure there must be circumstances.

    I hope that your charity is a huge success.

  13. Nicole... it's a fantastic thing you're doing here.. unfortunately I'm not going to be in KL around that time, if you take donations thru paypal, I'd be happy to do it. I'm so glad you're doing your research and helping the less funded charity houses. Do keep on posting these visits, I'm sure lotsa ppl just need a bit of motivation and company to do their bit for charity. I hope I'll be able to join you on one of these trip in the future. Happy CNY...

  14. Sometimes we do take things for granted....what seems to be less important to us may seems to be the basic necessities for the less fortunate...its nice to reflect upon and starts to appreciate our own blessing. And the gesture of giving itself is a blessing. Its a great idea to organise this event.I hope you can garner all the support you needed. Count me in. Will contact you for further detail.


  15. i think u should use the cash to buy them food, toys, clothes, and other things. don't donate cash..who knows where it may go.

    may god bless you for your kind thoughts! i wish somebody could be as kind to animal shelters as well.

    i've been so stupid to donate cash to PAWS. should've donated food. at least, you will know the food gets eaten by the needy, not put into the pockets of whoever incharge.

  16. Nicole do let us know where's the pick up point k? Please may it be somewhere easy to find, cause I'm not so good with the roads there.

  17. nicole..its great to know that bloggers are doing their part to give back to the unfortunate ones.
    my baby sis has down syndrome too.a lot of people in the public give her that look when they see her. i mean..isnt she a human?? must they stare at her because she's a tad different form others?sometimes i just wish these people would actually learn about down syndrome.i wish they could just take a bit of time to understand wat are they going sis improved a very proud of her though we fight alot.siblings
    i was a volunteer in a centre called day break in has lotsa kids there.its nice to know that they are being taught to be independent and all. then i visited this place called spastic home in ipoh and its nice to know people donating them food and money because they barely make a meal with no supplies of food.
    do let me know if ur visiting any orphanage..i wana follow..i cant make it on 11th and 12th.i hav class.sad..update more.thanks so much!

  18. hello hello testing testing 1 2 3 4. Hey, this really works

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  20. I wish i can help too Nicole... But i'm not from KL and money is a real prob for me.. I'm yet to find a part-time job. Hopefully I get one so that i can help. Just in case i don't, Is there any other way that i can help??? Pls let me know.. I very much want to help them in any other possible way.

  21. I am not staying in peninsular. How can I help?

  22. Nicole, it is very thoughtful of ya... Cheers.

  23. The thing in life is that nothing is fair and basically it is hard to stop such hardship. Good for you wanting a clear karma.

    Orphanages has already a bad reputation of only receiving money and suspicion rose to whether kids are actually recieving the help provided from the money or going straight into the orphanage's owners' pockets. It might not be as what you want to believe but it is true.

    Sometimes, don't you wish you could just save the world from all these pain? I wish I could. No more suffering. No more pain. No more tears.

    I fully support your effort in raising funds for the needy. Rich people get richer and the poor, poorer as you may have already heard that quote before. Rich people are just too damn selfish and they would spulge on their desires first than the rest.

  24. I wish I could go and contribute too, but I'm in Penang :(

  25. This is a very good cause and definitely bring good karma and happiness to all beings.

    While we celebrate CNY, we shall not forget the unfortunate and disabled.

    I will definitely contribute something. Will let you know.

    Happy CNY. :)

  26. Dear Nicole, you're a really great person!

  27. It touches me when I see people is making effort to make this world a better place. I am glad you also gain strength and realize you can do even more.Good on you, today you are more beautiful than Dawn Yang.

  28. I'm not from kl.
    Can I bank in money to you?
    If can let me know the bank account no.
    It is good to help people in need.
    Kudos to you Nicole.

  29. The world is never enough of volunteers on such cause ! That's a great start on a great post for charity cause. Need more people like you (or Kenny Sia) to promote “volunteerism” among our MALAYSIAN. Maybe start a project of awareness on this, and hope it can affect our society on the positive way…

  30. I am thinking for raising funds for charity by selling my handmade jewelries thru Well, not too sure if I will be able to raise fund by then as the club is not as popular yet. Will keep you updated.

  31.; You saved my day again.