Love Bite!

Ever pay good money to get bitten?

Now’s your chance.

Trust me, it’s fun.


Okay okay, getting more serious here. I was invited to Kenko Fish Spa at Pavilion not too long ago to enjoy a full day Fish Spa Top to Toe package service.

me at fish spa

Located on the fifth floor of Pavilion, right next to Red Box, Kenko is a 4 months old one-of-a-kind spa that breeds fish to ‘feed’ on humans and built in a shopping mall (believe it or not it’s the world’s only shopping mall’s spa centre).

entrance sign

I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at the centre, all I know there will be a lot of small fishes nibbling at my feet. Sounds… erm… cute~~~? So I followed exactly what the spa lady old me to do, wash my feet and slipped into a pair of light green flip-flops.

I supposed they don’t want my stinky feet to kill the fish.

I later pranced onto the wooden plank and began feasting. Or being feasted on.

Kenko has a very nice oasis kinda setting for people to relax and let these little lovelies do the exfoliating for you.

kenko oasis

The moment I got near the edge of the wooden plank, the group of fish swam close by as though knowing there’s food. It scared me a bit.

As I sat down crossed legged beside the huge aquarium, I observed these adult Garra Rufa fish as they circled beneath me, as though calling out for me.

I descended my left foot slowly. Here’s a video.

Saw or not, I kicked at the end because it was so ticklish

The moment you enter the tip of your sole, group of fish came up sending electrifying current up your nervous system.

feet and fish

It was ticklish!

I can’t help but to draw my feet up again. But it was fun. Ticklish, scary, but fun.

guru fara fishes

And oh so cute!

Apart from piranhas, this one the only types of fish I know that loves the sight of human flesh, or more so, skin.

Soon I was enjoying the sight, feel and experience of being nibbled on. It was utterly refreshing! Though it looked as if my legs have been mutilated into something hairy with swaying large tentacles sprouting from every corner.

adult guru rafa fish
“Help I’m morphing into something horrendous!”

The Garra Rufa fish originates from Turkey Hot Spring, brought in by the Koreans and Japanese and used to treat skin disorders which have improvised into a lifestyle spa treatment as it is now.

In Kenko, you can choose between the adult fish, or the baby fish. For the faint hearted, I suggest to start with the babies.

baby guru rafa fish
“oh.. my thick swaying hairs have reduced to thin swaying hairs”

After the adults’ attack, these felt like small nibbles only.

Kenko charges RM38 for a 30-minute fish spa which I thought was very cheap considering it’s situated in the hearth of KL and inside one of the most expensive shopping malls.

After the fish spa, my legs felt dead skin free. Man that felt good. It was time to move on to the next step - the Foot Massage.

foot spa seat

Leslie was my masseur of the afternoon. If any of you visit Kenko, call for Leslie, he’s good. I fell in love with his fingers.

leslie massuer

“I used to massage till my fingers bled, because you need to use a lot of finger-tip strength; but now I’m better in techniques, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Leslie said.

My eyes nearly bulged out but Leslie just smiled in response. Did I say he’s good in making you feel good?

It was from this,

foot bath
Foot bath

To this,

wrapped foot
The towel looked like baby footwear

And finally to this,

shoulder massage by leslie

And this

massage head by leslie

Leslie, I have one thing to say to you.

You have orgasmic fingers.

Two and a half hours of sheer bliss. I came out refreshed, relaxed and in a dreamy state.

You can go by each session individually, or the whole package – costing only RM220 per person. The Fish Spa Top to Toe package includes the following sessions:
a)Fish Spa Therapy 30 minutes
b)Foot reflexology 60 minutes
c)Shoulder massage 30 minutes
d)Head accupressure 30 minutes

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, Kenko is generous enough to give away FOUR free FSTT package to TWO couples of Nicolekiss’ readers this Valentine’s worth RM880 in total!

All you have to do is to comment below (NOTE: with your email) as to “Why do you want to share this valentine’s with you love ones at Kenko?”

Do not exceed 50 words, comments are monitored. Contest ends 20th Feb 2008. Winners will be notified via emails.

Two winners will have the change to bring his/her love one to enjoy a full Fish Spa Top to Toe at Kenko in their VIP room to which Kenko staff will decorate it especially for the couples.

See how lucky being Nicolekiss reader is?! Even I don’t get that good of a service! *Sniff*

VIP room le!! You want to strip naked and soak your whole body inside the tub also nevermind. Perfect for muslim ladies, skin disorder victims and ah hem… lovey dovey couples.

fingering baby fish

Bye bye baby fishies. Till I see you again.


62 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow...I saw this type of therapy on TV a while ago and now they have this in Msia too.
    Lucky you...

  2. I didn't know they have such thing in KL! At such an affordable price.

  3. kids allowed?

  4. Interesting SPA. Not pricey but don't see the benefit of it. I wonder the company could survive for another 6 months as this is not a very practical biz. High overheads with low pricing startegy...hmmm....

    Assuming an approximate rental of RM35 per sq ft, thal will come up to RM24,500 per month !!!(~700 sq ft). Add electricty bill, fish maintenance & 8-staff cost of another RM15,000.

    Target 300 customers a month charged an average RM80-00 spa fee, that will come up to RM24,000.

    Net loss is estimated at RM15K per month.

    Just my 2 cents!!! Haha

  5. i like your last picture~ anyway, no whys here. student wei..

  6. 50 words ah. Chinese words also can right? So here goes:


  7. How about a poem?

    Tiny little baby fishy,
    Nibble-nibble on my footsie,
    Daddy and Mummy have been really busy,
    No time to rest and take it easy,
    This V day I want to be a filial baby,
    Hope I win this and give them this pressie!

    Melissa Low

  8. Kisses by kenko's fish
    Enable us to enjoy both excitement and health
    Never ever thought of this until Nicole recommend it
    Kite's flying for the old day's valentine, Kenko's for now
    Oh, could this be my valentine?

    *ALL front words are created as KENKO*
    msn =

  9. ur i wanna fuck you version was gorgeous *)

  10. Something new...
    Something special...
    Something different...

    Hmm.. what's there for my beloved one? Shirts, ties, belts, chocolates... boring

    Ahh.. a Fish Spa for 2! Perfect!
    A well-pampered boyfriend = A well-loved me

    I can already see the 'on cloud nine' look on his face!


  11. Love is in the water

    Michael Song

  12. “Why do you want to share this valentine’s with you love ones at Kenko?”

    I want to heal her wounds.
    I want to kiss her bad memories away.
    I want to make her even more beautiful.
    I want her to know, wherever you look, I'm there.
    I want to pamper her.
    I am like the fishes at Kenko's.
    I love you!

  13. I never had a chance to enjoy Valentines with a special someone.

    However, winning this package could give me a chance to date... my dad, of course'__' He's still single btw:p

  14. Daddy's got so much dead, dry and flaky skin literally from head to toe! If Dad could immerse his whole self into the water, Kenko fishies could feast for a week. Mommy loves to eat fish. Feeding the Kenko fishies is the least she could do ;-p

    Kenko fishies are you hungry?


  15. the fish spa experience is cool eh... i had a try of this last month with my sis and it smoothened my legs immediately! hope i could experience it next with my wife.

    Here are my post of the Kenko Fish Spa experience:

  16. I think I want to try getting my feet nibbled too

  17. Nice place!!!

  18. A decade of the same valentine's day celebration has made us feel stressed when we should feel love in the air.

    Kenko will save the day for us by pampering us with 'tingling' sensation of love, tender and care.

    Kenko proved that love exists in the water as well...

    PK NG

  19. Please read up on fish TB or fish tuberculosis.

  20. oh you can that that in odaiba. or is it in kyoto :p rm 38?? cheap~

  21. Interesting! next time must go pavillion when i go to KL to try this fish spa... RM38 sound reasonable also.. hehe

  22. Why do you want to share this valentine’s with you love ones at Kenko?”

    I’d wanna share this valentines day with other half because I believe we would enjoy it. We’re up for tryin something new. He’s leaving for the uk soon so every experience would be a memory to be treasured.This looks kinda fun and I’m a faithful reader of ur blog. XD

    First time posting. Lol

    *Rue Bee*

  23. i want to try Kenko's spa because i would like to feel the lovely nibble at my feet and and the orgasmic hands of Leslie, the massueur.


  24. Why do you want to share this valentine’s with you love ones at Kenko?

    Because we can get orgasm in public. Special isn't it?

  25. I never get the chance to celebrate Valentine's with my girl due to timing problems.. This time, I would like to make it special. Give me the fishes and I'll make sure the message reaches.

  26. hey did u watch ugly betty? apprently the fishes can bite away ur dry skin cells, and leave ur skin feeling really fresh and soft!

  27. Why? Because after more than 25 years of marriage we are still crazy about one another! We would be tickled to have smooth skin once again. We would LOVE to succumb under the orgasmic hands of Leslie. We would be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to NICOLEKISS.


  28. I have read bout this Fish SPa and wanted to try it. Since you have this wonderful contest.

    I will very happy to bring my darling there to enjoy it during Valentine Day. It will surely be a memorable experience if am lucky enough. :)

  29. I love my guy but my parents don’t like him and its stresses us out; I’m in a situation where I have to please both parties. I love him and I don’t want go against my parent’s wishes. We need to pamper ourselves, rejuvenate and continue our journey in relationship.


  30. I never dreamt she would be my girlfriend as I always felt that I’m never good enough to be “hers” but now that I’m hers now on Feb 1st. I want to be able to pamper & love her with Kenko's Valentine gift. It would mean the world to me.

  31. Simple reason.
    I love her and I wish to share everything with her. Another reason is we like to try new things together and this is a good chance since we haven't try it before. :)


  32. lol so so creative that it's actually entertaining reading what they're writing to win those prizes.

    happy valentines day!

  33. The answer is as simple as I still love and care for her after all these years.


  34. NICOLEEE! the FIRST thing that came to my mind when you said you were giving out free packages to KENKO was - no it wasn't about my 22 yr old super hot boyfriend(cos i don't have one.)

    its my parents. :)

    my mom's always asking my sis and i to massage her. so i thought this would be perfect for her. we aren't rich brats, so we can't afford a massage chair. its instead, traditional urut by my sis and i heh.

    my dad's been working very hard lately. with CNY and all.


  35. Hey ho! Wouldn't it be great to visit my in-laws for this festive season? Before I knew my boy, I called him a "catfish" because he looked like one and what better way to celebrate our love than at a fish spa! I LOVE FISH! Oops, HIM!

    Nikita Sia =)
    *cross my fingers*

  36. Fish always attracts me. Back in my schooling days, I called a boy "catfish" as he looked like one. He is my boyfriend since then, doesn't it smell fishy? Well, I love him very much and he's been working hard lately, I wish I can treat him to a spa.

    Nikita Sia =)
    *cross my fingers*

  37. That would be a very good reason for me and my husband to go home and visit my parent. A GOOD massage we both are dying for (without our daugthers)...
    Simply HEAVEN!

    Cath in Richmond, VA USA

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. I am leaving for college soon, all i want is a refreshing spa to let it etch a memories in our life forever.
    Just me and my mummy dearest. xoxo

  40. Nicole, I really want share this with my dear simply because my darling do really have skin disorders on his leg.. I have a photo to prove it! It's dry.. apparently it's called orange skin or something.. a patch on his leg.. it's not so much about me but I think he deserves a good break from work..

    winning this would be a bonus cause I only get to spend quality time with him during mondays.. he runs a restaurant and bar.. he needs a healthy break. and he did mention to me about this fish thingy in pavilion before but he's worried.. ahahahaha. this probably is a good way to drag him with for a try.

  41. Just try it yesterday with my gf...all i can say is "Whaooo!!" tat's amazing and the best spa that i ever tried! totally relaxing when enter the spa, nice decor and nice service...the little fish inside is just too cute! It's worth to have a try with your loved one :)


  42. Hey,

    I need to win the spa package because I need to overcome the fear of being bitten by fishes. My girlfirend and I are planning to go snorkeling at this island, but the last time we went, we were scared to death by the hungry fishes. So I threw all the bread to the other direction at this old lady. She was so schocked to see ALL the fishes swimming her way. :(


  43. Hi Nicole,

    The BF loves foot massages. I have been giving him so many but the he never returns the favour. That lazy lil b*tard! Can I have one so that I can give it to him to give it to me? He just gotten broke from buying our engagement rings :)

    pikachu3009 at yahoo dot com

  44. Fried fish, steamed fish, raw fish..all so yummy! But I've eaten so many fish, it's the fishy's time to eat me back.

    Sister doesn't like fish and deserves to be eaten by fish because of her skin problem, nasty excema, she has been suffering for her whole life!

    Is Nicolekiss kind enough to give her that chance? =)


    ostangel [at] gmail [dot] com

  45. dude, the google ads, how can I add it to my blog? seem my application is being reviewed but my friend can add immidiately. how abt u?

  46. There are so many things,
    My heart wants to say.
    I love you sweetheart,
    There is no other way,
    Than sharing precious moments,
    With you, by your side,
    Laughing away with the tickles,
    Putting minds at ease,
    At the Kenko Fish Spa.

  47. "Why do you want to share this valentine’s with you love ones at Kenko?”

    My husband doesn't believe in Valentine's Day (14 Feb). He says everyday is Valentine's. Duh! Poor me, right? So maybe this could be a chance for us to spend the day together (without the kids) and a reason to drive up to KL (from Singapore). It's been a year since we last visited KL.


  48. i went to Kenko last weekend with my cousins. paying RM38++ to enjoy half an hour is affordable. the services from the little fishie is tremendous~
    but... sorry to say the management is sucks! the staffs's are "inch". they are not friendly & no smile on their face...
    i guess the staffs would not even notice if there are ppl who just walk away without paying anything... but i'm just a nice person, who resist to do things like that, hehe~

  49. ya! i do have the same thoughts too! their staffs are "cool". not even willing to explain more to me when i asked questions.
    in fact, their face is showing "Don't disturb me!"
    anyway, i do enjoy the services from the little fishes, although i don't like the ppl over there.

  50. Hi,

    "Why do you want to share this valentine’s with you love ones at Kenko?”

    Unable to celebrate because I had to rush my assignment. Then, we ended up gambling with friends for the whole night... -____- I still owe him a Valentine gift which I really dont know what should I get him. Fish spa would be a great experience for both of us!


  51. "Why do you want to share this valentine’s with you love ones at Kenko?”

    I enjoyed my hubby massage very much but in reverse, my unprofessional massage skill often make him feel tickling and laughing instead of relaxing so he will ask to stop after a while…Thus hopefully by winning this, hubby can have his first fine massage (happy) which is also free (even happier)!!! Happy belated Valentine

  52. I want to share this Valentine's with my boyfriend at Kenko because my heart aches whenever I see the flaking skin and pimples on his back. I really want to make him feel better; I didn't know how before but now Kenko has given me something to hope for. :)


  53. i've got the ugliest toes in all of Toeland. dead skin, overgrown cuticles..

    the real deal.

    pity my boyfriend coz the first time he gave me a foot rub, he almost passed out in horror.

    or you could pity me coz he doesnt give me romantic foot rubs anymore.


  54. so cool! hopefully i'll have time to check out this place when i'm in kl for the party!

  55. wow.. so many competing for this.
    wanted to try.. but i guess i wont win since im no good with words..

    so anyway, nicole..
    do they hav a website? or tel no?any appointments needed?? coz i wan to bring my parents thr. My dad wanted to go for this fish spa long ago coz he's feet is drying/flaking but we thought thr isnt one in msia!
    i guess it'll be a walk-in thing.
    Therefore i need to know whtr shud i book first?


  56. after doing long-fishtance for 3 years (usa-kl), this will be the fisht valentinesday that we'll be fishically together. he will LOVE the novelty, and what a fishalicious way to celebrate!!


  57. Awesome! Im a fool for massages and this one is must try eh!!

  58. "Why do you want to share this valentine’s with you love ones at Kenko?”

    Here goes my 50 words:

    Every couple should own an outstanding experience together to share with others. Be it a heartwarming one, it could be a heartbreaking one, or even better if it is a heart-stopping one. Being bitten together and watching one another being bitten is a perfect story of such to tell.


  59. Spa means a hot tub or similar warm-water hydromassage facility, usually for more than one person, so what more than to celebrate an auspicous, 2-person day in Kenko Fish Spa.

    Joseph Cheong


  60. “Why do you want to share this valentine’s with your love ones at Kenko?”

    Valentine's come all but once a year,
    Expensive dinners and flowers make him tear;
    Instead of sinful meals, fancy gadgets and gears,
    Kenko's VIP treatment should be a loving cheer;
    With little nibbling fishes and tranquil ambience it is clear,
    Kenko's pampering is the perfect gift for my dear!



  61. That's surely isn't the garra ruffa fish that's famous for the foot therapy in Turkey. It look more like some normal hungry fish. The original one was suppose to suck and not bite. :D