Nicolekiss Homemade Pancakes

Short note: Collection point for Taman Megah Charity is on the 12th of February, 8pm, in front of Marco’s Pizza, Kelana Jaya.

It only takes a small act to make a difference; spread the words today, help the needy. :)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been hooked on Paddington’s dollar pancakes Treasure Box.

treasure box 3

It’s called dollar pancakes because the pancakes are in bite size and looks like dollar coins.

treasure box

You can read about Paddington’s review in my food blog.

Despite my affections towards these little lovelies, it’s not easy to splurge out RM17++ for every meal.

So I decided to attempt my own dollar pancakes at home. :D

Yep! I’m going to cook!!! Or bake? fry? Pan-bake?

Anyway, I went to the supermarket to buy my instant packet of pancake powder, first because it’s easy to make, second because I live alone, I see no point in buying a bag of flour and all the other necessities like vanilla essence, butter, sugar, baking powder, milk and eggs just to make a few pancakes for one person.

So yea, instant pancake is the way to go.

I scooped spoonful of mixture into a medium heat pan with some olive oil in it to avoid paste sticking to the pan, and wait till the third bubble burst before I flip it.

Each individual pancake would take about 30 seconds or less.

After many spoonings (that sounds wrong), this is the result.

homemade dollar pancakes

My very own~~~ Nicolekiss Dollar Pancakes!!

homemade pancakes 2b
Attempting a photo mimic as above.

homemade pancakes 3b
That is honey by the way, I know I’m supposed to use maple syrup, but those don’t come cheap. >_<

Okay la, not too shabby right? It's my first time. Ignore the chao da (burnt) area, it looks okay right? Righttttt?

Anyway, this is me cam-whoring in Paddington House of Pancakes in 1U while waiting for my friend to come.

me 2

Attempting a dawnyang….

me 4

me 5
Babydoll pose

me 3
Finally, my usual self

Diverting from the topic a bit, I have pretty good feedback, in fact out of my expectation, from readers of Nicolekiss to make effort for the CNY charity. You babies make me so proud. *sniff*

screen shot
Personal emails to offer to make donations

Some offered to donate cash, for those I have give them my specially created Nicolekiss Fund Raising bank account details; some offered food and clothings, for those you can refer to the above short note for pick up point info.

I even have few readers from the states and one from Uganda to offer 100 US dollars donation!! I mean, wow, Uganda!!! And some of you say you can’t do anything because you’re not in KL. -.-

In fact, this reader from Uganda was the FIRST to email me! The enthusiasm! Unfortunately I don’t know any convenient and fast international bank/credit transfer apart from paypal and I don’t have a paypal, and I don’t think Malaysians can withdraw money from paypal, can we?

Anyone has any suggestion to help these enthusiasts help the kids by suggesting a reliable money transfer method?


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  1. I shall start by paying into ur account first thing when I wake up tomorrow...

    Is RM50 enough?

  2. Hi, I'm trying to get people to help the hungry by clicking on websites such as and, and I believe that you would help to advertise for such causes :)

    For more information, you can visit

    Thank you Nicole, God bless.

  3. You can use the services of Money Gram Money Transfer recently commercialized by Maybank.

    Read this:


    For local transaction, you can open up a current account to make things easier such as cheque issuance.

    Hope this helps :)

  4. Your fake eyelashes look kinda scary. Can you make em shorter?

  5. Try western union. Available at post office in most countries. In malaysia you can withdraw from post office or CIMB banks.

    Good luck

  6. ur life started to be more challenging and ure growing stronger, tough up nicole

  7. Those pancakes are cute. I'm going to try it and use a round metal cookie cutter in the pan then pour the mix in? Think that would work so the shapes all seragam.

    Anyway Nicole, I commend you on doing the charity work but please be careful. Make sure when you meet with people that you bring along a guy friend or two - don't meet people alone.

    Also I'm sorry for being skeptical but I've heard a lot of scams being done from Africa or South America (like eBay scams). Make sure you do not pay any bank fees or give your main bank account details or such. If I offend the guy from Uganda, please accept my apologies.

    Take care.

  8. How much for those pancakes? Hehe

  9. hey i think the pancakes look pretty coool, did it taste good?? wanna try one too.. btw, r u using fake eyelashes?? or a pretty good mascara?? ur eyes look dazzling!~

  10. okay, if all the above-mentioned not working for that Uganda dude, I can offer to cash out since i have a Paypal a/c.. juz let me know how much he's gonna contribute, then i shall transfer the money into ur Fund Raising bank a/c, n he can pay 2 my Paypal a/c.. ofcoz, i shall contribute mine as well..

    juz pay to my Paypal a/c with email, n Nicole, email me ur Fund Raising bank a/c detail as well.. gd luck on everything, n happy chinese new yr~!!

  11.'s in kelana jaya? duno how to u disclose ur charity fund bank account details? mayb if i have some cash extra i would transfer it as well :)

  12. Are those the pancakes I saw on your table the other night we played monopoly? You didn't even finish them! LOL!!!

  13. hi nicole. you can ask your ugandan reader to send you the money via western another reader mentioned above. you can collect the money from post offices, CIMB and RHB bank. easy and fast. within 15 minutes.

  14. From Uganda?!?! Oh dear... Now i feel even more ashamed of myself.. T_T

    Oh btw, those pancakes looks yummy and gorgeous even tho got a bit chao da there.. ;) I've never made one before..

  15. NICOLE.. u forgot the pose of dawn, where she opens her eyes really big.. hahaha.. :P but good try, and the pancakes look good lah! omg you make me hungry.

    good luck with the donation!

  16. yah Nicole, Malaysian can take out money thru PayPal ma.. check this method to do it..

    mail me at if u wan I can send u this PayPal secrets e-book to u.. keke.. for u is FREE laa since u have a great heart for charity :)


  17. I agree, those fake eyelash is too long for your eyes - very quickly, people know it's fake. Pls use scissor to cut it shorter.

    If you want to put, you should make it look natural. With just eyeliner + eyelash, but no make up/plain on the face and no grey eyeshadow to complement it, you word to describe

    Want to look nice, but turned out looked desperate, fail

  18. I agree, those fake eyelash is too long for your eyes - very quickly, people know it's fake. Pls use scissor to cut it shorter.

    If you want to put, you should make it look natural. With just eyeliner + eyelash, but no make up/plain on the face and no grey eyeshadow to complement it, you word to describe

    Want to look nice, but turned out looked desperate, fail

  19. Ah Nicole, lemember to buy four digit nomber ar~~ Charity blings good luck gar~~ (^_^)"

    Just joking...if loose I may not be lesponsible gar~~~

  20. you can withdraw money from paypal using Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card. $5 will be charged for the transaction of withdraw.

  21. We actually can withdraw money from paypay :) Just that some charges will be applied to us :)

  22. ur eyelashes is a disaster!!! i think u look MUCH better without the fake eyelashes. seriously.

  23. who needs dawnyang when we have nicolekiss!!

  24. you can ask him to pay via t/t

  25. you look good at 1st and last photo

    take care!

  26. Think of doing business with your pancakes,I think you would create a company.