Initial D, Jay Chou and Edison

I was driving home from KL one day when I spotted this car stopping right next to mine at the traffic light.

850 car

Hey, isn't that the car from that anime?

initial d car

It is!! It's the Takumi Fujiwara's Toyota Trueno *update* apparently not* from Intidial D!


It looks exactly the same except the fonts are smaller.

Must be some hardcore fans of Initial D. Or even Jay Chou, since he acted in the movie before.


See, same car, different font size too.


Don't forget the current sex scandalous cute-boy-next-door-no-more Edison Chen who was also in the movie. Such long time ago~


He is cute and he knows it.

But sometimes too sweet of something is bad, I got so tired of scrolling those erotic photos of his and his partners my index finger hurts.

Jay Choy, however, is someone you need to look long and hard enough to learn to appreciate his looks and talents. Like, honestly, he's not born first-eye-caught-dead handsome.


But he does carry himself so well, he generates his own appeal and charms that millions would swoon over.

So here's a topless photo of him.

ÐÂר¼­Ð´Õ漤Ç鶵ãÐãÐؼ¡     ÖܽÜÂ×Ïà¸ôÎåÄ꡶ÒÀÈ»·¶ÌØÎ÷¡·

Now wipe your mouth.


26 kissed Nicole

  1. *wipes*

    eh.. why got curry wan..???

  2. Yay Im 2nd!!! LOL

    Drooling ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =P

    I like Jay but Edison Sucks!! =DD

  3. Jay's the man!! Talented and brings himself about quite well...

    I never liked edison anyways...

  4. Jay rocks! eventhough his sing was kinda sucks !

  5. you owe me money to replace my keyboard! rosak edi coz drooling so much.. lol!! jkjk XD

  6. It's totaly diffrent car moron! it's not even a trueno. do more research before posting up. blah

  7. the last sentence made me LOL.

  8. hehe that was quite an old photo of jay but still droolicious ..! jay is the best of course

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  10. That's not trueno. Hmmm...

  11. Haha Nicole, unfortunately, that's probably a wannabe Datsun owner trying to fool people into thinking that's a Trueno 86 like in the movie/anime. Looks like you got tricked too! =D

    Hahaha, anyway I must admit Jay's seriously become hotter since when I first noticed him in his first album.

    @dk: You can't expect the world to have perfect political correctness right? Nicole's entitled to her own views and your comments aren't helping either.

  12. That looks like a 1980's mazda. "There's no toyota logo on the car, unless he plugs it out already".

    That toyota trueno 86's is not available in M'sia, unless imported from Japan in the 80's or 90's days. But there are some of these cars in M'sia ever since the anime was released world wide.

  13. Samuel,

    There are quite a number of them floating around, surprisingly. Thanks to the Initial D movie a couple of years back, you now have to pay 20 grand for a 20+ year old car =.=

    Itu last gambar, HOTNESS... =D

    Happy New Year~!

  14. Errr... that car doesn't seems like AE86. Initial D story is focus on this Toyota AE86, beating more powerful car compare to itself.
    The car that you saw sure got the same sticker. But the model is totally different. Hehe.

  15. ryosuketakahashi12/2/08 12:07 PM

    the car is diff~~ hehe...trueno is the word and AE86 is the model. Even the rear is's forgivable tho since u're not really a super duper car fan..keke

  16. Haha, you still scrolling through the photos? I dun see any of the photos.

  17. Edison chen is sucker he alway
    carry his sucking attitute on his face i never like him from day 1,
    Jay & edison r not comparable.

  18. you never reveal at the end whether you like jay or edison.... well, which one is it?

  19. Confirm its a mazda 323 GTX. Sometimes we see quite a lot of these wannabes on the road. Fairly entertaining and never fails to make me laugh. Hehe

  20. Now I wonder is that really Jay Choy's body...heehee

  21. Good points on JayChou!
    lolx...The car really special,i mean the words.

  22. yongkailoon13/2/08 9:58 AM

    Maybe he too delivers 'tofu' !

  23. I dunno what effect u intend to leave on the reader by depicting Jay to be an appealing with his fully clothed one moment and topless the next.

    But I sure had to wipe my mouth....

  24. ah jay chou! ah jay chou! ah jay chou! ah jay chou! ah jay chou! ah jay chou! ah jay chou! ah jay chou! ah jay chou!


  25. whoa tat pic of jay chou... almost licked the monitor

  26. car on the pic is a mazda 323, car from initial D is Toyota Truene AE86