Nicolekiss Charity Visit – First 15 Minutes

It was a grand day, five cars front to back drove steadily towards the handicap orphanage fully loaded; as we unload, more cars drove up and more Nicolekiss’ charity visitors dropped in simultaneously.

While I was busy carrying the stuff and greeting the owner of the orphanage.

Our first ‘victim’ has already been chosen.

kid hugging andy

Met S… (forgot her name), she’s an 8 year old down syndrome girl. The moment Andy walked through the gate, she ran up and grabbed hold of him with a grip so fierce Andy couldn’t move.

5 min hug

So he waited…

10 min hugging

And waited…

15 min hugging

And gave up...

n min hugging
*omg, so cute*

I assumed this was going to be a loooooooooong day.

*to be continued*


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  1. What a patience guy. I wonder what my action will be if I was in his place. Give up, maybe?

  2. I applaud your charitable work, Nicole! ***Big round of applause all the way from Miri*** and the crowd goes "raaaah! raaaah!"

  3. I guess Andy's a very handsome looking guy then....(^_^)

    Cute cute cute...

  4. Hahaha.. Did the girl call Andy.. "Dadddyyy !!!" *LOL*

  5. haha andy looks so paiseh. anyway, think the more appropriate terminology is "disabled" and not handicap.

  6. whenever one visited a is not the visitor who are "pouring" or contributing to the residents..but in actual fact, the kids are the souls whom "warm" the visitor's hearts and grounding them to be a better person.
    nicole, u n yr frens did a great job and keep up the good spirit in sharing..there is always more to learn from kids, they are just "small people with a HUGE heart"...their love is unconditional and it is indeed a great lesson for us to learn from them instead.
    go the distance and live life with passion.

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......................... oh my gosh... so cute lah.. XD

  8. I went once too, and you will find out we live our lives better than these people. Nicole, you did a GREAT job =D

  9. Hope Andy offloaded some load before coming here. If not, it will be a very long day indeed.

  10. So cute...
    Andy too...

  11. hi there! nice blog you have here. i enjoyed reading them - even the old posts (i haven't finished them all though). continue your good deeds!


  12. That's adorable. You're such a great person for helping those who are in need! Respect!


  13. haha this is hilarious...and cute too

  14. that gal's got the very 'in' korean hair bun =p

  15. the little girl really stayed still for the first 10 minutes?! Respect to the guy who got such patience too.

  16. windwalker25/2/08 8:32 PM

    I'm sure d kids are very happy when seeing u people visiting them...

  17. noris: haha.. she's too cute to resist

    balqiz: *shyyyyyyyyy*

    jacky: i'll tell him that :)

    ahlost: haha.. not really, in fact i never heard her spoke the whole time

    kimberlycun: he is... he's like.."what should i do? i dono what to do"

    holeechong: i totally agree with u on this one

    amanda: yea mannnnnnnnnnnnnn

    dw3n: made us realised how lucky we are

    der: thanks

    simon seow: haha..i never thought of that!

    bobby: wa...u're reading all of them a?

    ruyi: i idolise angelina jolie, she's the great one.

    aldrin: haha...

    lasilasi: o.. now that u've mentioned it

    julian: anyone wud.. how can one resist?

    windwalker: they are the loveliest bunch

  18. Maybe there's something wrong with me. I felt like crying when i saw these pics. It's.. touching.

  19. sweet... (this brightened up my day)

  20. i went to the home once and i remember the girl always cry :( and its so sad to see them all like that. sighs, makes me realize how lucky i am! and good job there, spread the love ;)

  21. Aiyoh! So cute la. Sweet post.

  22. yes Nicocoa, I AM reading them blog by blog. :)

  23. Please count me in for yr next visit as I am also interested to do some charity work too. FYI we also do an annual charity work for old folks home n orphanage under the Lions Club of Damansara banner.

    Please leave me a mail :

  24. That was a gd blog on the visit
    U are an angel.
    your papa and mama brought u up

    tears roll down my cheek! serious

  25. Nicole, i hv sent u emails regarding my interest in charity work n to join u for next visits.. hope u do see them..