Ironic Sign at Manhattan Fish Market

Short Note: Monopoly board game is creating a WORLD edition Monopoly!

Guess what?! 20 most voted cities in the world will be chosen to be on the board.
Imagine KL on World Monopoly?! Fast fast go register and vote for Kuala Lumpur to be on the board! Vote everyday OK!!! Cause I will!!

funny sign


wouldn't Manhattan close shop if all the fish lover cooks/waiters stop cooking/serving fish to the customers?

I can already imagine,

"No, don't eat the fish! Save the fish!!" *Waiter throws himself over the table of dory fillets*


17 kissed Nicole

  1. yes go vote for Kuala Lumpur!!

    Hmm.. I shall apply fot MFM Management Trainee :P

  2. Uh, we can vote more than once?

    Anyway, maybe Manhattan Fish Market wants the kind of fish lover who goes "I love fish, they're delicious!" :P Then they'd probably accept their salary in kilos of fish instead of RM. lol

  3. MFM would close shop with/without fish lovers anyway, their food stinks. Fit for only dogs and Singaporeans.

  4. this shop ive seen b4 but never got in, their impression to me are, profesionals in fish, quality fish, and have some secret country cooking recipe, do they?.. and i think they are 1st in malaysia, just like The chicken rice shop, specialized in chicken and this would be fish

  5. I'm gonna eat all the fish if i work there....cause i'm a fish lover....i need to eat fish everyday....i have too much protein ,hehex

  6. first vote Kuala Lumpur! :P

  7. haha nicole! i'm working there now lol.

  8. wow...Kuala Lumpur also got in the list. Good Good. Vote for
    Kuala Lumpur.

  9. hey,
    just wondering. would you ever date a stranger?

  10. keke. malaysia got my vote :P Malaysia Boleh!!

  11. yapthomas: u got vote today or not? Malaysia now positioned 50 le~ T_T

    wp: ya can.. once a day

    shadowfox: i tot it was rather nice, then again i dun eat fried food

    der: first time i went there i was totally blown away

    xiangmei: how can you?! so cruel! :p

    peter: gogo!

    michelle chin: yea i was laughing when i saw the sign

    ying ling: got free fish to eat? :D

    jeromefo: yea man, i wanna buy KL and rent out.

    anon: er... the first message after i enable public comments is this?

    maverick: must enter top 20!!

  12. gong xi fatt chai to you jiejie nic .. i am going to japan tomorrow .. :)

    will visit your blg again when i come back to HK ok?

    till then, take care!

  13. voted KL... and only KL :-)

  14. yongkailoon4/2/08 2:03 PM

    KL for Monopoly ? Wow that is really interesting !

  15. i see a cute cute hamster giving away ang paus on ur banner LOL! sho sho cute!