Rainbow at night

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Sometimes I like to walk alone on the street of some foreign land and watch the world go by.

You never know what you will see in another perspective when you switch your mind off.

The clouds talk back to you, the stars wink and passer-bys in different clothing look like a painting. And then the world stops as you sip your tea, resume when you look up. Fast forward as you gaze and slow down when you’re focusing.

I still do that in Malaysia though, sometimes on LRT.

lrt burger

With my camera.

hand groping
Groping on train

The bridge connecting Kelana Jaya LRT station and 7-11 is always bedazzling to me. I was walking pass one day and decided to pause and play with my camera.

If you set your camera on the edge, set it to manual and capture for however long the camera requires (say 1 second), this is what you will get.

night light

I was shaking a bit to it appears to have two lines for each car light passing by.

If you set your ISO to about 800, you can actually capture the cars in motion.

street light

Return to normal ISO (100 or 200 is fine), increase exposure,

street light 2

If you’re really able to not move at all, you can create neon lights.

street light 3

I walked to the other side of the bridge for different effect.

street red light
Red light district

It’s amazing how different angle and increased exposure can create different exposed photo.

street red and white light

Add movement to it.

moving street light

And the world draws with you.

Now this is the fun part.

Go all the way vertical.

moving street light vertically

Or all the way horizontal.

moving street light horizontally

Why not combine both directions.

moving street light up and down

I can do this whole night.

Try it. And show me (blog and give me a link if you don’t mind).

“The world is a canvas through a photographer’s eye” – line of famous photographers



30 kissed Nicole

  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai! That is quite creative of you. And I like the 'train groping' shot. Nice spot!
    I actually posted the following quetion in one of your previous post but just in case you missed it and I am still wondering - I was browsing you photos taken during the CNY and something caught my eye. Just curious, are you 'heng hua lang'? If you're not then i guess you won't understand my question but your 'mi suah' photo happen to resemble the 'heng hua mi suah' that my grandma would prepare every year during CNY.

  2. Err....It's look like "art".
    Good take though.

    For me in Hokkien, it's call "Bo Tai Chi Cho" or "Chiak Pa Siun Ge Eng".....Haha.

  3. Hahaha cool shots.. Check mine out


  4. hey, i'm not first!!

    anyway, nice photos.

    i like photos like that

    makes a very nice image

  5. The best time exposure shot is during a fire performance at AIESEC Malaysia AMAN Night 2007 dinner.

    You can see it here. It was really good shot!

    Shot 1

    Shot 2

  6. The electric shots was taken in a car while driving.. Try it, sit on a passenger seat and use a long exposure shot.

    But not too long cause it might get overexposed.

    The electric is actually the streetlights.. hehe

    thanks for your comments though :)

  7. nice picture u've got!! playing around with shutter speed are awesome!

  8. Hihi,, Nice photo!!

    What kind of camera r u using now?? And how much? I really need a good camera.. haha

  9. U r into Photography Nicole?...hehe...That's very exciting to noe...

    "He does not capture pictures, he captures life..." from a Photographer (^_^)

  10. Heh, looks quite fun. I don't carry a camera, but just sometimes I'm out and wish I did.

  11. you should try with longer exposure timings and it is beautiful,like a city bustling w transportations. neon all over.

    (ok i am finally going to vietnam)

  12. DonovanLim17/2/08 5:36 AM

    hey nicole dat red light district area looks like kelana jaya LRT station, am I right?

  13. Don't think I will see that kind of advertisement in the subway in my area though it will be nice, much better then looking at boring dentist ads or crap.

  14. Oooookkkk....... Now I am having a headache. Panadol please.

  15. hey...i used to pass by that bridge (almost) everyday...i used to stay at Kelana Jaya ^___^ wonder if it changed so much...it's been almost 3 years since i left m'sia

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  17. It's called "panning effect". Check out mine.

  18. Let's share our work with everyone.

    ColinJong.com-Light in the Night 3
    ColinJong.com-Light in the Night 2
    ColinJong.com-Light in the Night 1

    Hope you will enjoy and please give me any comments, thanks.

  19. It's cool...

  20. oh that's so cool! lol. wonder if i can do that. hehe.. :D

    urm, what is ISO?

  21. You are very creative. That's the bridge I often passed and I rarely stopped by.


  22. Whoa, didn't notice you were so near to my house.

    Nice shots btw! :D

  23. good artwork, r u a art student?

  24. Sorry la, poor blogger without any camera here.

  25. i'm in the learning of snapping photos... y don't come over and have a look... ;)

  26. Here's mine.
    Amateur though.


    i like yours.

  27. Wow...the effect of the last few pics are so nice!

  28. I've got some pics.. But not yet take them out from the CF Card. Whoops..