The Chinese New Year Dinner

Since so many of you are so sensitive about money, here’s a photo to compare the new and the old RM50 notes.

old and new money
The new one seems a bit smaller

Which one do you like?

Just before I enter the topic, one day before CNY I met up with one of my reader in Melaka, Terrance.


Terrance now works in Singapore and is noble enough to take the effort to email me so we can meet somewhere in Melaka to pass me some contributions for the orphans. He and his friend filled up my car bunk pretty quickly with rice and used clothes.

terrance putting rice in car

I’m beginning to wonder if I need a truck on the actual pick up day (12th Feb if you don’t know yet).

Now back to my dinner.

Every year on the second day of Chinese New Year, like tradition, my family throws a big family reunion dinner as any lucky restaurant out there lucky enough to have us, this year we chose famous lucky, see how lucky it is?

That means if there’s ever one chance to eat Yee Sang during CNY, this is it.

yee sang in a bowl
See the succulent raw salmon on top? Pathetically small isn’t it?

It is also the time of the festival, apart from the first morning, when we have to put on our dinner gown and dresses and heavier make ups to have a proper FAMILY DINNER together.

By proper I mean shouting “yam seng” till the roof comes off when cheering beers and wine and tossing food (yee sang la) everywhere and even at your cousins.

This is my outfit this year.

I got the top from Zara sales

As usual, simple hair do is the way to go for me. This year I tie half a bun with a single chopstick.

me 2

And glittery teddy bear earrings. (from Voir)

However this year, I got a surprise! I’m meeting my god-daughter for the very first time!!


Her name is Syn Yu. 14 months old.

god sis and daughter

Isn’t she adorable?! Btw, that’s my god-sister, who is also my cousin.

god sis and daughter 2

Syn Yu so cute!! But she’s really shy~ she won’t let anyone but her mother hug her. T_T I wanna hug Syn Yu~~~~~

me at dinner
Here’s one more photo of me

Uncle Ti Siong, who is a captain of a boat that sails the world and only returns once a blue moon, is the family photographer every CNY without fail. I don’t know how to refer him as since he’s cousin of my dad’s.

me and ti siong uncle

So thanks to him, here is my family photo.

family photo 1

She’s considered part of the family right? I mean, she is afterall my mom’s god-daughter. LOL

Kidding, here's the proper family photo.

family photo 2

Yes, that’s my 6ft 3 brother you’re looking at. Hansum or not? (say Hamsum or I’ll shoot you)


32 kissed Nicole

  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Sze Zu Yee, Shen Thi Chien Khang !!

  2. one word, hansum.
    gong xi fa cai!

  3. both of you have the eys of your mom..Ur brother look like ur mom hehe

  4. Hey,

    Not sure if you already know, your god-daughter has got a squint. She probably needs to see the opthalmologist or she will develop a lazy eye.

  5. Wah~~~ What a BIG~~~ Brother u have there... XD

    U look cool with the new out fit... :)

  6. wah.. your bro so tall @.@

  7. he looks alot like ur mum

  8. In case you need a van for transportation, i have an old estima which can be converted to pick-up truck...hahaha....on your call!!!

  9. Lovely family, lovely gathering

  10. woot! 6 ft!

    hey.. i've collected till my car all full!

  11. You have a beautiful family, really :) really nice to see your family. Altho' I'm just an outsider, or a blog-reader.

  12. Happy CNY,

    You look really good in the Ao Dai you wore for the first day on CNY. However, turtle necks is not that flattering for you.

    Wonderful to have such a good time with family over a meal. Thats the hallmark of a close-knit chinese family. :)

    I was in Melaka over CNY as well. Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall is HUGE!! and i bumped into Mr Tan Kim Hock as well...

  13. nice hairstyle! if possible, could you blog about how to do it? XP

  14. wah very h.a.n.s.u.m ar....
    =p kou dai wai mang summore =p


  15. Happy New Year, Nicole!

    Your brother is tall. Very tall.

  16. funny.. the chop stick on the head . . . :p
    but still looking great..
    your bro not hansom !!!
    but ko tai wai mang !!!

  17. Your Dad's cousin is your 'cousin once removed'. But it's probably quicker and less ambiguous to say he's your Dad's cousin. ;-)

  18. William Tan11/2/08 7:32 PM

    Happy New Year Nicole. It's good to see a family photo, am still waiting for my first ever..

    Your bro, gosh he's tall alright. Hansum as well (as I wanna live). I'm shorter but more handsome than him LOL! ;p

  19. lovely family photo Nicole! :D

    gorgeous pink top! i want one too! *sob* *sob*

    Oh and Happy CNY to u & family......

  20. nicole i love you but... WTF ARE YOU WEARING!

  21. He is Hamsum... but u are prettier... *wink*

  22. he looks like ur mom, u looks like ur father lol

  23. hey you....

    hope you still remember who i am..the one having same drink with you at "Kah Fei Guan" with you and all my cousin...on the 1st day of CNY...hehe..

    Seems like you have a busy CNY o....enjoy it? What happened to your mommy's neck? Is she ok? Hope she get well soon....

    are you back in KL?

  24. Wa.. u so pretty. hehe.. I like ur hair la!! So straight and silky!! ^^

  25. kong hei fatt choy...

    to auntie... speedy recovery, san tai kin hong...

    to uncle... san yi heng long...

    to tall brother... sap chuin sap mei k...

    to nicole... fai tit kit farn!!!

    *sorry i dunno chinese, all in cantonese pinyin :P

  26. TJS so hansum!!!

  27. TJS!!! since when did u have a blogger sister. kamonnn

  28. Boy you are good I loved your period explanation you should be a midle school teacher!~

  29. Boy you are good I loved your period explanation you should be a midle school teacher!~

  30. Kristof herpy@scarlet.be9/11/08 3:44 AM

    Very nice blog... Maybe one day I will visit your country
    Greetz from
    Kristof 25yo belgium