Preparation for Nicolekiss Charity

Short Note: Happy 1-day-late Valentines Everyone!

Valentines is finally over two hours ago as the clock struck midnight.

It was just another day for single people like me. If you want to know, I had a quiet dinner in Puchong and came back shortly to continue on my … erm… work.

All was fine because you know what? I have spent my V-day a day earlier making dates with 136 kids. It was awesome and I couldn’t ask for more.

12th Feb – the Collection Pick Up Meeting in front of Marcos
wasn’t a pleasing response. Out of the 20 people who gave words to come didn’t show up, but the contributions were none-the-less far beyond expectation.

Some gave cash, some gave milk powders, but Jacky Chin (nicknamed Chubby Chin) made it all up.

jacky chin

With an impressive amount of contributions, I don’t even know where to start describe my first reaction when I saw his boot, I was blown away. All I remembered was 60cans of baked beans and boxes upon boxes of Cintan Mee. LOL (is there a box of eggs too?)


Among the odd stuff given were an automatic boat toy, a trolley bag, branded polo shirts, and this very cute doggy.

soft toys

I also went shopping that afternoon to get some candies for the kids.


Amounting to RM153.

receipt for candies
Wow a, that’s a lot of candies.

13th Feb – Day of Visit

Finally it was the day to visit the orphans and I have some remaining things to do.

Because it was Chinese New Year, I decided to celebrate CNY with the kids by giving each of every one of them Ang Pows as allowances (according to the orphanage owner, some of these kids who are able have their own bank accounts and for those unable ones, they share a combined account).

So I have to head to the bank to change into smaller notes, also to collect some ang pows packets.

exchange money
Counting RM5

When I first posted an entry asking for help, I didn’t expect much. It was an innocent act with no intention to gather anything more than two bags of rice or maybe 10 cans of cookies.

But then as emails started pouring in from all around Malaysia and even the world, and as money and contributions started flowing in. Things slightly got out of hand.

The contributions collected mounted up to three cars full.


And I couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone out there who showed support to this charity, financially, materialistically, or physically, or all.

However, I would like to share the most of this credit with the one person who helped me made it all happened.

Meet my partner in crime.

partner in crime

Yap Thomas.

Half of the contributions you have seen were from his network of friends, and thanks to him, he helped me chauffeur the things here and there when my car was full and out of hand.

And yes, that’s cold hard cash in our hands.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the money raised for this event from what was a small entry has exceeded a total of RM3400.


I was rich for a day.

money body
sorry, couldn't resist

It was only up till this point that I realized how easy enough to just take the money and put them in my pocket. Made me realized why money was never seen once passed through many fund raising organizations out there.

It was tempting, a lot of cash, but most importantly, no one will know.

But I’m a person of strong karma belief. And taking money of the needy will have karma hitting HARD on you. So yes, idea abandoned as fast as it came before you can say "what?! RM3400!!!"

preparing ang pows
Putting RM5 into ang pows and receiving calls from various readers who joined for the visit that day

Now~~~~ it’s time to visit! (next post)

List of donated items:

9 biscuit tins
1 bottle Ribena
60 cans of baked beans
6 bucket of nata de coco pudding
4 packs of Vico powder (2kg)
3 packs of Nespray milk powder (2.3kg)
4 packs of Milo powder (1kg & 2kg)
3 cans of Nacissos Mushrooms
2 cans of Hosen Corn
2 cans of Golden Fish Golden Mushrooms
4 packs of Pagoda Groundnuts
2 cans of Tuna spread
4 Chinese New Year cookies (random types)
13 packs of chocolate bars (Cadbury, Kit Kat, Cloud 9, Crispy)
3 tins of Sustagen milk powder
9 boxes of mandarin oranges
3 bags of rice
13 trays of eggs
6 boxes of Cintan instant noodles
4 packs of Mamees snacks
4 packs of M&M’s
3 cartons of flavored drink
3 cans of lychee syrup
11 bags full of cloths

1 trolley school bag
3 bags of soft toys
Some toys and stationeries

Total Donation in cash: RM 3491.52
Ang Paos given: RM 700.00
Candies given: RM 153.66
Cash remaining given: RM 2637.86


49 kissed Nicole

  1. *jaw dropped* THe amount food and clothing donations multiplied on day 2 of collection?!?!?!?

  2. ......
    im totally speechless.

  3. Guys you if been there... and gotten some of the listed items from the admins of the Charity..

    Those kids consume lots stuff. etc. 150 fish per meal... 10kg of vege ...

  4. Eh, I look so dorkie on the picture lar~ (^_^)"

    It was a pleasure to be a part of this Charity effort lar~

    Thank you Nicole and friends, it was a wonderful day...

    Chubby Chin

  5. WOW!!! That is what you call, GENEROUS!

  6. God bless!!

    You're amazing! Actually i think it would be better to use those remaining cash and donate more things like food, clothes, and toys. cash are dangerous. who knows where they may go, at least we know the food goes into the stomach of the needy.


    WELL DONE!! =D

  7. err.. err..
    but most of it (cash) came from ur readers.. :)
    I just helped a lil bit only..

  8. Wow..what a success! how i wish i were thr to help too...i really dont mind to even make some sandwiches..salad..fried chicken..for them. after all its chinese new year.

  9. that alots of food .... how to eat?! give/donate to people ?! just give like that ?~

  10. way to go nic! this a success! i pround of u nic!

  11. Well done Nicole! You deserve a special treat.

  12. I just wished to say - you have a heart of gold...

  13. Hey, I've been reading your post on and off, this is one hell of great things you have done. I'm proud that there are still lots of Malaysian who are willing to sacrifice their time for charity. I used to visit the orphanage quite often last time, they really brighten up my day whenever I visit them, cute, innocent and very naive. Seeing them laugh and smile and jump around are the biggest return from them. Would love to join you guys if I'm in Malaysia next time. Have a good day, angel from heaven.

  14. I felt so bad. I should've given more cash. But hey, this is all about charity and no competition so I hope my cash came in handy despite the litte amount.

    The rest of the items donated are more than enough to last for the kids. I'm glad you had a great time with them.

  15. willar: i also shocked

    julianmator: haha

    MC: finally, someone who understands

    jacky chin: haha.. u look fine :D

    mrdakota: ya man~

    huei: it depends how much you trust the orphanage i guess, but i do agree with you in most cases it's dangerous

    samuel: good work to everyone!

    yapthomas: next time we go again, i miss the kids already!

    eileen: u shud. they're so lovely!

    rambochai: how to eat? 136 mouths are a lot to feed u know~

    tykiasu: yes it was! I'm so proud of everyone

    roger: really? i want starbucks

    anon: credit doesn't belong to me, seriously.

    kent: yea.. the kids were gorgeous, i could hug them forever.

    abby: no no.... contribution is contribution, thanks for coming the other day. :)


  16. kudos to you and everyone that's involved. this is a great thing to do!

  17. Nicole,
    I know your intention is good, very noble and I am sure lots of people, including me, really appreciate what you have done. But just be careful, don't go into trouble. I think (I may be wrong here) you need permit from relevant authorities when it come to receiving cash, even for this kind of purpose.

    Well done again

  18. kimberlycun: want to join me next time? :)

    justine: thanks :*>

    kakifikir: well like i said, this was meant to be a personal visit hoping to collect nothing more than a few cookies.

  19. You did a good job, and the whole thing was a success. The needy must be really happy to know that there are people who are still concern of them.

  20. Whoa!! You guys definitely have a heart of gold!!

  21. Dear Nicole, that is amazing. What are you going to do with the money left over? My suggestion to you is to spend it on some more stuff to donate. This time to the old folks' homes. I once heard that the old folks are much more in need compared to the children because most donators would donate to the kids. This was highlighted in the newspaper long ago, I don't know if things have improved though. Good work and God bless you and your donators!

  22. good job. congrats.

    i'll fork in for nico-charity II.

  23. Sure Nicole. Anything you want. See ya in March.

  24. Well done. I must say I didn't expect tins of baked beans to be yellow and green. Though in fairness I didn't know you ate them in Malaysia at all.

  25. sorry ler, i read your mail late. i totally forgot about it. so so sorry. sorry kids!

  26. Congrats Nicole!!

  27. That's good stuff Nicole.. Good work together with Thomas. You guys are doing a very good job and also a role model to every young people.

    To counter the pic of you being showered with RM3400. Yes I may not have 3400 to pour all over me but that sum equals to my 2 weeks wages after tax :)

    ~ William Tan

  28. so what are the odds of another of this charity thing. i'd really like to help out la.

  29. Thanks nicole for making their (orphans) day...Keep it up..JIA YOU!!

  30. Ooo...It's look like a lot of people comment in ur blog.It had increased a lot! Plenty! Anyway,u had done good deeds!

  31. Great job for taking the initiatives. Kudos to all those involved. :)

  32. woww...that's awesome.
    great job! :) it's really nice hearing about kind acts of charity, and im sure they really appreciate what you're doing for theM!! please tell me if ever you're going again...i would love to help out if im in the country.

  33. noble indeed.
    where there was so many people using their fame and charisma for personal gain, yet there still are people like you out there.
    i salute you.

  34. go nicole! good on you, yay!
    i blogged abt you once being a stand out charity helper that you are and there were some losers who snubbed you. grr i still stand my ground and i support you ;) you doing a good job, a good deed, very nicely done!

  35. Great work in organizing this Nicole. Paiseh la me, didn't contribute anything I was in Singapore from 11th to 14th. Next time, I'll contribute. Want me to be a driver no problem, money a little I still can afford, be a kuli also no problem but if it's more than 20 kg might be a problem.

  36. first time reading your blog. you did a great job on everything.

  37. Wonderful job, Nicole & all of those who've helped! I wish i could too. T.T

    I do learn sth from what u've done Nicole. Once i graduate from University, I will know what to do with my extra money. :)

    May God bless you all!

  38. Nicole & Thomas, it is indeed very good and wonderful thing that you are doing what U are doing & should be encouraged.

    However, I feel U should restrict to contribution by goods & not CASH as I have had first hand experience with the establishment and all I can say is that the children are the least likely to benefit from your genuine act of kindness.

    Those that intend to contribute your share to charitable homes, pls always check on the background before hand.

  39. Anonymous of 16/2/08 1:30PM,

    I guess what are they gonna do with the cash is really depend on them. Leave it to God to judge them, as we do what we have and could do by getting something done.

    But knowing the home and looking at the condition, I am glad to say that we did our best and it is their lost if they mishandle the CASH donated.

  40. i've been silently reading ur blog..

    im amazed at the effort u've made for those kids.. ur very generous. =) God bless.

  41. great effort... guess this is the best way to spend CNY... Giving back to the society... Will join u if I'm able to go to KL the next time u r gonna do this... for now will be cash... cash is the only way anyone from other places can contribute...

  42. Hi Nicole. I saw the bag i donate ! if i have more can i still donate ? if you and thomas have another charity thingy, do let me know...i'll try to ask around ! :) Tk care ~

  43. Very kind of you & God bless. keep up the good work.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. efforts count..congrats but kinda late to find out on ur cny charity n its done..
    But im hoping for ya next charity plan..perhaps next cny or sooner..wish to gv a hand..