Tallest Residential Building in the World

So I went back to Gold Coast for my final stop before I flew back to Malaysia. Finally, I was getting restless to be honest, and I couldn't wait for my move to Thailand after my Australia trip.

This time I met up with Jon, a charming 18 year old that looked like a 21 with a quirky childish and funny personality.

jon and dim sum

We took a drive to the pier to feel the chilly wind and watch the sunset.

sunset at pier

golden sunset

me standing at the pier

Saw some people caught octopus with fishing rod, which was a first, for me and them.

octopus fishing

It was pretty cool until they took a knife out and sliced the octopus in half cause it was sticking everywhere.

sitting at the pier

Gold Coast was a great place to do any sort of water activities, one of the most intriguing (at least to me) water sport was wind surfing,

wind surfing

if not for the weather, I would have been the first in line (and probably the only one) to run down the beach and ask those beach hunks to teach me how to wind surf on the spot!

wind surfers

(I told myself back then: If I ever had the chance in the future, I am so going to pick up wind surfing, after snowboarding)

Anyway, I am going to write about this building that Jon took me, which was supposed to be iconic in Gold Coast. Most people who've been here would know about Q Deck, but I supposed not all has been up there before.

q deck

What I liked about this building was that it claimed to be the World's Tallest Residential Building.

q deck building

world tallest buildings

The claim, in my opinion, was really priceless. I mean, it's funny how people can find almost any statement just to sell. Like how Malaysia claimed our twin tower to be the World's Tallest Twin Towers, like duh, how many really tall twin towers you can find out there anyway.

dusk in gold coast

You know what? I bet any randomly picked millionaire can build his own World's Tallest Decaplets Residential Pink Towers, nay, make it easier, Pink Polka Dot Houses.

Which could could be what? Made of 2-storeys? Heck I can even create my very own world record which consists of toothpicks and dog's fur.

That day I was at the Perth's airport and I saw the duty free claiming itself to be Perth's Largest Tax Free Shopping Destination at the duty free area. HA HA. Like they have a lot of competitions to start with anyway. -.-

Ciken I can even claim to have the biggest man-made chocolate pool in Melaka, which could be the smallest pool you've ever seen. Just let me find a really big laundry pail.

Ok, enough being mean.

It's still pretty impressive. *though it doesn't look that tall to me* *cough*

q deck and petronas comparison

But I have to give full credit to its lift, which claimed to be one of the world's fastest lifts, and I was really impressed/shocked by the speed the lift was able to go up.

two tickets to Q Deck
First we got two tickets.

floor 1
Then we got in the lift

The speed of the lift was so fast that even the camera couldn't capture the number on the display screen in time.

floor 7
7? 8?

The number was increasing ever so fiercely speedy it was impossible to catch just one number at a time.

floor 17
17? 18?

And then we were on the 77th floor in a jiff.

floor 77

Q bar on Q deck

View of Gold Coast atop was beautiful.

coast line 2

Well, surfer's paradise to be exact. (it's the name of a place in gold coast if you think surfer's paradise is a metaphor here)

beautiful gold coast

I like the fact that the city was so close to the sea, side by side, next to each other, civilization versus nature.

beautiful coast line

But my favourite photo of all is this.

sea, river and city
to get wallpaper size, go to this entry.

Sea, city, river.

See how close the river is to the sea. Fresh versus salt water. It's amazing. The landscape despite civilization was simply amazing.

Anyway, sunset at Q Deck was also a spectacular scene.

sunset on Q deck

jon sunset emo pose
Jon's emo pose

Good chance to camwhore too.

kissing the sun
Sun kiss

eating sunlight
Walloping the sun

And everyone should have a hand sunset photo like this. I mean everyone, it's a must.

heart shape sunset

Some random facts from Q Deck.

Do you know Wellington is only 2500 over kms away from the building?

far away wellington
Start driving and swimming now, you might just reach it before the year end.

And also, I am going to show you a photo of me from when I was 17. It's completely hideous and geeky.
So brace yourself.

unisa student card

*bangga* Legitimate student from Unisa ok!
I know I know, I look weird, and innocent, and nerdy. I heard that a million times.

We stayed on Q Deck till it was dark, had some cakes and drinks while at it so we could take night photos of Gold Coast.

There you go.

gold coast beach night view

gold coast at night

Beautiful isn't it?

The next day I missed my flight back to Malaysia. T_T

Panicked for a day thinking I was going to end up being an illegal immigrant for good.

Then was relieved when I had friends (including Jon) who helped me out of the country. :D

Good friends are hard to come by. *sniff*

So I paid AUD700+ to get my sorry ass one way out from Gold Coast two days later.

airasia x wing

With it I brought back from souvenirs from Australia, mainly from Hunter Valley.


Caramelized balsamic vinegar, everyone just have to try it! *point left*


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  1. Hey, I love the Gold Coast beaches photo in daytime... Can you make a wallpaper from it?

    The sun is nice though just like mooncake eggyolk...

  2. My god, so beautiful, so much regret in my heart, should have spent an additional day there =(

  3. Absolutely stunning!

    Glad you got back okay!! I cannot believe the amount of haters you get in your comments - if I had that many toxic people commenting I would probably cave in and moderate them away!

  4. The night view is amazing!

  5. Wow! wat a 'powderful' sight.
    No wonder its call GOLDcoast.

  6. Your Chinese name same as Shu Qi?? lol

  7. Was that you!!!! I don't believe a million times!!!! Wind surfing... sounds nice. Another activity on my list.

  8. I love the photo where you make a heart with your hands and captures the sunset inside it. :)

    Yes, everyone needs to have one like that.

  9. hey babe, that's kiteboarding, not windsurfing! haha. glad u had fun

  10. love the night picture you posted, do you have the wallpaper size of it? :-)

  11. It's really a great view you got from the pictures you took! Loved it!

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  13. FYI, there are more than 30 existing Twin Towers on this earth!

  14. Wow! 20 Twin Towers! But I love Petronas Twin Towers... Nicest of all!

  15. Anyone wanting to come to the gold coast and want a good tour around please feel free to contact me.. my email is whackle_jon@hotmail.com / whacklejon@gmail.com

    feel free to email me before hand and let me know the dates you are flying in.. I would love to show you guys around too :) hehe..

  16. Jon jon.... turned into a tour agent eh?

  17. Nicole!!! It was really great meeting you for the first time, I'm so happy. My dad always updates me on your news articles before I get around them. Haha.

    Keep in touch ya.

    Oh I miss Gold Coast, went there when I was really young... time to refresh my memory.

  18. Are the bottles so made to lean to the left or you didn't hold your camera upright?

  19. hahaha casey!! yes!! you wanna come too? come with your girlfriend la :) hahha love to show you guys around once again :) hahaha