Sand Writing Cards

Anything can be made into a business.

It's just depending on how creative one's mind is.

I walked through a bazaar in Gold Coast and came across this.

good day sand writing

A personalized sand writing greeting card!

How creative is that?

It requires no cost! And it's uber romantic!

I can't remember how much was it to write something like this? I remember that it requires at least one waiting day, and then possibly cost around AUD15 - 25 per card.

engagement sand writing

love you dad sand writing

I like how they have little things to decorate the sand, like small flowers or shells.

To make it even more long lasting, they even made the photos into small fridge magnets for those who wants to make this a long lasting memory.

sand writing magnet

Seriously, nothing can be a more personalized gift than this.

I so totally love these!


Anyway, I've done up two Gold Coast wallpapers for a reader who specially requested for it. ;)

gold coast wallpaper 2
Click for wallpaper size.

gold coast wallpaper
Click for wallpaper size.

Seriously, is there anyone who's collecting any of these wallpapers at all? Soon you'll have Nicolekiss wallpaper around the world.


14 kissed Nicole

  1. Love the post card too...Lovely and brilliant!

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  3. Thanks Nicole! Emm, I've been collecting your wallpapers that you've post... I love nature and city theme wallpaper! Hope to hear another collection of your wallpapers around the world...

    For your initiative, I try to do something for you as a payback! >.<

  4. me too!!love all the photos ur taking...especialy the SEA!!!!

  5. I am using one of your wallpapers. The one on Bondi Beach. Absolutely breath-taking. Love the one with the vast field too. I want more lovely wallpapers! XD Thanks.

  6. Hi Nicole, love your blog and travelling updates. Pls take care and hope you enjoy whatever ur doing while it lasts!! *hugs*

  7. i almost got the card when i was there 2 weeks back...

    how was your NZ trip? good?

  8. lovely picture nic!
    And yes, I love those sandy greeting card, truly impressive :-)

  9. yup, indeed a creative way to decorate cards. i would love to get my hands on them and sent it to my love ones "i love you, --- "

  10. They are nice! May be these 2 are a bit overexposed. Try to adjust the brightness and contrast a bit using photo software.

  11. amazing post card designs :)

  12. Great Wallpapers,I live on Gold coast at Burleigh heads