Australia Zoo - Tiger Temple

Okay, so this is the real tiger temple.

saluting to the lion statue
a replica of all the angkor's tiger.

cambodian replica statue

In this post, not only you will see real tigers.

tiger by the pool

You will see them swim!

tiger ready to jump

You will also see them hang out with human! Like friends!!

chilling out with tiger

I suppose one of the most memorable trip during my Brisbane stay was visiting the Australia Zoo and the highlight of it all was the temple tiger.

I've never seen such magnificent animals at such close proximity and with such energy.
Most tigers I've seen in zoos are either lazing around all day long or sleeping. Pretty boring creatures, I used to think.

trio tigers

But no, not these tigers. These tigers are playful and fun to watch.

playing with tigers on land

playing with tigers in the water

They're so adorable I even created a comic strip on it.


swimming tiger
*Happily swimming* "La la la"

human tiger playing in water
"Oh look, Human."

wanna play

no biting

pushing tiger away

tiger splashing water

don't be cheeky

throw tantrum

cute tiger

don't look away

still wanna play


human tiger hug

wet tiger

Everybody says aweeeeeeee~~~~ (watch video here)

Damn, now somebody tell me where I can adopt a cub?


15 kissed Nicole

  1. So cute! Hehe, and your comic strip is pretty funny :D

  2. so so so soooo cuteee.....
    i want one!!

  3. yup, the tiger definitely looks really cute. although it tends to look more like a gigantic cat with strong paws and teeth.

  4. I don't think there is any chance you can get a cub for yourself... hehe... But they are really cute! Awesome!!!

  5. Stunning post! I love your commentary too.

    By the way, you can adopt a tiger cub at WWF.

  6. Hahaha..I'm not so sure it was all just in fun, as much as it was "*I'M GONNA WRAP MY HUGE ARMS/LEGS AROUND U & CHOMP ON U!!!*"

  7. AWWWWW!
    hahaha a cub has never been this cute before :)

  8. i also want a cub then i wanna inject something so that they would be a cub forever! muahaha..

    no le, that's against nature but i agree, cubs are cute!

  9. Jazlyn i agree wif u too! I wanna have a cute gf & inject her wif something to keep her that way forever! Also against nature! lol

  10. I was looking for one important picture but it was not posted here. The picture of Nicole swimming and playing with the tigers.

  11. hey! i really like your blog. photography, it! =)

    p.s. i love tigers too :D

  12. beh, I missed out.. I was at work while you had fun :)

  13. wat has happen to u nicole..ure still writing bout aus when u visitted a gazzillion years away... as a travel blog writer plz come up wif somethin new..plz dont publish for the sake of coming out with a post or to come out with a ad!!! u used to giv good tips.. pick up the slack

  14. This is dangerous. How he managed to get so intimate with the tiger without being hurt. Remember a Malaysian killed by tigers in Singapore Zoo?

  15. this helped me release my stress for tmr's exams...:)