Brisbane - A Day Tour

So I left Hunter with Kif the driver and move into Newscastle, stayed a night and flew to Brisbane the next day.

hunter valley to brisbane

We met up with William, my lovely Brisbane reader.

William is one of the greatest guy you can ever meet in your life, he's a devoted Christian and does his church work hard, he participate in a lot of volunteer work and a lovely social person to be with. He reminds me of those people whose heart is made of pure gold, and shines like a beacon once you get to know him.

me and william on citycat
Apparently that's the only photo I have of him while I was there -.-. I'm on Citycat btw.

The first night we arrived, William and his friend greeted us at the airport and brought us out for seafood platter at a take away cafe, then up to Mount Cootha before we retire for the night.

Mount Cootha beautiful brisbane night view

Lovely view of Brisbane ain't it? :D
It was bloody cold and windy up there. :(

The next morning William took Kif and me out for a day walk in the city.

Brisbane is like this modern metropolitan city with a rural life, a cross of metropolitan and the countryside.

railway bridge
the railway bridge

Despite it's beautiful and new architecture, Brisbane people is living a slow-paced life. Reminds me of almost of Adelaide really.

William Jolly Bridge
William Jolly Bridge - William called this his bridge. -.-

We took a stroll down the South Bank (not the vulgar cartoon Southpark), and wondered why do they need an artificial beach in the city when Gold Coast is just an hour drive away. Or two?

articifial beach

But it was a lovely modern looking park anyway. That's the thing, everything and everywhere in Brisbane looks incredibly modern and new. It just didn't fit the lifestyle the people are living here.

Across the river I spotted a citycat and decided to make this a wallpaper.

brisbane city wallpaper 2
Click for wallpaper size.

Brisbane City by the river.

brisbane wall paper
Click for wallpaper size.

We hopped onto the Citycat and cruise down the river - well to the other side of the city.

citycat view of Brisbane
Nice right this shot? Should I put it as wallpaper too?

I think it was a sunday so practically everything's closed. So by the time I had an early dinner, I walked back to my accomodation (or William's place). William has gone off meeting his church friends and Kif was staying over at his friend's.

Walking alone in the dark I spotted a nocturnal creature in the nearby neighbourhood.

nocturnal creature

Can someone tell me what creature is this?

creature at night

Anyone? A "musang"?


18 kissed Nicole

  1. it's a possum :)

  2. haha.. Nic, you flattered me with your kind words.. am just doing what I can to be your host.. : ):)

    It would be great if you're coming back to Brissie

  3. possum, it is..lots of them there

  4. yeah definately a possum! they like to go on roofs if im not wrong

  5. It's a possum, they always search for food in the rubbish bin. When I was studying in Brisbane I always see them at night running around and I heard my housemates from Norway went to a place for possum meat, how cruel.

    You should've visited Botanic Garden, just next to my uni, QUT. Very nice place for walk.

  6. It's a possum all right. Possums are nasty little creatures, they love to steal fruit!

  7. it's a common brush-tailed possum...they usually come out from the bushes during winter to scavenge for food and have been regarded as pests by locals...Not funny when they get electrocuted chewing on wiring and die in the ceiling :/

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Its a bush baby! they have massive eyes

  10. I thought I was with you when you took the pic of the possum.. We're walking back from Coffee Club on Sunday night. our journey back you were sharing about the lifestyle in Vietnam..

    I had chicken while you only had a drink.. I told you that I'm going to take you out for dinner once I got back from church but apparently you ate heaps of chips with my housemate and his friend.

  11. common brush-tailed possum definitely...
    little thieves that ravage the bins and steal food!
    & you're right, they give a nasty bite! oh and they're pretty good at acting dead, only to spring up and surprise you! (leaving a nasty bite on your arm or worse, face!)

  12. ang moh musang other wise known as possum wtf and they f**k a lot and make a lot of noise at night that i used to hate them.


  13. OOo!I thought its a lemur for a sec..damn excited never see such animal when i was there!Possum ar..?hm...

  14. common brushtail possum. :) they're protected in australia because they're marsupials, but in new zealand, they're labeled as the number 1 vertebrate pest cos they spread Bovine Tuberculosis to domestic livestock and threaten native biota :S

  15. Dun know what it is called in English. 狸猫, is it?

  16. possum la...had a lot near my house in melbourne last time

  17. possum, be glad that the one you saw was alive... it's very common to find these creatures dead at the side of the streets in ozland, i think i've seen more dead ones than live ones!

  18. Possums! They're everywhere! In Oz i mean.. if they're in some of the Asian countries u prolly wont find them in city streets coz they'll be hunted and eaten. =X