Pillow Fight Day

I like pillows.

They’re soft, feathery, fluffy, and puffy.

When you sink into them, you melt into a paradise of OOZE and AHHH.

messy bed in the morning

Pillows make the macho-est girl gets all cuddly.

caryn and her pillow

It makes the manliest man whimper.

gerald and his pillow

By god it even makes Shawn the Asian Indiana Jones go all girly on bed.

shawn and his pillow
Come to me baby!

Which is what makes Pillow Fight so fun! And cuddly!

me pillow fight

And ferocious.

Don’t take this teddy bear cutesy party lightly.

It’s a war of betrayal, sleek cheekiness and deceit.

gerald pillow fight with i am not here
“Die! Die you!”

You never know when someone you trust with your dear life is going to sneak up on you when you least expected it.

It’s a game of intellect, strategy and good reflex.

Which is why you should anticipate the international pillow fight day on the 2nd April 2009!!


Oh yes, Kuala Lumpur is joining in as well, together with other 60 over cities in the world.

Just imagine,

pillow fight sexy rink ring ko feathers test 2007 news white house com

Or this,


Okay, it’s actually more like this.


Just reading the facts on the site excites me and saddens me at the same time. Excited because Malaysia is actually organizing such a fun event in KL (which doesn’t happen often here), sad because, damn it, I won’t be in the country to participate!

And the nearest city I could go to to participate is 15 hours drive from here. (Sydney if you want to know, and I’m in Adelaide now)

- The interesting part about this event is that you won’t know the SECRET location of the Pillow Fight Point until the day itself.
- And to know the Pillow Fight Point you have know to go the Gathering Point which will be revealed on the site at 2am on the 2nd of April. Confusing? Yes. Mysteriously fun? Definitely.

Now there will be two team, white and blue, you will be assigned on the day itself by Pillow Fight Police.

The highlight of the event, however, is that you have to bring your own pillow.
*hint hint* If I were you I would probably bring a sand bag
But I’m not you so I’m not that evil. Muahaha.

Some of the Rules you might want to know: Never hit someone without a pillow (pretty darn difficult task if you ask me, with all the blinding feathers and smackings in the face).

Street-smart tip: Don’t wear your spectacles.

Final tip:

pillow fight with gerald

Have No Mercy!!

PS// Location of the Gathering Point has been revealed! Watch video.


7 kissed Nicole

  1. I'm in! Too bad I live in GA, US...haha.

    Looks like you had quite a nice pillow fight of your own, though. :P

  2. Ah, actually, there's one in Atlanta - not too far at all!

  3. gah! no pillow fight here in KK! ;(

  4. I would prefer PILLOW TALK to PILLOW FIGHT

  5. Hey! You're in Adelaide again?

  6. Melbourne had this last year! Don't know if they're having it again this year though, but too bad you left already :)

  7. saw u in rundle street yesterday...