LG Prada Launch Part 2 - Prada Link

Short Note: I have just landed in Tasmania! Convict town of the 1800s.
It kinda reminds me a bit of Holland by the sea, and a bit of England in the 1800s.

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So I had my eye lash and color contacts on

my eye

My hair curled

my curly hair

my lucky necklace

my look

A cute top

my back

It's time to attend the LG Prada launch.


Now I can be honest and tell you I don't know much about gadgets, not about their functions or what they can or can't do. I won't lie to you.

But I enjoy having techy gadgets around. I like features in the phones (that I'm familiar with) that are able to help me to complete my daily routines and internet dosage. Such as wifi, touch screen, 3G, MMS, video, good quality camera, bluetooth, etc.

However, I also like having a nice girly fashionable phone. Something sleek, trendy, speaks for itself, and a fashion statement.

LG prada phone

And I can tell you straight, LG Prada phone is a fashion statement *period*

It's sleek, mysterious, dark, and trendy.
And it has 3 inch capacitive touch screen display.

Casey tried using this phone and people would approach him and comment: "wa... Prada o".

We managed to land ourselves a set of this device for a try out. I love the casing of the phone. O btw, I started a new gadget blog called Gizlounge. We wrote a Part 1 of our review on LG Prada - the unboxing.

The other thing that I like about the LG Prada was the Prada Link.

prada catalouge

Yes it's a watch. It's also a phone as well as wrist accessory that links with the phone through bluetooth that enables users to receive and read sms and incoming calls alerts (with vibration).

cool prada link

Hah. Finally, a phone watch combination set!

new prada phone set

Read more review on the technical aspect here - Part 2.

I was actually tempted to get the watch minus the phone just because it looks so trendy. But I think the combination is quite the perfect match. *Imagine using them with my Prada bag :D :D*

Too bad none of us ever receive a free phone though. :( :(

bloggers from asia
Bloggers from Asia countries.

So what do you think? Nice to see nice to hold right?

korean guy

I mean the phone. Please.


13 kissed Nicole

  1. wow, I love those contacts. They look amazing. Where did you get them from?

  2. hi,can i know what brand is your contact lens?i just bought my colour con and wasted almost RM100 on 2 pairs..it looks really FAKE,ugly and horrible..the seller gave me false description .. :(

  3. Are you back in Aus? Coming to Brisbane again?

  4. Just found out about your blog from Jerine... Interesting! Nice blog... And u did ur travel alone? wow.. I love traveling too.. But to go alone, I wont dare too.. Anyway, u really impressed me.. :)

  5. Girl u look sweet n cute - not the PRADA

  6. joisle: got them online :D

    kimmy: thanks!

    anon: er.... can't remember. i think it might be geo?

    joanne: yea am back. not no, heading further down south this time.

    sweet lavender: u have a sweet blog too. love the design, jerine is a very sweet girl :D

    thunderbird25: prada nice what~ prada ooooo~ :p

  7. Have u been to Port Arthur in Tasmania? That's where they sent all the convicts to during the 1800s

  8. Lashesssss~! Where did you get your falsies? They look amazing on you. I oso want! ^.^

  9. Yes girl, Prada is nice but not as nice as you >>> simply becoz u r a LIVING CHINA DOLL >:-)

  10. Ouch, I've been electrocuted by the eyes~


  11. Is he blogger from Korea? Btw, the link to part 2 from part 1 wrong link leh.

  12. You look like one of those adorable anime characters! Only you're real :)