New Chipster Cool Contest!

Have you seen the new Chipster in town?

chipsters on shelf

The first time I saw it I didn’t bring any cash with me, but I bought a packet anyway (can only afford one with the coins I have) so try.

Sadly to say I left it in “someone’s” car and that “someone” in the end ate my brand new flavor Chipster. :(

So a week ago I bought four.

four packs of chipsters

Take that! Hmph, no one go eating my Chipster without telling me.

This gives me a good reason to participate and also introduce to you a new game from Chipster. (They always have very cool games, I also realized their marketing skill is crazily amazing!)

chipster webpage

This time instead of the cartoon genie girl (well, she’s still there), Chipster got Ean and JJ to be the spokesperson for this campaign!

My two favourite DJs on my favourite breakfast show! (yes yes we all know we miss Rudy, but Ean is adorable! He always gets bullied by JJ, lol)

JJ so cute!

ean in girl dress
Why is Ean the damsel in distress? (see what I mean, always get bullied, lol)
(Go watch the video, it’s the coolest!)

This is how the contest works.

First you go to this site and join as a member.

If you’re already a member, just sign in with your account and select “Direct A Movie Now!”.

Choose a theme then upload photos of your face and your friend’s so you can “act” as the casts in the film!

me and shawn as casts

I know. We look absolutely stunning! (and cute!! ^^) Haha, sorry la Shawn, you have to be the ke-le-fe.

Then you write the script.


This must be the easiest script to write in the world for a “movie”.
I can already imagine what I am going to write in the last box, and it’s “WTF?”

Then save your title and save and submit!

Oh yea… forgot one thing, don’t forget to eat your Chipster, cause you will need the unique code on the Chipster promo pack in order to participate in the contest. :D
Submission date between now till 12pm of 8th June 2009.

For the sake of free things, join the fun and direct your own videos.
What do you think of mine?

I’m so wanna win! They’re giving out MacBook Air!!!!!!!!

Submit your video now too!

ps// Grand Prize and first prize winner will also get to be featured in the finale movie on TV3.


9 kissed Nicole

  1. He he! Your 'minions' looks real~

  2. Good thing u mentioned what the prize

  3. i like ur being a decent gal but ur blog is rather boring :|

  4. I have to agree.... BORING!

  5. What makes you think she is a decent girl? LOL

  6. Hey, Nicole! Submit your application and I will vote for you... Vote for me too :n]