First it gets foggy, then it gets colder.

I survived 3 years without constant internet!!!! OMG!!!!

wait, maybe that was 3 days?
or was it 2 days?


Anyway~~ I have left lovely Malborough and hit Christchurch town two hours ago!
Guess how I got here?! Guess guess guess.


You'll never guess.

I hitched a ride down. Ho Ho Ho~!

With this really lovely senior Swedish couple and their rented Ford Focus whom I met last night at the lodge I stayed, and they even offered me free dinner (they were cooking, I was having chips and wine for dinner, a bloke's meal they call it)

Then they brought me on a detour to Kaikoura to see some seals and have lunch before continuing the trip down to Christchurch! Wow, free roadtrip! It was REALLY foggy in Kaikoura though.

I must be a really lucky solo traveler.

Yesterday I rented a bicycle to cycle the wine trail drawn out of my friendly lodge's owner,

me in my cool helmet

and after visiting two wineries, I decided to stop by this really fancy and expensive restaurant/winery for my first meal of the day.

malborough wine trail

in front of herzog
Herzog bistro behind me

There I met these two super friendly and uber nice Australian couple who were sitting next to me. They saw me alone there so they chatted me up. After 10 mins, I was invited to be seated at their table to dine with them. How nice!

me sitting in garden

ron and rose
Ron and Rose

My NZD21 entre, some raw beef slices

After lunch, they asked me to join them in their car to visit the rest of the wineries.

Cycling? or sit in a comfy car being driven around with two lovely Australians?

Like duh!

So we went around drinking as much wine as we could. I try not to take in so much as I would still need to cycle back later. (left my bike at the bistro, hehe)


As a teaser post about my trip in beautiful New Zealand, here's something I would like to share with everyone from Malborough.

cheese souffle

Cheese souffle is the BOMB!


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Nice to see your sign again.
    You are not alone on your way, I insist that.
    Good luck!

  2. waa nicole, uve so much fun ther.
    keep posting k ... im always have slightly concern cos ur travelling alone ~ take care on ur trip ^^

  3. Wow, so you're in Christchurch now. I just arrived back in Christchurch yesterday, from road trip around North Island. Just flick me an email if you need anything, I can show you around Christchurch today (I'm studying in University of Canterbury). Enjoy the Garden City of NZ! Keep warm. :D

  4. 'is forcing friends to go on roadtrip to the Marlborough Wine Trail this semester break teehee'

  5. Wowww..... !!! Thats was a bomb!!!