Irwin's Family Merchandise

Just before you feel too sorry for the Irwin's family after Steve's departure.

You know that the family is doing pretty darn good when they come out with their own merchandises.

bindi talking doll
Yes, you know you've made it when you have your own action figure!

bindi action figures
Yes, Bindi is the daughter, thank you Mr. Obvious

Or dolls.

bindi dolls

Or purse.

bindi pink purse

What about some postcards.

family postcard

terri irwin postcard

steve irwin postcard

Say your own magazine?

robert magazine

Or even better, your very own calendars with huge hunks carrying you.

bindi calendar

And god, how old was she/he?!

It gets better...

bindi july 24 birthday

What great idea. Now the whole world knows when her birthday is.


5 kissed Nicole

  1. I'm the first perhaps?

    That is cool. I saw Bindi in Racheal Rays show .. She seems to be a celebrity herself.

  2. like father like daughter...

  3. I think Bindi will be like his father... Proud of her. She will resurrect the legend of Steve Irwin!

  4. that's such a brilliant idea to get famous worldwide. but she's still so young and lost a father, felt pity for her.

  5. Bindi pls dun go near to Sting Ray.