Get-me-back fund raising campaign

*update* I have already gotten enough funds from some of my friends here in OZ and my best friend from Malaysia to get me a ticket back to Malaysia. Thank you guys!!! *update*

I missed my flight.



I am half laughing and half crying right now.

You know when you feel too traumatized and you don't know how to react, the only thing you can do is force a few weak laughs at yourself.

So yea... HA HA HA~

This is the proof that I missed my flight in case anyone says I am lying, which is common because that's what haters do. They do not have a life and they live their life bashing on others, ability to re-check on one's blog every two hours just so it satisfies them to think they are making a tiny speck of difference in this world. It amazes me how people like this exist.

But yea, here is my flight details.

gold coast ticket

Check the 8:40hr. It's two hours ahead of Malaysian's time here so it's actually 12:38pm here at the moment. I was 10 mins late, and the fact that I have to be at the airport an hour prior to departure slipped my mind.

I've gotten so used to flying on virgin blue, and flying back home just felt like flying to another state, and usually this sort of flight takes half an hour prior departure to check in.

In fact, when I was at the airport, I even went to queue at the virgin blue line. SIGH.. Why am I so blur!!!

You know what's wrose? I don't have any money with me now!!!

I'm broke. Nil, none, nothing.

After five weeks in Australia, I spent every single thing I've got and managed to struggled the last of my week going though Brisbane and Gold coast, thinking to myself all will be fine when I board the plane.

But now?! NOW?!!!

Now I don't know how long am I going to be stuck here!!!!

What am I going to do?!!! T_T Someone just kill me. I don't even have enough money to travel down to harbour bridge in Sydney to commit suicide. T_T

This is what I have left.


I have 10 kiwi dollars, 10 arab Dirhams, 48 Malaysian Ringgit, 16 American Dollars, a five Australian dollar note and three Australian dollar coins.

T______________T (multiple sobs)

So this is why...... I am going to hold a Get-Nicolekiss-Back fund raising campaign.

Yep, this is a first ever get-a-homeless-broke-blogger-back-to-malaysia fund raising campaign.

I am completely broke and I cannot afford another cent apart from the AUD I have in the photo above. And the scary part, I AM NOT EVEN JOKING!!

Any supporter? Volunteer? Donors?

I need like AUD540 to fly myself back to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

I have an ANZ Australian bank account. T_T
I think I can start a Paypal to my ANZ account. Can I?

*update* I have already gotten enough funds from some of my friends here in OZ and my best friend from Malaysia to get me a ticket back to Malaysia. Thank you guys!!! *update*

Anyone who is kind enough to bring me back to my beloved home country, please send your charity offer to

I miss Nasi Lemak!!!


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  1. blasphemy..!!

  2. I thought whatever time stamped on the Departure, would be the local time at the departure airport, which means you should have gone there at 0640hrs.
    1238hrs is not 2 hours ahead of 0840hrs's 4 hours ahead. ^^ I think you were beaten up by too much drinking the night before?
    It's okay Nicole...we all make mistakes, we all learn from it.

  3. huh. :)

    i gotta coupla hundred RM for you. you gotta promise me one weekend when you're famous, we go to somewhere and make some kids happy. i know its not a good look to blackmail someone stranded in an airport but hey - it's all good.. ;)

    dunno how fast the money'll get to you tho. i got a HSBC account that's pretty good, but it's after 11.30am now so sometimes transfer takes a couple of days. anywho that's what i go. gimme your account number if you feel we gonna try it anyway.

    woulda offered more (and upped the ante LOL) but i don't got. sorry.

    why am i doing this for you? .. because i been on the road.

  4. Kan u have all your friends in Aust you blog about? Sure they can help what?!

  5. anon 1130am: I arrived at the airport local time 7:50am. Blogging in the University of Griffith atm because i don't know where else to go.

  6. Set up the Paypal account, and the Singaporean will help you :P

  7. Do you have Paypal? I have USD20 in mine now and malas also want to withdraw. I can transfer that to you. I know it's not much but I guess it's something... -_-"

  8. Hi Nicole,

    I can transfer few pounds to you just as donation if you accept paypal. Thats the only payment method I have right now. =)

  9. My dear,wat can i help to transfer to you?or book ticket for you?wit condition-1 post card.:-)ha...christopher here...

  10. can i paypal u.. i can help a bit if can paypal coz i dun wan go through the hassle of doing bank transfer

  11. Remember to buy 'something nice' for Daniel as promised.

  12. hi girl,

    my bad, didn't register the gmail.

    i'll write this to your gmail too but if you read this earlier, pls send your bank account details i.e. which city you opened it in and your full name.

    email me these details to k?

    be safe.

  13. time to call daddy or bf? heehee

  14. Sorry to hear that. Hope you keep your chin up. Perhaps try check with your cousin from Canberra or Kenny Sia for financial assistance? After all, Kenny got money that he just booked ticket for Paris. Hope all the best is on your side!

  15. OMG! Sorry to hear that.
    As a full time traveler you should be aware of the time differences and flight transit procedures. Its supposed to be your second nature like kids taking school bus to school every morning.

    This is where credit card do wonders. All the best and swipe away! Have a save journey home.

  16. Oh gosh, nicole, I'm worried for you. I wish I can help, but I do not have paypal. I'm sorry.

  17. nicole,

    check your gmail.

  18. talk about having quite a travel experience eh... hope all works out and you get back safe.

  19. When you miss an international flight, don't they give you a space on the next available flight? That's what usually happens.

    Hate to be a critic but the story does sound dubious so as you can guess you will not be getting any monies from me.

  20. By the way, you're a student, right? You don't need to study? Where do you get all the money to travel anyway? Am curious...

  21. siao aahh...go so far never bring plastic is it...worst come to worst borrow from malaysian ambassador lah High Street Windsor Vic 3181 Tel: (03) 9529 4507, free nasi lemak for you :D

  22. i think the fastest way to get help is ask your parents. Y dont u ask them instead to do like that?

  23. PayPal can only be link through US Bank accounts. However they can be link with any major credit card link to your PayPal account. Unfortunately there is a withdrawal fee of US5.00 and takes up to 5-7 business days for the funds to be credited into your card.

  24. Oops sorry I just found out there was a site and they do accept withdrawals through an Australia account.

    You can check out the details here:

    I think its better you link it up with PayPal then it will be easier to transact money to you.

  25. Nicole, that is not your account number. That is just your ANZ ATM Card number.

    You should go to your nearest ANZ branch and ask them for your BSB Number and Account Number.

    If you have made it back to Msia, then its all good!

    Good Luck

  26. oh goodness, hope you'll be back soon ;)

  27. Please call your parents or your Aussie friends for help. Simple as that.

  28. Don't you have a credit card?

  29. Woooaaah... that's a disaster!
    I feel sorry for you Nicole.

    How much more do you need(let me know in Euros please)?

    I could try to make an online transfer using internet banking(hopefully it's faster that way)

    Good luck!

  30. Sigh... how can u miss your flight???

    How come u have Aussie account???!!!

  31. Um, AUD$540 equates to roughly RM1,490.81. Best way to get the cash is to offer your presence to grace a function for a donation, like Who, me? suggested. But the cash may not get to you fast enough. As it is, you don't have a lot of cash to get by at any rate for the moment. Don't you have a credit card or something for backup for situations like this? Alternatively, since you've got the ANZ Bank account, can't you get your cousin in Oz to wire/transfer you the money and repay her when you get back here? It should be a lot faster, since it's an Oz to Oz transfer. A Malaysia-Oz transfer may take a few days as well. Not too sure if you will be allowed to withdraw funds from Paypal through the Oz banks and whether you can do it instantaneously. (Paypal's link on withdrawals:- Fastest bet to get the cash is still an Oz-Oz bank transfer. Good luck!

  32. I understand ur situation and felt sorry for it. But asking sumone to pay for ur mistake using the blog is kinda abusing ur popularity isn't it? 1400 plus malaysia ringgit is not at a small sum for a lot of malaysians. U shld hv asked for a loan from ur readers instead. Jz my humble opinion

  33. melakagirl11/9/08 8:24 PM

    can i send u my copy of FHM Sept issue to show my support? i'm a student i don't have extras to help u...i'm so sorry...if it's fine with u,then it's fine v me :)

    will pray for u to get home soon

  34. Hey guys, I kinda accidentally deleted some of the comments. So I am going to publish them here from the cache file instead.

  35. Get a job in AUS - Nothing’s free

    Nicole: I have work to do back home

  36. Contact your Cousin sister for financial assistance will be the quickest solution I guess. Pay her back when you’re in home soil

    – Kevin Eng

  37. What about your Manado diving trip on 16th Sept?! You mentioned that everyone attending need at least RM800 for the dive and stay and food… Since you’ve spent every pennies in Australia, how are you gonna make it to youir next trip? Or you might wanna use the money to settle your flight first?

    – Aus

    Nicole: I'll be back before that apparently

  38. Can’t you get the airline to re-issue… perhaps a gesture of goodwill.. or you could just buy a ticket online… just need a credit card number

    Hahah like you… push the bounderies :)

    - (@l)

  39. erm, can;t u just use ur credit card n pay back later? or ur parent's money? i am sure they will help u? instead of asking money from ur readers? tat's just so weird

    - (wtf)

  40. Do you have a paypal account? :)

    - Wendy

    Nicole: I don't have one. But it's ok. Don't need it now apparently. :)

  41. Nicole...a big mistake for a frequent traveller like you... Sorry to hear that. I think you should just call up your cousin to get help. Would like to help but I have no $$. You have my moral support! God bless.

    – Anonymous

    Nicole: I know, I feel like knocking my head. thanks though.

  42. Nicole...a big mistake for a frequent traveller like you... Sorry to hear that. I think you should just call up your cousin to get help. Would like to help but I have no $$. You have my moral support! God bless.

    – Anonymous

    Nicole: I know, I feel like knocking my head. thanks though.

  43. This is extreme...!!! My goodness... You always make me speechless...

    Better for u to borrow fr Malaysians, at least easier to return the money when u come back...


    Wonder who's gonna provide u shelter tonight... Hmmm...

    – Geli Tifa

    Nicole: why la~ haha. Patricia is my host in Gold coast, she's lovely.

  44. yes you borrow from your Ozzie frens first then pay them back later la. At least it's easier then getting ppl to give you free money.

    I want to travel with free money too! anyone wana sponsor?

    - Anonymous

  45. It doesnt make sense. Why dont you ask your parents for money instead of asking your readers? Its as if you're exploiting us readers ya know. And im sure your parents will be more than willing to provide you the cash so you can reach home safe. Not trying to judge. Just curious.

  46. sarah palin11/9/08 10:21 PM

    too bad...i can only donate you some tears T_T, better luck next time

  47. Hope u r back home safely...Waiting for yr next field report !!

  48. To anonymous said...11/9/08 4:09 PM,from you response don't think you have taken any low cost airlines before, once you miss it, is your own problem.
    Normally they don't replace even if they willing to replace, you still have to paid a nominal fees to get on the next flight.

  49. Hi Nicole, Nice to know that you are to secure ample funds to fly back. Enjoyed your nasi lemak when are back.

    Ong TY

  50. You should ask your cousin or call home for SOS instead of getting help from your readers. Unless of course you got no one in Aussie, perhaps this is ok. But you hv a relative there ... and that's what they are for.

  51. missing a plane can be quite 'traumatizing'. especially when you're traveling on a shoestring. i miss my flight back to when i visited chiangmai. thank god for credit cards, and thank god for backpackers' inn.

    so, your *update says you have enough funds to return, but then the comments indicate otherwise...

  52. as much as i love to help, the day you asked me on msn, i was away at work =.=" and when i finally got home around 12am, u're not logged on anymore :(! sorry love.

  53. Sorry to hear of your problem, as a frequent traveller, you could get an emergency loan from your cousins or friends in OZ, I am sure the help will come. As for me, I get a loan from local friends, once come back, quickly find the cash to pay back as good faith. I would advised not to ask for cash from readers here, we do support you but not this way.
    Hope you reach home safely to blog another day.

  54. wah nicole..haiya u so lucky la ..i mean look at its blessing.. u miss ur flight but u get to travel by other ppl donations.. some ppl like me got to save our own money to travel sob.sob...

    all come lets donate to her so that she can travel the world..

    will do overtime to donate to u miss :)

    have a safe flight back :)

  55. Just curious, how come they didnt put you on the next available flight when you missed the earlier one? maybe that cheapo airline have got a clause somewhere about situations like this is it.

    I missed a couple of flights in the US before and they always managed to put me on the next available flight on the lousiest seats and also a long lecture that comes along with it. Not to forget that I had to hunt for my lugages later as my lugages got on the right flight and I didnt and probably a second round of lecture at arrival with the lugage dept.

    Haha. I hope you have a great flight home now. Cheers.

  56. blurry you. Anyways, welcome back to Malaysia. We all missed you!

  57. This has got to be the most ridiculous / shameless thing I have ever seen.

    Amazing. Truly amazing.