I have no wireless internet nor phone access!

So I have left Wellington, took the ferry across the sea, hit picton, changed onto a shuttle and now stranded in the middle of no where of the beautiful Malborough wine country.

There are no wireless internet here and I am paying 2 dollars per 20 mins to go online to update this short post and check on a few things. Yup.

So I guess I won't be using much of the internet till I hit Christchurch two days later.

Ride on the ferry was splendid, it's more luxurious than I anticipated, for NZD55 one day, sitting around the lounge area with plenty of room to run around and bar and cafe that served good food and wine. WINE! Ho ho, I love this country. The ride took about 3 hours 20 mins, it was pretty relaxing, didn't regret choosing it over plane. If given the chance, I'll definitely ride the ferry again. Oh, I boarded bluebridge btw.

Oh, and I found out the New Zealand subway do taste better than Malaysia! Like a lot better. Okay, maybe that someone who told me was actually indicating about Australian Subway, but they're pratically the same aight?

I didn't get a car in the end, why? Two reasons. I tried to book it online last night but on the last few minute, the dates I was eyeing on were booked by someone else?! Suddenly it became unavailable. I can't book it a day later even! So I guess I have no choice but to stick to bicycle tomorrow. It's good excuse to give myself some exercise. Gonna get some bottles back tomorrow and drink it in my lodge's lounge and watch New Zealand Next Top Model on chanel 3. :D

Oh the other reason was also an excuse. Since I'm no longer renting a car, I saved some moolah so I decided to splurge on some items for my family. He he he.. guess what? I got a Gucci leather jacket for my dad. Brother, if you're reading this, don't tell mom or dad k? It's supposed to be a surprise. :D

The depressing part is that the phone in this lodge got fried and they sent it for repair. So I can't "boil" phone calls with my family and love one back home. :( :( It's going to be a lonely night.

Hope it's not cold tomorrow, I don't want to be riding in the chilly wind. T_T

Anyway, have to go now. 20 mins almost up. Gotta check a few things before I log out. :D


9 kissed Nicole

  1. oh yeah Subway here (as in NZ) do taste better than the ones in Malaysia. your last stop is C'church? Should have opted to come further down to Otago (i'm in Dunedin) and check out Milford Sound, and travel a little on the West Coast. Two of my friends just got back from a roadtrip there and they showed me pictures. It was amazing! Anyway, enjoy your stay here though hope you're have heaps of fun. Cheers. :)

  2. Did you take photo? I think it's nice.
    Have fun!

  3. Maybe the Subway at NZ taste nicer because the air there is fresher?

    Better air and water makes fresher vegetables, I guess.

    have fun in New Zealand, and keep yourself warm.

  4. TO Betty!

    - No one knows indulgence than this Nicole girl. I mean, "dude, do you even have other more important things to do?" Tsk tsk!

  5. Seems like you've yet to check your MSN messenger. Anyway, just wanna let you know that you have 2 letters at my place.

  6. go to kaikoura or fox glacier ....the best season is now, amazing view, milford soound is too commercial already, dunedin is nice...kind of a little scotland

  7. Ooh, Christchurch. Was there many years back. Impression was that it was a peaceful and simple place.

    Wow, $2 per 20 min ... kind of ex!

  8. Have no idea bout NZ subway. But Aus subway is definitely Thumbs UP. Enjoy~