LG Prada Launch Part 1 - St Regis Hotel

Short Note: Yay~ I finished my graduation ceremony yesterday! I'm officially a Master graduate!

Two months ago I was invited to Singapore for the launch of the new LG Prada phone.

mysterious look
Show off my hair.

Anyway, before I moved onto the topic of that, I want to talk about St Regis Hotel. This hotel is almost too good to be true.

It's one of those hotels when I desperately wished I were a business woman and I get sponsored to stay in all these fancy hotels on my business trips. It's so worth being in the corporate world.

bed view in the evening

The only low point during my stay there was I was all alone in the room, the whole vast luxurious room to myself.

room the in evening

I especially loved the toilet, not only because I'd always prefer my shower room to be separated from the bathtub, also because there are two basins and a dressing table installed too.

toilet in the evening

And a TV in front of the bathtub.


I was feeling quite the tai-tai (jobless rich wife who sits at home with nothing to do but spend her husband's money).


There's nothing much to the view, but it was rather spectacular when you view out the window of your $800+ (sing dollar) room.

view from my room

I can almost imagine myself sitting on the sofa with my sweetheart sipping wine at night with some good music on.


Dang. Why did I have the whole room to myself?

me reflecting in the bathroom mirror

I like the many attentions to detail this hotel has.

Like this little modern tech device.

cool hotel phone

I tried calling Kinky Joyce on the device and her name showed up on the screen display.

calling ms joyce wong

Btw, her bathroom is superb!

joyce room bathtub

You can even call for your very own butler of the room to attend to your every need. (except for "that" kind of need, but who knows :p)

They make you feel at home with little welcome letters like these.

invitation to wine taste

oo.. wine tasting. Yum~

They thought well about the little details like the universal plug like this,

universal plug

or the cool surround sound system around the room,

speakers on the ceilings

the butler came in the evening to put on some nice classical songs (or as ringo put it: make love music) to soften the atmosphere.

They even had an actual alarm clock in the hotel room!!

actual alarm clock

Now how often do you see an actual alarm clock beside the bed of your hotel room which you actually know how to operate? (Usually most alarm clocks are set in the in-built lighting system on the desk which you can't be bothered to fiddle around with)

This was way better than a maid-serviced luxurious house.


The butler even put out a kimono for you in the bathroom for your evening shower. Now how many maid would do that?!

What about a tray of controller for you in case you want to change the mood or light or music in the room.

hotel accessories kit

Jeez Wheez they even have a Pillow Menu!!

pillow menu

"I think I'll have a ploh pillow, or a soft feather pillow. and wth is a buckwheat pillow??"

As if 6 pillows on a single bed weren't enough.

pillow overload

Talk about "too much".

messy bed in the morning

See the soft feather pillow I ordered on my bed? it's the longest one "kiap" between the two top pillows and the bottom one.

Dinner was great, Cheryl from Hill & Knowlton took us out for dinner at Flutes at the Fort.

This is Cheryl.

I've never had so much foie gras and scallops in such short few days. Kenny had to help finish half of my foie gras though.


I even had my first love aka my first bottle of wine which I fell incredibly in love with!

moscato dasti

half bottle Nivole Moscato dAsti from Italy.

me at dinner
wa. my fake eyelashes so dramatic!

Morning came and I did what most fit young beautiful tai-tai would do in the morning after they wake up.


pink rebock shoe

I put on my shoes and went downstairs to be greeted by an empty but fully equipped gym. My treadmill even had a bottle of mineral water and a fresh piece of towel hanging for me.

Then it was spa.

st regis spa

OMG did you tell you how good their spa was?

There were sauna, and steam room, and ice fountain, and oh.. outdoor spa too.

outdoor spa garden

And me in bathrobe.

me in spa

Can I be a tai tai businesswoman tai tai businesswoman rich?

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  1. I "wow" through this entry.. haha. Nice room, bathroom, food and spa!! Weeee~~~

  2. wahhh... awesome hotel.. :O how much to stay at that room one night ??

  3. but u don't have to be a taitai/businesswoman/rich to enjoy life liddis wo... :)

  4. Trim down first, lol. I find you rather untidy for a lady. How to be a Tai Tai?

  5. Nicole, how much do you spent for staying more then a week in the hospital in your previous post?
    Blog like hell until get sick and what you get is one night stay in St Regis. Is it worthty?

  6. Everything is sugar n spice.
    Bottom line >>>> ALL NICE.


  7. Hi,

    Just noted that you are coming to Tasmania today.
    I am an avid reader of your blog from Malaysia studying in University of Tasmania.

    Even though a lot of students rate it as a boring place, but i think it is really a nice place, especially to study.

    Welcome to Tasmania, Nicole, and indulge yourself in the slow pace of living. lol


  8. VolcanoBoy5/4/09 8:39 PM

    congrats on your graduation nicole. Can share about your graduation and convocation?

  9. fantastic hotel indeed with their superior services

  10. Now I know why you were in Singapore!

  11. so nice leh can stay in such a hotel.

  12. Is the wine tasting free in St regis bar?