Australia Zoo - Steve Irwin Legacy

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"Crikey, that alligator is a beau!"

We all heard that line before. The legendary Steve Irwin's most famous overused phrase.

You cannot go to Brisbane without visiting his most impressive legacy ever left behind or built, the Australia Zoo.

australia zoo sign

crikey signboard

Kif and I took a bus and headed straight into the late millionaire crocodile hunter's paradise.

bus to zoo

kif and zoo bus

kif posing with steve irwin bus

posing with steve irwin bus

You can see that we're pretty excited.

Everything in the zoo reminded so much of Steve Irwin, even the uniform for all zoo keepers and bus drivers are in the really funky monochrome shirts and khakis.

bus driver in steve irwin uniform

Of course, somethings kinda just tell it straight to your face how they want to be remembered.

part of the family

Australia Zoo is a very impressive project that spread over 70 acres of land hosting a rich collection of animals.

australia zoo map


I heard that in the next 5 years they're going to expand up another 500 acres (o.O) of land for a safari and more large animals.

posing with fake crocodile

kid disturbing my pose

Some of these animals are kept here because of their unfit condition to return to the wild.

bored looking kookaburra

Like this Kookaburra that is unable to fly due to a car accident injury.

kept birds

I personally thought we need more zoos like this in the world.

*It's actually spelt as born, too lazy to change now. wtf*

Btw, do you how to tell the difference between crocodiles and alligators? Last I heard alligators have longer mouths, but I still can't quite tell the difference in this photo.

daisy alligator


Apparently Daisy's an alligator.

And what is visiting Australia without touching a Koala or two. :D


They're so cute!

me touching a koala

After that we caught some lunch at the food court, knowing that every single Australia meal we came across were stupendously huge, we shared a meal.

burger set

me holding my burger

See how big that burger is?!

Half each.

We saw a live interview for an audition for a presenter post in the zoo.

live interview

Apparently this girl was trying to make the birds in the cage to fly to four random people from the audience. After all the bird calling test and tricks and getting the participants ready, she opened the cage...

And the birds flew away.

She didn't get the job. o.O

They proceeded to do some crocodile feeding stunts which I thought was pretty cool.

feeding time

crocodile hunter

Though we all know we've seen worse in Thailand and Malaysia where people has performed crazy dangerous stunts on crocs and have themselves killed.

Let's move on to something cuter.


When Steve Irwin passed away, people flooded in to pay their respect to the legend of the Australians.

A corner of the corner were reserved for all the words ever left for Steve from around the world.

steve irwin shirt

miss u forever steve irwin

From fans to old-time friends.

suft board for steve

loving message for steve

These words were written in different languages as well.

mandarin comment

And the list goes on.

words for steve irwin

Going through this section was just plainly heart-warming. It made me miss the annoying Crikey so much more.

I know it's kinda late.

But Steve,

We will all miss you.

doing a steve irwin


9 kissed Nicole

  1. *Crocodile hunters, Croc files~*

    You remind me of his TV show programme in Animal Planets.

    Can't wait for your next post, PERTH!

  2. Nic seeing u atop the croc gets me into overdrive! lol

  3. "unabled"??? isn't it "disabled"

  4. i like the last photo of u n steve... hope u enjoy ur stay in Perth with Fayth... ;) miss ya...

  5. DAISY IS PRETTY !!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh lovely! You make me want to visit Australia more every day!

  7. Don't think I ever saw him on TV, but that is a nice legacy.

    But hey, is that beetroot on a burger? Is that a normal Aussie thing?

  8. nigel: i actually quite miss his show and his annoying yet cute accent

    vietsichum. :D

    daryl:... -.-

    anon: that too, lol. *lazy*

    geli tifa: u shud be here. miss u too! o btw, fayth showed me ur dance video yesterday. Kekeke

    anon: she is isn't she!

    emm: you should. don't wait! :D

    geraint: he's only like the most popular travel host in his days! yes... it's quite normal. beetroot everywhere.