Recap of Year 2008

It's come to the last day of year 2008.

I clearly remember the exact same day this time last year, I was feeling anticipated about the new year. I made resolutions, kept half of it, and maintained the other half for 2009.

I knew 2008 was going to be a bumpy ride for me back then, I knew it would be a turning point of my life, I knew things were going to get pretty exciting and I knew I was going to take a huge leap in life.

And it did.

Things did turn out extremely well in 2008 for me.

It was good year. It went so well that I hardly ever noticed it going by, by the time I realised, the year has walked passed me swiftly, like the wind, and I have grown another year older and wiser.

Let's do a recap.

Since the begining of 2008, I was convinced that the year 2008 was going to be splendid for me. I had a good feeling about it. Everything was going to be fantastic, I just knew it.

In January, I organised a fund raising campaign for the first time in my life.


Raised RM3400 in cash and over RM10,000 worth of goods. Found happiness is making others happy.

I wanted to travel the whole of Malaysia, covered every state as a mark of my life long globe trotting journey. You know, as a start.

I did more than that.

By February, I changed my decision and decided to start my globe trotting early.

I flew to Kota Kinabalu, (Total: 2 weeks)

boat dive

obtained my first diving license in Sipadan.

In March, I travelled to Laos. (Total: 5 weeks in Indo-China)

flying woman at pha that luang

In April, travelled to Thailand.

nicolekiss journey into thailand and cambodia

Celebrated Songkran festival, in Bangkok & Chiang mai.

me at songkran festival

Crossed border to Myammar for a day.

permit to enter burma

Cross over to Cambodia on train and taxi.

red hair pose 2

Visited the Angkors on a cycle.

Become Angelina Jolie wannabe for a day.


Given an offer to become a weekly columnist in Starmetro by the the month of May.

two third column

Got a new laptop.

Got a new phone (from my brother).

Picked up wine tasting.

Sailed on a yacht for the first time in Langkawi. (Total: 4 days)

nicole on westin heavenly bed

Fell in love with Westin Langkawi's heavenly bed.

Travelled to China in June. (Total: 2 weeks)

standing in rainy guangzhou

Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to be exact.

Moved out of my condo in Puchong.

Organised my first Blogger Familiarization Trip to Southern Thailand. (Total: 5 days)


Created I LOVE TRAVEL group on facebook.

i love travel

Went back to Langkawi again. (Total: 1 week)

Had lobster sashimi.

lobster sashimi

Travelled to Australia in August. (Total: 5 weeks)

nicolekiss australia journey

Picked up snowboarding.

me doing the back slide

Met Juan Mann, Free Hug Guy, in Sydney.

group photo

Featured on FHM in September.

my feature on fhm

Became a contributor and wrote three travel articles for FHM.

my upgrade travel in fhm

Missed a flight to Shanghai in June.
Missed a flight back to Malaysia from OZ in September.
Missed a flight, again, to Manado, in the same month.

Flew to Manado, Indonesia for diving. (Total: less than a week)

diving with gerald in bunaken

Moved to Thailand. (Total: 3 months)

Went to another two Familiarization trips in Thailand: I-san province in the North East and Hua Hin in central Thailand. 6 days trip each.

perfect cowgirl shot
Won best cowgirl costume during Isan trip.

Took photo with Minister of Sports and Tourism of Thailand.

me and the minister of sports and tourism

Launched my online boutique in October.


Moved back to Malaysia in December.

Went to Singapore for Christmas. (Total: 10 days)

christmas bunny nicole_not so heavy make up watermark

Had my heart broken. Then had my feet swept off the ground.

Finally finished my last master thesis.

Like every year, lost quite a few friends, met lots of great friends too.

In total, spent about 214 days travelling in 2008. 200 days of which out of the country.

Was it an eventful year? Maybe.

If you asked me, I thought the year flew by too blinking fast.

What does 2009 have installed for me, seriously, I don't know. And to be completely honest, I'm actually rather scared of the year 2009. What kind of fate does life bring forward to me this time round? I really couldn't bear thinking about it. I can't quite put it in words as to why I feel this way. I just don't anticipate the new year like I did last year, for some odd unknown reasons.

Maybe it's because of recession, maybe it's because my change of perception on love, or the fact that I have finally completed my last paper and awaiting my markings from my professor. Am I to graduate soon? What then? I've fiddled with the idea of pursuing my PHD, but my parents would probably kill me. Part of me still wants to see the world, part of me wants to settle down.

I have plans. Yes I do. And I can see them being carried out slowly in the year ahead. No doubt there are a lot of uncertainties, and I can't help but to feel edgy about all these possibilities, good and bad.

But heck, what else can I do, but to brace myself and shout back at life:

me ready for songkran

Whatever it is, Bring It On!


21 kissed Nicole

  1. i could see it's only gonna be better for you nic..
    happy new year eve..

  2. dear nicole,
    happy new year to you.
    may 2009 be a prosperous and healthy year for you.
    be happy and take care.

  3. Happy New Year Nicole...Its been very nice reading your blog...

  4. Happy New Year Nicole. Have enjoyed (and still enjoying) reading your blog.

    You have many highlights and so have I. However, my outstanding 2008 highlight must definitely be seeing u in ur bunny/ms claus outfit.... hahaha!

  5. Happy new year to you Nicole.. :)
    2008 was a great year for me too. Still drafting my overview post on it. May 2009 bring you a better success.. :)

    Pursuing Phd is my dream as well. Wish us luck!

  6. Clip your "wings" and plant your feet back home. Marry me and settle down and live happily ever after. Sounds like a dream or a page cut out from a fairy tale! Without dreams....many great things would not have been achieved or conquered, right? So, what are you waiting for? Yeah, it's already 2009 you know........

    Waiting right here for you!!

  7. Never have the belief that one good year can lead on to the next!

    That said, you are unique and amazing so its up to you regardless of the calendar.

  8. Nicole always make everyone feel awe / jaw agape(or maybe intimidated..LOL) of your life's stories....:D

  9. Dont be scared , 2009 is bull year. At the point u stand right now , its hard to to forsee it wouldnt be as good as 2008 for u. Good luck and happy 2009. Nice blog

  10. Oh my... Out of 365 days, you're travelling for 214 days.. Amazing! That's seriously nice~

    Anyway, Happy New Year 2009! Have a wonderful year ahead. Good luck and all the best! We don't know what lies ahead of us but that's how adventure works! Haha!

  11. i think it is now coming to a point where you realised that all this adventure you have been having until now is beginning to lose its novelties. Its about time you hit ground zero and reassess your life & part of it is also due growing up and maturing. You need to find a focal point and anticipation it what will comes tomorrow. You are in dire need of a predictable lifestyle and ditching your famboyant lifestyle is the way forward. Believe me, i have been in your shoes before and living out of a suitcase is not glamourous at all. You will need to settle down your thoughts and find something you enjoy doing day in and out and not necessarily travelling which burns you out. Slipping back into reality and society is rally what you needed to kick start your enthusiasm again. Take up a hobby, sport or something interesting. Blend in, mingle, interact stop hogging in the virtual world. Get a real life and Good Luck.

  12. Wow... time really pass so fast without us knowing..

    Just hope i could freeze time

  13. LOL Love the Dragonball t-shirt ^_^

    Happy New Year!

  14. happy new year babe!

    am inspired by your traveling stories :)

  15. HAPPY 2009 NIC! Hope 2009 will bring u more exciting adventures & stories for your readers! Cheers!

  16. Happy New Year Nicole!
    Keep up the good work!

  17. Wow... Love your Recap.

    I wanted to do one too but let's see how things go these few days :D

    Wish you a happier, healthier and more travels in 2009 :)


  18. Cool, that means you don't have to pay tax because you're not in Malaysia for more than 180 days.

  19. Nicole,

    I recently stumbled upon your blog through referrals and have been pleasantly surprised.

    I would like to ask,,how do you finance your 200 out of 365 days trip? That's almost half a year purely on travelling which even on a budget must rake up to 30 000 myr including airfares or even more.

    Thanks for the advice

    Best regards,