7 Things You Must Do in Langkawi

Langkawi, is truly a tourist paradise. Every now and then I do love to visit the island with my friends and spend a glamourous gluttony life in boozeville. There really is no other way to spend your days here than to spoil yourself with the mountains of chocolate, sun, sea, beach and wine paired with seafood.

me with lobster

Take advantage of the cheap alcohol here and have your wine whereever you go. Be it at the beach, in the hotel over some board games with your peeps, and if you're twosome, with your sweetheart and chant the night away in a superb hotel under the brilliance of stars. Have some wine on the boat when you're doing your island hopping. Savour seafood in the night, exquisite pastries for afternoon tea.

delicious chocolate croissant
Chocolate Croissant of The Loft

Now this, guys, is how you should enjoy Langkawi.

1. Dine at The Loaf - The King's Afternoon Tea

my pick

The infamous The Loaf

the loft langkawi

where once the ex pastry chef to our very own prime minister Tun Mahathir (now transfered to excel his expertise in Westin Langkawi) baked and now replaced with a Japanese Gold Medal Chef.

the bread at the loft langkawi

It's better to dine here in Langkawi than in KL Pavilion's branch because it's next to the Telaga harbour (very nice atmostphere), and it's cheaper here,

picking bread

modelling for the loft

they have a more extensive menu served AND it's the original branch. :D

salad at the loft
(Click here for an extensive review of The Loaf during our stay there.)

seafood platter the loaf

happy gerald and his food
Gerald with his RM64 (+50% off) happy meal.

Lucky for us, it was 50% off all menu items for it was their 2nd Anniversary during our stay there. So we pratically dined there every single day. oh la la.

posing with bread at the loft
Ai ya uncle stealing my background.

You also MUST try their U Hu! Hu! Cheesecakes here.

u hu hu cakes

My favourite will always be Luxurious Chocolate.

eating my chocolate u hu hu cake

sharing u hu hu cake with i-am-not-here

Else if you're out of cash, you can always feel the breeze outside at the harbour.

at the harbour langkawi

beautiful cafe at harbour
they do other nice cafes at the harbour

2. Pee at 700 meters above sea level.

toilet in the sky

Take a cable up and go to the toilet to experience pee-ing in the sky. :D

in cable car

Or you can perform the kiss pose at the curve bridge. :D

kiss pose at langkawi curve bridge
Hey it's a classical move ok.

3. Stay at a swanky hotel.

My pick here would be either Westin or Sheraton Langkawi.

my room in sheraton
Sheraton for this trip.

This is extremely essential because there are no other luxury than to have your once in a while ultimate pamper to drown yourself in the best thing life has to offer - comfort.

my legs in sheraton

I always like a hotel that provides Kimono, they are the best damn thing in life!

posing with kimono

So comfortable and so... so... so... sexy?

me in my kimono at sheraton langkawi

Ok, maybe not. Back to the room.

my room in sheraton krabi

Sheraton Langkawi is pure heaven. Yes their rooms can be rather pricey (at around RM7~800 per room) but it was well worth every penny, trust me.

Me and Miss I-am-not-here shared the room. The guys slept in other hotels. Girls are so pampered. :p

And they always have really nice breakfast.
Nothing like a good healthy serving of breakfast.

breakfast at sheraton langkawi

Healthy... er.. er.. I mean..

salad during breakfast in sheraton

yes... healthy breakfast! There you go. *cough*

Besides, you get to play pillow with your peeps! It's so awesome! I love pillow fights! It felt like an adult slumber party. (hey how many adults out there still do pillow fight huh? it's a cool thing ok!)

pillow fight with gerald
lol, pillow fight also must camwhore.

gerald pillow fight with i am not here

Miss I-am-not-here kena slammed!

4. Dance by the beach/pool at night.

night dancing by the pool with i am not here
Me popping with I-am-not-here

You're on an island for heaven's sake. Bring your boom box and rock it out on the beach under the moonlight. It's both super fun and romantic!

5. Go Diving

me in swim suit

Well, though it's not really recommended to dive per se in Langkawi. There really isn't anything spectacular to see underwater here. But hey, part and parcel of the experience. :D

i am not here in dive suit

And there are not better experience than to experience the underwater world with some of your favourite people.

putting on weight belt

And have lunch together in between.

lunch in between dives

Now the only other dream I have left is to dive with my special love one. :p

We were so tired after the dive every one of us slept through the journey on the way back to shore.

sleeping nicole

i am not here sleeping
Miss I-am-not-here

shawn sleeping

sleeping jason

my after dive sleep
Me again

sleeping gerald

6. Try Lobster Sashimi

OKAY! This is where I MUST introduce you the bestest best seafood restaurant in Langkawi.

orkid ria

Orkid Ria - at Pantai Cenang

There is not introduction to Orkid Ria without knowing this very popular uncle. Everyday... eh hem... *drum roll* This is Uncle Huat.

lobster huat
The king of lobster in Langkawi

He sells more lobster in a day than a lobster vendor do in a week at his restaurant.

Even his tiger prawns are like mini lobsters.

uncle huat with tiger prawn

And his dishes. OMG. I will never look at seafood the same way again.

butter fried tiger prawns
Moutain size butter prawns

mother crabs eggs
Pregnant mother crabs

crab claw meat
Giant Crab Claw

And finally, ladies and gentlemant, I present to you, the one and only, and my first ever,


lobster sashimi

This is one of those reasons and sins in life to remind us why we should stay alive. (wait, sashimi should be healthy right?)

"Uncle Huat you are the best!"

7. Wine wine wine

Finally I was serving boozeville a purpose!

duty free wine

Head down to town and buy a truckload of your favourite alcohol.

Try playing Lychee liquor and Sprite with ice at night over a card game, lol, it's so sweet and subtle you won't even feel it when it hit you! Jason puked that night :p

We had wine during dinner, with seafood. *wink wink*

martini asti and boris and uncle huat
my selection, sweet wine
Martini Asti. Bubbly wine. This was not bad.

fontana fredda asti during dinner
But FontanaFredda Asti was better. (Uncle Boris had something else drier, he no likey sweet wine)

fontana fredda moscasto dasti
This was the best. Moscato dAsti. And my favourite. But still couldn't compete with my sweet darling Nivole Moscato dAsti.

Had them in the afternoon, for lunch.

fontanafredda Moscato dAsti
Yep, had it again. :p

duty free ice wine
Courtesy of Miss I-am-not-here. This was SWEEEET. Oh la la! And rather pricey too, even after duty free, goes up to 3 digit, you know how much? (like duh it's in the photo)

As you can tell I am a sweet wine person.

Even had it in the room.

mystique ice wine

Mystique Ice Wine - if you want to have diabetes, this is the wine to go.


17 kissed Nicole

  1. isn't it The Loaf?

  2. Wow, the seafood are really huge! Like the crab's claw...I've definitely never seen one that big. But, uh...lobster can be eaten raw too?

    And about the breakfast, I think the first photo was correct! A healthy breakfast means a hearty serving! ;D

  3. oh! La la ! Its fun and eat all the way. When r u gonna diet?

  4. only I can think of Langkawi is beer....haha

  5. very the menggermukkan. hahaha!!!

  6. Hey

    Im goin over thr in Jan, and planning to stay at Westin. i heard there's an infinity pool in our room and only for 600+. btw nic, where's restaurant? issit the underwater world thr? and issit seafood dinner by the beach?


  7. Langkawi...wine for RM 45.90, can't beat that price. I'll go for the alcohol. :)

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  11. Yeah, what's with the "I'm not here" imprint? hahaha. Very nice coverage about the food..*slurps* =)

  12. Great story!!! She don't have to diet..She walk almost all around the world.. :)

  13. Dear Nicole,
    why you think Langkawi is tourist paradise?!!!!please be honest..i been there last year and i think lost my money there becouse if u compare there with Krabi and phucket u will see Langkawi is Hill ..i know your malaysian proud to yours country but please be realist..thank you...Andy(KL)

  14. can you recommend any good places to purchase alcohol? wines especially, i'm heading in for a holiday on the 18th of december for a few days.


  15. Thanks for d info! i'll b going there 2moro but wun pee there cos?

    i've done tat on plan which's higher :P

    i've done something more den tat muahahaha....

  16. There's a place called Rafiis Beach Bar along Cenang Beach.It serves a fusion of thai-malay food there.Very very tasty and affordable too.Seafood in Langkawi can be costly.A must try!
    If u know the right people there,you can never get ripped off of coz.Besides,its a good place for a short budget getaway.