Langkawi - Sailing and Harry Potter

After dragging (very reluctantly) my feet and body out of my bed, I plopped into the shower and put on my PJs looking outfit as it was going to be a wet wet day.

We went to a marine conserve area to play with eels and stingrays.

nicole feeding stingray
Ooo... Crikey, they're gonna bite me!

Well, actually I played with the eels. The rest were too chicken-y~ keke

handling eel

Hamish, owner of Stardust sail, handed me the slimy fish while I wrestled with myself to extend my hands out to hold it.

Erm, that's not too bad.

This photo is before the eel stretched its muscle and wiggled (harshly) out of my hands leaving me screaming like a little girl.

Okay, moving on!

Hamish then took us out to sea to the sail boat, passing by a river where many eagles gathered to feed on fishes (or the near dead fish we threw onto the river). It was quite a magnificent sight as this was the first time I saw eagles in the wild.


When we reached the sail, the wooden boat was of a slight disappointment as I thought it would be a magnificent grand yacht that shouts spotless shine.


The deck was made of wood and looks pale in comparisons to most sails I have seen on TV, as this is also my first time boarding a yacht.

However, that didn't spoil our fun. Not even the the drizzling rain did.

francis getting a massage
Francis, director of Apxara, enjoying his time

We sang songs, played guitars and had sea spa hanging by the net beside the boat as the yacht sailed.


I didn't try the spa, but I went kayaking at sea. :D

nicole and chic wern kayaking + francis swimming

Chic Wern was my engine. :D :D

It was brilliant, we ended up rowing ourself into a tunnel so dark we knocked our heads against rocks several times and into a bay. We then started picking up some garbage that were thrown out at sea. It like a save the green day for us.

Except for the part when Chic Wern decided to accidentally knocked me so hard on the head with his paddle. -.-

wern and nicole kayaking
Note the Styrofoam box on the boat

It was a fun fun fun. Sigh, I just love kayaking at sea. Don't you? So the romantic don't you think?

Back at the hotel in the late afternoon, we visited the awesomeness super expensive 5-room villa at Westin that costs RM12,000 per night! Holy!

RM12,000 westin villa

Served little light snacks along with the tour

Never in my life I will ever step foot into the back of this villa where a glass swimming pool facing the sea situates, ever again. RM12,000 is a lot of money!!

nicole on bench
12k shot

This is me imagining myself as a Tai Tai sipping cocktails at the back of a 12k villa that's too much to splurge.

nicole with cocktail
"Cheers Madam"

Later, we were asked to put on silly hats and capes. Wtf.

nicole the harry potter

cheeky harry potter

Me and diva Kee Hua Chee

and had a silly group photo together.

group photo
That's Joyce next to me and Cheng Leong on the far right. Three bloggers yay!

Remember when I said Westin has a knack of being attentive to details?

The dinner hosted and organized by Westin and Apxara during our last night took the cake completely.


First they brought out the fireman. "Huh? Jumanji?" I thought.

It was actually Harry Potter theme.


It was a night to remember, with ghostly candles and long tables, the feel of Hogwarts captured our hearts instantly the moment we stepped into the ballroom.


Apple trees hung dimly among the buffet selection.


The food and desserts were directed and prepared by Mahathir's ex personal chef who used to work in the Loft. It was superb.

harry potter nicole

That marks the end of my journey in Langkawi. Fuu... I miss my heavenly bed. >_< breakfast at westin

Can you spot me at breakfast the final morning?


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  10. hey nicole,

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