Now and In 2007

“I have so much love in me that’s dying to get out. But I have no one to share it with.”

A friend once told me that. He graduated from Canada and now works there.

I used to think it’s bullshit. No offence Hung. But I did. >_<

I mean, how can someone love a “no one” (like literally nobody)? You need to have a someone who’s at least someone in your life to love, right?

You need to have a boy/girlfriend to love him/her. You need to have a close/normal friend to love at least. You need to have someone, to love.

How can you, not met anyone, but feel that you are falling in love but have no one to fall in love to? Okay that’s confusing and that’s why I thought it was bullshit.

But I was wrong.

I have fallen in love.

me posing

Everyday, I feel like dancing; everyday, I wanna look pretty; everyday, I do things that I couldn’t imagine myself doing last year (which is like… few weeks ago)

Don’t get me wrong. I am very single, something I am not proud of, nor am I ashamed of. I have no one I secretly fancy either, it’s like my heart is hanging dry but I am in love.

I can’t deduce what this feeling is about? A brand new year and brand new beginning? Oh how cliché…

Life. Maybe that’s what it’s about, I’m in love with life. But that doesn’t quite cut it, because come to think of it, I’m not really, I’m not going through the best moment of my life, I’m not particularly content with what I have nor what I am doing at the moment, it could definitely be much better. And the fact that I do have families to worry and take care of, I don’t see how life is so beautiful at the moment, not for now at least.

So I’m not sure. Why am I in love? This feeling has got to be love. My heart, it’s like my chest can barely contain it (sentence adopted from Stardust), this feeling inside, like it’s going to explode.

I would like find someone, to meet that particular special person that I want to spend my life with. I can just feel his existence, anytime just around the corner now. Then again, it could be just me floating in the air. Wee~~~

Love, life, tragic, happiness, boyfriend, singleton. Whatever, I’m in love.

And here is a list of all the things I did in 2007.

In 2007,

I had four infatuations. Three I kept quiet about it. One didn’t turn out.

I had the greatest birthday party I can remember since primary, 80% of the guests I don’t keep in touch anymore.

23rd birthday group photo

my birthday

alvin kenny and me

Got a birthday poster of myself.

Nicole's Birthday 23rd
Thanks Josh

Lost interest in blogging, gained back by ten folds.

Found a cousin.

phong yew and me
Meet my cousin brother - Phong yew

Joined a pageant.

pageant hair


Joined another pageant.

miss malaysia world finalist

Quit pageant because dad entered hospital.

me and dad in hospital

Cried inconsolably for three times, one when dad entered the surgery ward.

Had a hair cut.

hair cut

Missed my long hair

back shot

Moved back into KL.

Got a job.

Quit my job.

Resume studying.

Went to Thailand so many times it might as well be my second home.

koh samui buddha

koh samui grandmother rock

Went to Japan. Ate sushi and Unagi like I’d always wished for.


Picked up cooking, again.


Lost 7 KG, gained back 8.

nicole_full body shot

Met lots of new friends.

Lost several old friends.

Kept back in touch with some older friends.

after pageant

gerald posing

Adopted a fetish over dresses.

Stopped wearing skirt for 9 months and started wearing skirt again.

Started a food blog.


Became a cam whore expert.

nicole 1

nicole 2

nicole 3

nicole 4

nicole 5

nicole 6

nicole 7

nicole 8

nicole 9

Bought my mom a phone, got my dad a cologne, gave my brother a PSP.

mom and i

mother's day
Mother’s day. My mommy’s so cute kan?!

Received panties as gifts for the first time from guy friends.


42 kissed Nicole

  1. first.wahaha

  2. wah, u gave jinsheng psp? how lucky he is.. I only gave my siblings a punch.

    Happy New Year to you and your family too! Stay happy, stay healthy and stay pretty!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    This is my first comment....

    Had observed that Kenny too recently revealed that he's fallen in love. Well, good for you guys.

    So when are you two gonna let it out that you both are dating each other??!!



  4. How wonderful is it that you are in love but with no one or anything in particular. Its simply just love itself that has you floating around. And by posting those sumptuous and delicious pics of yourself, you just made my day. :) Its better than caffeine I tell you.

    I have a suggestion, why dont you get your male readers to submit in their bio to you as a tender / bid to win your heart. Corny like a reality tv show, but am sure you're gonna get some good response as well (namely myself).

  5. Good post to begin the year with!

    "All you need is love"

    I second bookworm's suggestion ala reality tv show. You'd be surprised!

  6. I suppose 2007 should be a wonderful year for you. Regardless it's good or bad, I believe it's molding you into a better person :0)

  7. Happy New Year!!

    yea, agreed with bookworm. select 5 most interesting male readers n probably go out on a date with them. m sure u will finally find someone to fall in love with.

  8. i am glad that both you and kenny have come to your senses. It is a good way to start the new year - to fall in love - with each other! i hope this is true.

  9. Haha, finally admitting there's something on between you and kenny? :D its ok, we're happy for you!

  10. why dont you hold a party for all readers of nicolekiss? i remember you had this idea once long ago right?
    everybody chips in a few tens, i'm sure readers wont mind...and have a special gathering at a nice restaurant somewhere.......

    hows that for a start to nicolekiss 2008?

  11. the resemblance with your mum is so uncanny...

    just like the x'men

    marry me x'mas...

    have a happy tahun baru ...cine.

  12. I like the pic of u lying down in the beach.

  13. Hey i get what you mean! i felt like that a few months ago! the whole BURSTING WITH LOVE THING. i even cried. i dont know why i just DID. i jsut felt SO MUCH LOVE (for GOD KNOWS WHAT) that i CRIED. ABSURD! I KNOOOOOWWW! XD it was SO ODD i tell you. anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR! =)

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    Happy New Year!

    P.S. Congratz about the love =)


  16. Happy New Year 2008!

    Hope you will create more good memory and victories in life this year.

  17. if wat i read is true...then congrats to you and kenny! may you two find lots of joy and love with each wishes for 2008!

  18. Wah...! you got a lot of Ah Lian and Ah Beng friends. No wonder you still single.

    You & Kenny, not a bad idea at all. Maybe ask Kenny to lost 10kg 1st la.

    DO NOT follow idiots idea to held a 'reality tv show' here, that stupidly lame.

    All the best in 2008 for you and ur blog.

  19. kah-kah-kah.blogspot :-

    I m surprised that you even know what lame is. In fact, with your level of english and mentality, i am surprised that you can even read or think. How idiotic of you to comment on her friends being ah beng and ah lian, are you doing much better? Its idiots like you that totally ruin comment boxes.

  20. just admit you are with Kenny la.

  21. i can identify with the first paragraph.

    the love's in the heart but no one's there.

    you just want to fall in love.


  22. No disrespect - but you tend to "over-advertise" yourself at times.

    Making your blogg popular is one thing. Using your vanity to attract attention is another thing.

    You are attractive and pretty enough to warrant attention. What we care more about are the intelligence and quality of the blogg-site.

    Cheers !!!

  23. have anyone told you that you are gorgeous?
    well,you are one!really.keep it up
    happy new year to you =)

  24. your entry has always been exciting. I love your looks on the first picture..!!! Very Pretty!!
    Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

  25. "Everyday, I feel like dancing; everyday, I wanna look pretty; everyday, I do things that I couldn’t imagine myself doing last year (which is like… few weeks ago)" - Totally agree with this one :)

    Btw, I am the stranger who approached you in KLCC.

    Nice meeting ya ;)

  26. Get your mum to lose some weight and dye her'll have a twin sister!

    If you put on weight and dye your hair, she'll have a twin sister instead. Two-way xerox technology at work :P

  27. erm..isn't kennysia attached? i've seen in that girl's blog(kenny's supposed gf) that he proposed to her?
    I'm confused..

    anyways, nicole, I too love reading your blog, kinda new malaysian friend linked kenny's blog..and from there got to see your blog^^

    continue posting alright..I've become a loyal reader of both you and kennysia's blogs!^^

  28. whisperer, you're still as lame. Why don't you make it a new years resolution to buck up on your comments.

    Nicole, I suggest that you at least let the readers now on your preference of guys. Tall, dark, handsome, chubby, cute etc etc...

  29. u're asleep a lot earlier than other nites. my cue to turn in. think u might need to touch up a photo cos ur shirt and under garment does clash quite a bit *grins*

  30. bomb, thank you.
    Been worrying dead about losing the lameness. Seems like irritating idiot like you once every few days worked! Stay an idiot please. It's mutually beneficial :D

  31. sexbomb, i totally agree with your comments on whisperer! he's just trying his luck to angkat nicole but didnt noe that it wont work lor. lucky nicole didnt pic him as bf otherwise all her readers will avoid her blog for good. havin a reader like whisperer is bad enough!!

  32. anoneh(2.42pm)
    yalor...angkat nicole failed. That's already a punishment and now you come and angkat me. This is double jeopardy!

    karma karma :D

  33. whisperer, for the sake of other readers, can u pse make urself disappear for good! go read kenny's blog lar! u only good at angkat! should go try angkat dr chua's prick instead!

  34. anoneh(4.54pm)
    For the sake of all the readers who have functioning brain, can you pls think with your foot? Let me know your address so that I can go and beg for your permission to read nicole's blog.

    I am not sure how you are better than dr chua. At least I know he has a functioning dick and a functioning brain. Pls tell me you have at least one ;)

  35. mun: Hi how are you? Karmun right? :D Nice to meet you that day though you shocked me. OMG someone found me pigging out.

    Samantha: *shy* i haven't learned that part of the photoshop yet. :p

  36. Happy New Year and may 2008 bring much joy and success.


  37. u hav achieved alot i believe compared to ur peers...

    and i wish u can find ur true love soon... may the world b filled wif love...

  38. i want to lend you a chopper, to chop your hamchimpeng-long-ghost-like-hair off

    i agree with Edmund, you tend to "over-advertise".. But when I found out that you were a pigeon, oopps.. pageant, I am not surprise (pageant's attitude)..want attention, fame, and, I thought you want to dye hair to blond? when is that?

    on top of that, having poor writing skills, inappropriate use of pictures with context (most times, I dont even know what you're writing), bashing when couldnt accept criticism, annndd WORST...CamWhore~

    another blogger like X**Xue~~ wtf

    please at least learn from 18 y.o. Pin*pau.. sometimes, camwhore is not suitable for everyone

    attention seeker-naive blogger

  39. so sweet... happy new year.... may your 08 be fill with lotsa fun and joy ;)

  40. They say there's nothing better than to fall in love with the world, to feel as if one's so full of energy, life and vitality that's not tied down to one person. The energy to devote oneself into each and every activity and feel happy.

    Enjoy the feeling. It's much better than being lost or left hanging. XD

  41. You are so hot laying on that rock! I hope love is treating you well, I would :)