Now… the Happy Moments

You have seen the kids, you felt helpless.

We lend our hands out so we can help. Many are able to contribute food and money, and understand that these homes need constant care and help in supply.


After CNY, the home managed to gather enough food supply to fill their tummies for a month.

stock 2

And rice enough for two months.

However, there are many things food and contribution can’t do. Money is needed in this case and with money, they can build utilities that can help the disabled to function better.

toilet seat

To allocate more staff to each kid instead of 12 kids to one staff, then you may not be able to see these kids being tied down anymore.

At the end of the day, it’s not about food or money for these kids. To them, those are the concerns of the home. Kids understand little about the basic needs of life.

Many times, it is vital that we reach out hands to touch those kids, literally. Because it is only then, we are able to see scenes like this.

jie jie tam tam

jie jie tam tam 2

edmund and kid
Edmund, not daring to move

dawn and kids
Dawn called me to offer to visit with me that day

To celebrate festivals with them so they don’t feel left out.

give ang pow to orphanage kids
Celebrating CNY with the kids - Giving ang pows

To make those faces smile, to make us smile.

me and kid 3 series

Don’t ever think that it is difficult, and don’t ever think that visiting is not important.

dawn and girl

It might not mean anything to us, but it means a hell lot to the kids.

edmund and kid 2

Love and care them everyday, because they can’t never experience what we experienced when we are growing up.

me in the hands of the kid

sun chuang and kid
Sun Chuang, my high school friend.

nicolekiss yay pose

As I am creating many happy moments for them, I am in fact, creating many happy moments for myself.

donation to charity

This is my happy moment.

me and kid

What is yours? :)

Happy - Happy Moments

PS// anyway, since is having a contest and the winner gets Rm5k. I hope that all Nicolekiss readers out there can vote for this entry here (5 is the highest rank) because if it does win, I want the money to go to the kids. Afterall, these were their happy moments. :)

Please vote k. The link is here. Select your rank (5 is the best), enter the verification code (use IE) and click submit. Vote everyday. :)


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  1. great job 2 thumbs up.seems like ur a modern day mother Teresa.I would have loved to be there.
    I was lucky enough to spend sometime with some differently-abled kids last year.These pic made me recall the moments.

  2. I just voted for your blog! I hope you win because the kids deserve better.

  3. you're my angel :)...hope that your blog wins the contest..cheers.. :D

  4. This is the best Happy Moments entry I've read so far!

    It's true, genuine, touching and hit the humanitarian to the core.

    I'll vote for you!

  5. i can't see my code :(
    can't vote for you but I made a special entry for you, hope it helps!

  6. Hey, Nicole, I don't understand the rank thing... What's with rank 1,2,3,4, and 5?

  7. Ok, Have voted. I've been to an orphanage home before, but never been to a disable one like this. Perhaps I should pay a visit when I go back to witness their moments.

  8. You make many charitable orgs look bad. (In a good way). 2 Thumbs up ya! Keep it up. This post really made my day.

  9. I like the picture of u grabbing the kid so tight...U got love sista... ;P

    Chubby chin

  10. affinity for football5/3/08 5:17 PM

    Dunno what to say except *sob* *sob*

    I ranked yrs is no.1 :) hope they dun say 1 point though :P

  11. nafi: :)

    abby: thanks. :)

    nikekill: i hope so too

    balqiz: can vote everyday! :D

    precious of you: u have to use Internet Explorer

    maverick: rank 5 is the best. rank 1 is poorest.

    julian: yea u shud :)

    jeffrey: no la.. where got.. no la...

    anon: thanks!!

    jacky: shy*

    affinity for football: what?!! rank 1 is the lowest le!! T_T *sob sob*

  12. so weird the ranking system...anyway job well done...if u dun mind may i suggest the involvement of Rotary/Leo Clubs ?that way resources can be much higher than a one time thing at least that way u might get enough for a year's worth of food...jz a suggestion...

  13. hola nicole, u blogged on my birthday! yay gorgeous! btw, voted. u did a great job.

  14. Their site sucks and won't register my vote. But good luck anyway.

  15. hey we can vote as much as possible using Firefox i already did for 10 times lol

  16. voted. hope you'll win the 5k for the kids :)

  17. wah... you did a better job than the beauty contestants. You should have a run. Seeing you being so caring... my heart melts like ice cream.

    Truly angel.

  18. So it's true, people are truly at their most beautiful when helping those in need. Keep up the effort :)

  19. nicole lengluiz~~

    Der, here!~

  20. windwalker5/3/08 8:30 PM

    I have voted! Hope you win!

  21. nice, kinda reminds me of the times when I was at Rumah Hope. Honestly, those were the happiest kids I've ever seen, it's hard to imagine they were once street urchins without education. Now they have a foster home to stay in and receive education. This one of the more kids I'd like to see next time. =). Nicole, if there's anything count me in too. I know I didn't contribute in this one. But I know I can do more now. =)


  22. what the...?! 1 is the lowest?!
    Can I re-vote ar..?

  23. SMILE : The only curve that makes all things straight =D

  24. its a really nice thing that you have done for them nicole! actions speak louder than words! i bet what u have done sends a LOUD and CLEAR message to everyone. =D

  25. vote for me instead!!

  26. Voted. Hope you'll win the contest and then can donate the money to the kids.

  27. I will vote for your blog every day! But i cant vote during this election because i am too late to register! SPR system suck~

  28. voted!! wish you can win and donate all the money to help them.

  29. Indeed a good deed. Hope you have start the ball rolling...these children needs more than money,rice,milk or anything for that matter...they needed most is love and care...guess you have demonstrated that...


  30. Is there anyway i can constribute $ to them? Who should i contact?

  31. Dai Chun Doi6/3/08 11:40 AM

    What a way to gain popularity !!!! posing with the sick and ill, please respect their right

  32. marcus: i used to.. but for some personal reasons, I don't get involved in those clubs anymore.

    volcane: thanks!

    couthiwoods: o really?! happy birthday! :)

    geraint: try using IE

    nafi: haha.. thanks!

    kim: yea i hope so too, coz i def don't have 5k to donate!

    aegis: i once saw a korean beauty pageant dedicated her whole life to helping orphans :)

    anon: thanks *blush*

    der: :)

    windwalker: thanks!

    cindi: of course, i'll probably update my next trip on my blog once i return from my trip :)

    angierentsch: thanks ^^

    julian: can.. many many times

    dwen: haha.. nice line (pun intended)

    rachel: i just wish people get the message than just nodding their heads :)

    tom: oi!!

    simon seow: yea

    baba: really? damn.. how many days before do u need to register?

    faith: thanks babe!

    Andrew: thank you! someone who understands

    anon: yes, u can email me at and i'll send u the contact :)

    daichundoi: i'm sad you feel that way...

  33. Good job nicole. Face of an angel, Heart of gold.

    Proud of malaccans.


  34. Just voted about 15 times. I think Firefox works fine.guy lets do our best to make Nicole win. Coz if she do we all win and it will be a great job.

    even small think do count just spend few min on voting.


  35. u guys are such living angels... i've only been to an orphanage once with few frens during my college time. we were there to give the kids some free tutions. didn't go anymore as my frens and i don't keep in touch much nowadays. everyone's busy with work.

    anyway, voted. hope u win.

  36. I voted too... :P after multiple attempts of refreshing the page in order to let the code show...

  37. i voted edi!!! well done nico... all the best of luck to you... ;)

  38. i get an error when i vote.. ppff.. i tried and tried and tried.. =(

  39. yeap i also encounter an error when they asked us to enter the code..



  41. Hi Nicole,

    Wld luv to join you guys on yr next charity outings. FYI we are also doing charity works for old folks home ,orphanage and schools under the banner of Lions Club of Damansara .

    Just drop me a mail on your next project, and I'll see what we can do from there !!

  42. VOTED!


    Good luck dear :)

  43. very noble of you...
    And since it's for another good cause,I've voted just for you.

    Have a good day :D


  44. I will definitely vote for you. This the true happiness, isn't it? The true happiness is to share your joy with others, while the highest level of happiness is to bring joy to others. My salute to you!

  45. voted u on 2008 election..hahaha =)
    drop me mail in case need more help on charity =)

  46. voted!
    hope u win the 5k :)

  47. you have my vote ! =)

  48. u r beautiful, outside n inside.

  49. Voted. I 've been to the same center to help out too after CNY. Well, it is a new experience to me:)

  50. Where is the orphanage located?

    I feel like paying a visit if I can,ask my parents fetch me go :P

    Although I think I'm a bit too young for that.

  51. HEY NICOLE! NOW I KNOW WHY THAT PLACE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR AND THE PEOPLE THERE TOO! I've been there! Its called PPKKCTM. Somewhere in taman megah if i am not mistaken. Haha it was fun there. Thats a lot of rice O_O

  52. hihi

    this is very touching!!! i really hope u can win. i see kindness in u. god bless u, have a nice day :)