My #ToshibaUltrabook wakes up faster than…

Very funny you guys.

On days that I actually blog, you don’t even bother to lift your dainty fingers and leave a comment, or even half a comment.

bracelets with

One Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook giveaway contest and then I get 30 comments within 5 days.

Somehow this paragraph gave me Déjà vu, I’ve written about this a long time ago before.

Then again, it is a pretty neat giveaway. We all know how expensive a good pair of in-ear earphones can be.

Here are some of the creative answers I’ve received over the past week that I thought’s worth sharing here.

My #toshibaultrabook wakes up faster than when i wakes up from a scary nightmare. 

My #toshibaultrabook wakes up faster than an object accelerating from 0-100km/h in free fall (2.83 seconds). It is also faster than Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari and Porsches' acceleration times from 0-100km/h. Talk about speed! =D

I LOL-ed at this one. Simply because it’s so GEEKY!

My #toshibaultrabook wakes up faster than Garfield when he smells lasagna. :D

I disagree, I think Garfield wakes up faster, lol.
But then it’s a fiction character we’re talking about here.

Surprisingly most of the answers are ‘wakes up faster than…” instead of “lighter than…”.
There are also answers that were seriously too ridiculous, in a funny way.

Here’s one.

My #toshibaultrabook is lighter than my eyelash extensions. :p

It’s either your eyelash extensions weighs 600grams on each eye, or we’re not talking about a laptop here. Lol
Good try.

In the meantime, I would like to highlight an answer that speaks volume of truth.

My #toshibaultrabook wakes up faster than Nicole Tan
LOLOL. This cannot be truer.

No wait, that’s not fair. Even my pencil wakes up faster than me.
Pencil is an inanimate object, you say? Exactly.

Since I can only announce ONE winner, and there are so many creative answers I’ve received…

Don’t hit me if you didn’t win, okay?

toshiba in
I shield myself with my Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook.
Very sturdy one, excuse me? Made from Magnesium alloy with a honeycomb rib structure.
*nice plug* #selfabsorbed

And the WINNER is….

You know, as in the one with the geeky free fall comment.
Sorry I don’t know your name, so I guess I have to call you…

Before I end the stories of my great adventure with the #toshibaultrabook in this blog, it’s been a month I’ve been using this, I emphasize, AMAZING laptop which I’ve come to adore and love;
you know that’s a big deal because I already have a desktop at home which I use whenever I’m AT home, and to get me to really like using a laptop says a lot.

I find it such a pleasure to just snatch it up and bring it for a weekend getaway,

Girls trip, will blog about this soon. ;)

to Langkawi, to Melaka, to a week-long holiday in Philippines or a three weeks journey in India because it’s so light (1.12kg) it’s not a hassle at all.  And it’s always convenient to have a computer around, be it for a quick internet access or uploading photos from cameras into it.

It’s thin (15.9mm), sturdy enough to withstand my rough-handling during my journey
(trust me, I broke a laptop once because I was lugging it around a little too much too often all over the world)


and extremely light, it’s just like bringing an extra book in my backpack to read, minus the thickness. Not to mention a hardcore battery life (7 hours).

Perfect concoction for a travel laptop.

I definitely will be having more adventures with my Ultrabook, which will occasionally, or not, by accident, appear on the many travel photos to come. Lucky laptop.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of my favourite past time with my Toshiba Portégé Z830 Ultrabook at home.

sleeping with


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  1. I want to hit you because I didn't win! But since you have such a strong shield, I won't :P

    I love the geeky comment too, by the way... This is research! hahaha

  2. YAYYYY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH NICOLE!!! =D *jumps around with joy*

    But what do I do now? *continues jumping*

    -Geeky free fall guy-

  3. :( waiting eagerly for next round ........

  4. Hi Nicole!
    I just wanna ask something about beauty loot..Are you still taking up Fabula?.Thanks alot!
    Have a great day!