It's a Party Every Night at Club Med

Yoo hoo~!

petit club med turtle

Hi Saturday readers, however few of you out there are.

I know, if you're stuck here like me on a Saturday night to a computer, you probably need the beach as much as I do. Sad, isn't it?

Never mind that, let me entertain you then!
(That's why you're here right?)

First, here's a beach to cheer you up.

sunny beach

Feeling better?


Me neither. I know, still sucks to be stuck to a computer on a Saturday night.

So, following my previous post on Club Med and what a wonderful concept they're providing for travellers and *cough* singleswhowanttogetlaid, I'm going to share a few more personal experience of mine during my stay there.

First time when I checked into club med, I thought the room, was.. well... small.


Frankly it's not really tiny per se, it's just not what I'm used to when it comes to good hospitality treatment.

Afterall, it's not their suite with a bedroom like this,

suite bedroom

Or bathroom and living room like these,

suite toilet

suite living room

Definitely wouldn't mind the extra space, but who's complaining? A room's a room and I was having the double bed to myself, nuff said.

First night we were welcomed by the friendly GOs and their quirky performances.

Hot girls.

female club med GOs

Hot guys.

male club med GOs

I didn't think I was so much into the performance itself, rather the rippling flesh over sweaty built up chests.

And fairly impressed by how intricate these handmade costume were.

GOs in costumes

Then in the afternoon, instead of heading off for a rock-climb, I settled for some pampering at the spa center.

sitting in a sala

A girl's gotta to enjoy the finer things in life. Instead of sweating brows off under the scorching hot sun (wouldn't mind so much if the sun's wasn't so bloody intense).

essential oil

Then spent the rest of the afternoon visiting the turtles sanctuary.

feeding time

It's been a while I've seen turtles on land, most of the turtles I've seen these days were all underwater.

Especially the little ones, definitely a rare sight underwater.

two baby turtles

I took the chance to hold one of them for a while, while it flapped its flippers vigorously to free from my clutch,

holding a baby turtle

flying baby turtle

flapping baby turtle

Oh. So. Cute.

I also learnt that they (Malaysian officers working at the sanctuary) have not a slightest clue that Malaysia no longer has leatherback turtles swimming in our reefs or sea anymore.

turtle sightings in msia

There's been no leatherback sighting for two years and last I heard from WWF, they've gone extinct from our country. Sigh.

But it was such a thrill during one of the evenings when we were each given a baby turtle to be released back into the sea.

holding a baby turtle

It's sort of a charity thing, you could donate a certain amount to contribute to helping to save turtles campaign, whereas you'll be handed a week old baby turtle which you can release back to the sea.

I think I wrote about it before in Star Metro - here.

They named mine Nicole.

nicole baby turtle running back to sea

Bye bye Nicole. Don't get eaten by.... ... just don't get eaten.

Every night, there's a party. During my stay there, there was a color-theme party every night.

blue theme party

Means we would have to pack accordingly so that we would be dressed appropriately to the event before our arrival to Club Med Cherating.

blue swarm of ppl

Needless to say, I missed that section of the memo when they mentioned something about "Blue Moon".

red among the blues

I could run and hide and pretended I wasn't there during dinner, or I could brace myself and pretend that I was trying to act out this 'I'm unique' stigma with faked confidence during the entire night.

Which I did.

me in red

cherating beach 2

I was sure handful of these people in the photo were eye-ing me with disapproving eyes, thinking 'tsk, rule breaker, what a party pooper'.

*Trotting on with faked confidence*

Or I could have gone to the boutique to buy something suitable for the evening,

blue on offer

naturally it never crossed my mind, upon seeing the whole shop smothered in blue during the day time, that the evening was going to be blue.

blue slippers

Nevertheless, food was GREAT.

salmon and caviar

It wasn't so great the first evening with the normal buffet dinner but because they were celebrating the 60th anniversary of Club Med (wahoo!), food became better and better and on the second day, it was already superb!

It has the perfect setting. By the beach!


With a few pavilions set up on the sand, we were nestled comfortable on the bean bags while being fed with cocktails like Monkey Juice (I know, such notty names!) and platters and platters of gorgeous appetizers.


I loved everything on this plate, from the caviar to the smoked salon, tuna and, oh...

foie gras

Foie Gras.

Definitely my fav.

When it came time for dinner, we walked back to the other end of the beach and was welcomed by a grand outdoor setting.

beautiful dinner setting at sunset

I located my name written on a leaf where I promptly sat down and eager for dinner to begin.

name on leaf and menu

Buffet that night was MIND BLOWING.

peking duck

I couldn't begin to describe which part I loved most. Was it the mountains of caviar coated smoked salmon and fresh tuna.

maguro with caviar

Or the gigantic Alaskan crab, or the tempura prawns, the lamb shank, the steaks, or even the dreamiest blueberry cheesecake I've ever eaten (if you're in club med, head for the restaurant for buffet dinner and PLEASE try the cheesecake, the chef was known to bake cheesecake from heaven in Malaysia).

After a satisfying, and very fulfilling, dinner, we were adjourned back to the main hall/bar, where everything was decorated in dream-state blue, to catch another performance, this time by the pool.





blue night

The performance, put together by the GOs, were impressive and lasted two hours, or was it one hour? I couldn't tell.

I was most impressed by the swinging lady performing solo,

blue female solo chinese performer

on the pool.

solo performance

Then I was blown out by this couple,

romantic guy girl on boat
Really handsome and very pretty couple.

of course, swinging on the pool as well.

handsome duo performance on water

duo performance

duo performance on water

The whole thing was so sickening romantic. If I didn't know better, I could have sworn they were having foreplay in front of us.

holding girl up with legs

Circus style.

The night ended with a total knock out party by the pool with lots of hips swinging.

blue theme party crowd

The following and final night was my favourite - the white Michael Jackson night.


Well, simply because I was dressed for the night, appropriately this time. :p
(I didn't bring a camera out for wanting to relax and enjoy my last night, so I'm just sharing the press photos)

Can you spot king of pop in there?


And his bodyguards. Haha. Typical.

That's the end of the post.

Have a good Sunday everyone.

Oh, before I forget.

Happy 60th Birthday, Club Med!




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  1. The last picture is so awwwwwww...

  2. Oh. I didn't know there were no more leatherback turtles in the sea :( Though now that you mention it, I believe I heard some time ago that there hasn't been a sighting for some time...that must have been between one or two years ago, before they were officially declared extinct.

  3. i'm just thinking of where to go for my cuti-cuti malaysia trip. thanks for the idea.. =D

    and you look totally fabulous in that hot red dress. love it ^^